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new pictures
Monday. 10.11.10 6:30 pm
I added a few new pictures to my gallery. I still have no idea why they're so big; I don't know how to shrink them.

Click here to see the album.

No new updates. Just that I have 4 more days of work. And then only 4 more days after that before I see Jacob.

I'm excited.

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Washington update =)
Wednesday. 10.6.10 7:52 pm
It's official!!! Jacob bought his plane ticket today and at 8:25am on Tuesday the 19th his plane will be landing here and it'll be nearly impossible for me to hold back my smile.

He was able to get three days off from work; his boss is really understanding and said that he knew Jacob had had these plans since before getting hired. So taking three days off {actually only one because it's right around his days off anyway} right after being hired wasn't a big deal at all. Due to that, though, we'll be spending Tuesday here and leaving very early Wednesday morning. Probably around 3 or 4 in the morning. We'll have the full two days to get up there and we'll be taking turns driving just so that we can cover more ground.

I'm so excited! Now that I have a date when I'm going to see him again, I'm feeling even that much more excited than I was when I put in my two week notice. It's less than two weeks away. His grandmother was nice enough to buy the plane ticket so that we'll be able to save up even more money for our trip up. And with the Wendy's and McDonald's gift cards, we won't have to worry too much about buying food to eat.

I will be in Washington {the Seattle/Kirkland area} on the 21st of this month.


... I might have gone a little overboard on the smilies, but that's okay. It's how I feel.

Till next time NuTang ...

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birthday happenings
Tuesday. 10.5.10 9:42 pm
Today was my 24th birthday. I got up as usual, went to work as usual and came home as usual, with a quick pit stop at Smith's to buy a cake. Which is pretty good, by the way.

A few people remembered that it was my birthday so I got the usual birthday wishes. I also had a couple people sing the birthday song to me. Nothing terribly special happened at work.

When I got home, I opened the cards that Jacob's mom and grandmother gave me and I also got one from my grandmother. This is where the only out-of-the-ordinary thing happened ...

My grandmother and Jacob's grandmother got me exactly the same card. Neither person knows the other and my grandmother lives in NY ... about 2600 miles away. It was a very bizarre incident. I was going to add a smilie here, but I couldn't find one that seemed to fit this situation.

I got a few gift cards: Wendy's, McDonald's {mostly for use on our trip up to WA} and a Barnes & Noble gift card, which I fully intend on using this weekend to buy a couple more puzzles for myself.

Jacob, however, got me the best gift of all. He had originally told me that he didn't get me anything because he was too broke. That sneaky bastard ... I love him to death. He sent me a box of chocolate covered strawberries. My reaction to the box was funny. I cut open the tape and when I saw styrofoam, I assumed it was something fragile ... until I took off the top piece. I saw an ice pack. Which meant he had bought me food. As I opened the rest of it, I was trying to figure out what kind of food he could have bought that would require an ice pack. The strawberries are delicious. I've already had half {3} and the other three will probably be gone tomorrow.

We'll be celebrating my birthday in full once I'm up in WA. We'll be going to this sushi bar that he found and he'll be showing me around to all the little spots that he's been wanting to show me. So I definitely look forward to that.

All in all my 24th wasn't too bad. But I am definitely going big for my 25th. I can't wait.

Till next time NuTang. . .

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a new experience ... it was a blast! {message for PW}
Sunday. 10.3.10 3:46 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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why do the scales have to remain balanced?
Saturday. 10.2.10 6:22 pm
It's kind of ironic because my zodiac sign is the scales. But that's not the point if this entry.

First, though, the good news. Jacob got a job!!! Which means that I'll be putting in my two week notice on Monday and I'll be leaving Las Vegas sometime early the week of the 17th. That's actually right around when I thought I'd be leaving in the first place. I'm so excited. He starts on Tuesday so on Wednesday when we find out what his schedule is we'll be buying his plane ticket to come back out to get me. I'm so excited! I can't wait to put in my notice and then I really can't wait until my last day at that hell hole.

Now, the bad news to balance out the scales. I got a bill for $4705 from the apartments that I abandoned. Not kidding. It's that much. Half of that is fees for abandoning the apartment without notice. And the other half is all the charges for having the replace the stuff that the cat ruined: carpets, door frames, re-painting the walls, etc. I have 30 days to pay it or it goes to collections. I plan on calling my lawyer to see what I can do to maybe lower the charges, but since I have 30 days to do so, I plan on waiting until I am out of Las Vegas before calling.

I just can't seem to have something good happen to me without a slight catch. Oh well. That's just how life is I guess.

Anywho, I'll probably write again on Monday just stating how that went with me putting in my notice and telling people when my last day will be. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually am looking forward to Monday. Probably the first and only time.

Till next time NuTang. . .

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Wednesday. 9.29.10 9:10 pm
My right bottom wisdom tooth is trying to grow in again. It hasn't reached the full level of pain yet, but it's getting there. Even chewing the noodles that I had for dinner earlier were bothering me.

The pain will subside in a few days. It always does.

I'm so fed up with work it's incredible. There's just nothing I can do about it because of how soon I'm leaving.

Speaking of which, I think I spoke too soon. I know that I told everyone that the possibility of leaving as soon as the 12th was tentative, but I'll probably be here longer than that. Unless Jacob gets hired tomorrow or Friday, I'll be staying longer than previously anticipated.

My birthday is in 6 days. Counting the actual day of my birth.

You know what the best thing about the Fall is beside the {supposed} cool weather? All the good shows come back on TV. Although I don't watch TV, Hulu plays most of my favorite shows. If Hulu doesn't play it, then unfortunately I don't watch it. And I say supposed cool weather because, although this is fall, the highs for this whole week are up in the low 100s. It was right at 100 or 101 today. And tomorrow will be the same. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to the temperature difference between here and Seattle.

Anywho, that's the newest update. Until next time NuTang ...

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