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    Why Hasn't The Money Cleaned Fergie Up Any?
    Tuesday. 2.6.07 3:09 pm
    From jump let me say I ain't hating on the Fergalicious one. I'm all for anyone that can make a dollar out of fifteen cents.

    But is it that the GlamTrash movement is still in style or is there something inherently dingy about Fergie? Chicks like Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and them perfected glam trash but we've all seen them clean it up and get it out the trailer park.

    Fergie just dropped her new video for "Glamorous" featuring Ludacris.

    check out this video below:


    Y'all feeling it? What say you?

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    Jimmy Cozier Is Ballin' Jim Jones Style
    Tuesday. 2.6.07 2:58 pm
    Y'all Jimmy Cozier. He was one of the first artists signed to J Records back in the day.

    It was him and Olivia (before she went G Unit on ya ass!).

    Peep his video for "She's All I Got."


    That shit was pretty slick. But what wasn't so slick was his departure from the label. I am suppose to talk Jimmy this week to hear all about what it's really like working with music empresario Clive Davis, what he's been doing since then and what he is contributing to the forthcoming Mya album.

    Of course Jimmy is dropping his own album. As dope as he is known to be behind the scenes, I am sure he saved some of that crack for his own project. It's called Perfect Timing, and features appearances from Olivia, Alicia Keys and Keyshia Cole.

    The first single is "U Got Them Goods" featuring Jim Jones ((((BALLIN'!!!!))))

    Get it here.


    So what say you....

    Put this up against what you like in R&B and what you expect from an artist with his experience and answer this....
    "U Got Them Goods" featuring Jim Jones....


    Posted by SOHH Soul Man on February 6, 2007 12:05 PM | Permalink


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    The White Rapper Show: Grown Ass Men
    Tuesday. 2.6.07 2:36 pm
    She's soooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaad...


    In by far the most entertaining episode of "The White Rapper Show," Grown Ass Men Sullee, John Brown and Jon Boy make complete UnCut asscakes of themselves while Persia, Shamrock and Jus Rhyme bring us Throwback Thursday a tad early.

    Do the Jerry Lewis!

    As we now expect, MC Serch wastes no time in embarrassing these kids. Right off the bat, the 6 remaining trailblazers are coerced into Marc Ecko's Swap Meet Challenge. In each team's case, three people have to get fresh with $300... in 2006.

    I remember back in the early 90s when my SYEP check would do just that. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Summer Youth Enslavement Preparation is about 7 weeks of usually backbreaking child labor for like $300. That money barely got a nigga right for the school year. I shudder to think what kind of knockoff gear a youngster would be forced to don in this day and age on a budget like that.

    I must say, Shamrock's leeriness of Jus Rhyme was 150% warranted. Powder's string of ideas was probably the most hilarious minute-and-a-half of programming this show had produced to that point. Homie came out in full-on Richard Simmons mode.

    "Mmm-hmmm. How about we put lavendar and green earrings on you, Shammy. Persia, let's get you in some Ooompa Loompa one-piece, and I'll get the sweatpants with the cut-off wifebeater. Yes. Definitely 'Street on Vacation.'"

    Meanwhile, put a little funky $300 in some people's hands and they lose their goddamn minds. Jon Boy in the damn sneaker store signing autographs and shit! Dude is entirely too gassed to notice that the man who asked him is 3rd and Goal on the 1-yard line. He's obviously also too gassed to notice that the entire South Bronx is trying to figure out a way to cover its ears. If Giuliani hadn't locked all the gangsters up already, there'd be a Saturday Night Special in his mouth.

    Fuck Giuliani. Sometimes a neighborhood needs to police itself.

    Persia's "Gangsta's Paradise" collective came to the challenge looking like a Teletubby exploded on them. Coolio must be rolling over in his grave.

    Coolio is dead, right?

    Anyway, as per usual, they aren't going to just get dressed and walk a runway. They're competing to be the flyest dogwalkers in Crotona Park. Under normal circumstances, the flyest dogwalker in Crotona is the one not heating a glass bulb. Under these circumstances, the flyest dogwalker is to be determined by former Crotona's Next Top Dogwalker winner, Polka-Dot Ass Kwame.

    I can't stop laughing at Serch saying "so Kwame and I are going to be the judges--." I'm sorry. I can't.

    Kwame judging fashion? Even in '89 I thought this nigga was on the "Karma Chameleon" side of things. Didn't niggas think that the 90s would be over one day and that there would be videotaped evidence? Dude still looks a hot ghetto mess. I thought it was Bobby Brown at first.

    After losing the challenge to Persia and a pooch with matching pumps, Sullee finally has his emotional breakdown, citing the elimination rounds of a VH1 reality series as "too stressful." Well damn, Sullivan. If this shit is too stressful, I don't think you're cut out for the real rap game, Heffy.

    Fortunately for us, the rappers and what's left of the program's credibility, the challenge that actually matters lies ahead. The teams have to write, record and shoot a video for a song they create in a couple hours' time. After they select their props 4th grade kickball-style, Serch presents Persia with her prize for catching Kwame's eye with high heels.

    VH1, Ego Trip & Serchlight Publishing present: Miniature Negro in a Cage!

    That's right, for your personal amusement you can rent Bushwick Bill! Complete with iron cage, this delightful little dreaded eggplant leprechaun will brighten your Saturday afternoons with party-rockin tricks like the running man. The best part, you only have to change his diaper once daily. Slap a Fitti on the nigga in the morning and he's good to go for 18 hours.

    As you can see above, One-Take Bobby Sullivan & Co. created a complete embarrassment to the genre while "Gangsta's Paradise" was smart enough to go the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince route with what they had. Superstar rap video director Little X agrees. "She's A Stunner" is bullshit the likes of which you'd find on The Negro Channel at 3:22am immediately following or preceding "Slap It, Clap It" or "Money In A Ziploc Bag (Uh Huh)."

    "She's A Stunner" is what Monday Madness is all about though. Quiet little Virginia Jon Boy Walton has finally found himself! That boy was born to stunt! Let him live!

    *cue Diana Ross - "I'm Comin' Out"*

    Obviously, the Grown Ass Men found themselves in the Cold Ass Ice Chamber fighting for their minstrel show lives. When given the topic (battle rap your teammates), Sullee and Jon Boy, who apparently both voted for Bush (not a good look), decided to put on the "Stop Snitching" t-shirts they got at the swap meet. As a result, both contestants became "The Departed."

    Serch proclaimed that he would toss all three losers if all three verses were weak, but he needed four contestants for next week, so John Brown was spared.

    Hallelujah. Holler back.

    [email protected]

    Awards continue this week.
    Posted by Ron Mexico at February 6, 2007 11:14 AM


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    Forget Black History Month….Let’s Talk About Southern History Month!!
    Tuesday. 2.6.07 8:25 am

    With it being February, and our annual Black History month, lots of people are talking about and commemorating the same people we do every year.

    But what I thought was, instead of celebrating the traditional black pioneers for the advancement of black people. I’ve decided to post non-traditional black pioneers who’ve advanced southern Hip-Hop as a whole. This weeks artists needs no introduction what so ever. But, for those of you who don’t know. Let me school you a bit!

    Goodie Mob, who was based in Atlanta, Georgia, is widely measured as one of the founding hip hop acts of the Dirty South movement. Members Cee-Lo (Thomas Callaway), Khujo Goodie (Willie Knighton, Jr.), T-Mo Goodie (Robert Barnett), and Big Gipp (Cameron Gipp) made up the group, which started back 1995.

    "GOODIE MOb", as it's written on all their album covers, stands for "GOOD DIE Mostly Over bullshit". Cee-Lo notes in a song off the Soul Food album that, "[If] you take out one 'O' it stands for 'GOD Is Every Man Of blackness.' "

    Cee-Lo was the most visible member of the group prior to his departure in 2000,

    An original member of the groundbreaking Atlanta group Goodie Mob, Cee-Lo is an Atlanta native that has had a successful career as rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter. Having worked on projects with everyone from Carlos Santana to The Pussycat Dolls, Cee-Lo hit it big again in 2006 while being part of Gnarls Barkley, collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse.

    Cee-Lo has such a unique personality that he’s got several names he goes by. To many, he’s known as just Cee-Lo, but to his die hard fans, fellow industry associates, fans, and family—he goes by: Cee-Lo Green, Suga Baby, Eldorado Lo, Ralo Eight, Lorilla, Cee-Lo Sinatra, HenniCee-Lo, Car Belly, Lil' Buddah, and we cant forget the Cookie Monster.
    I’m going to shout out the most prominent, and pioneering southern rapper(s) throughout this entire month, so be sure to show your luv!

    See Y'all lata,

    --Sohh Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at February 6, 2007 4:36 AM



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    join cingular friends, and win prizes
    Tuesday. 2.6.07 1:03 am
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    And The Diddy's Little Girls Pics Continue...
    Monday. 2.5.07 9:48 pm
    Here are several pics of Jesse James and D'Lilah Star that will be published in the new issue of People mag:

    The cuteness factor is off the charts right now.

    Meanwhile Sienna is looking at baby pics from Diddy's wallet that he left behind. Y'all know I'm right. Just sad....

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