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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Youth! Come here!
Saturday, January 10, 2009
Ok just to note from my previous entry: doctor reported that there is nothing wrong with my gastritis. It is some work of my intestines that pushed some unwanted wind into my gastritis area, which causes my gastric area known as "collateral damage". Strict diet is toast bread/ plain porridge or some coffee. As expected, renaye didn't follow the advise closely because she ended up eating some noodle [which is a HUGE no no from doctor] because she simply has no choice when two women were saying "OMG what are we going to eat then?!" She was forced to compromise. Which resulted her becoming sicker today: she's having nausea and some her stomach feeling like 'expanded' but please worry free as she is not in any stage of pregnancy.

Though she is sick, she attended a youth gathering calld Youth '09. Prior to that, she had breakfast with her friend, supposedly, at 8.30 am but she went there at 9 am. And now it hit her why this friend is organizing a group of friends to go because he had sort of pledge of bringing 50 people in his entourage to the gathering but I guess he failed since his two members [me and another newly made friend] went astray. The group was just too big and we don't want to wait. So went ahead, first.

I got a goodie bag at the entrance because I had a member pass. In the goodie bag was a can of malt drink which tastes weird, bodyshop facial wash for men, a perfume for female, and some stickers and papers, and a pen. Right. That is a goodie bag.

We walked over from counter to counter, from survey to drinks to hiring companies to some outbound internship organizations. There were also some booths selling their own products. Some were friendly and engaging some were just looking at you with sad eyes. And some were just not interested to do your business. Yes. I was at this booth selling indigenous peope's handicraft and was enquiring if they have any catalogue on their products because she keeps on shoo-ing away people's enquiries with "we are not a NGO, we are not business..." OK. I picked up the message so I just say "You got any catalogue?" since you want to be efficient? But she gave me the same answer. Yes I understand you are not a business!!! But what do you have for sale other than you have in the booth?! Then later I read their pamplet that potential customers would never know what products they have because it's not fixed what products the indigenous people will produce since the materials they used are diminishing. Fine. I finally got my answer.

Next, we went to meet up with our group in another hall where the futsal is. Pretty surprising there are lots of vintage/ retro clothes for sale but I just don't know why! Poor my guy friend who got nothing to look at since they are catered to female. As the group were heading for lunch, my friend and I went over to another stage to look at the ongoing cosplay competition, which somethin we looked forward too. But unfortunately, it sucks because the emcee is a jerk. He is not professional because he did not respect the characters being cosplayed, not mentioning the characters created by the mangaka. He is so making himself stupid that he made fun that manga is something that you can eat after one of the judges commented that he likes the character because it was from his favourite manga. The participant was kind enough to rectify manga as in comics in japanese so it's not edible. Not only that, he even thanked a cosplayer for picking up his 'rubbish' when it was just one of the props on the floor. He was just simply having fun making fun of the cosplayers, which was an unpleasant sight and hearing for many of us.

And we just moved on to lunch. I was quite disappointed with this year's participants. It was not as much as last year where I had lots of goodies and interesting information leaflets. There were nothing much to see and receive in terms of information. Last year had some booths on entrepreneurship know-how but not this year. Lots of entertainments on the itinerary but physically not so. Today's event will be described, in my own words, interesting but forgettable.

Now renaye is going to visit doctor for the second time tomorrow morning.

Good night.

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Without Warning
Thursday. 1.8.09 10:56 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Reflection for 07, 08, 09
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Wind Chime
Tuesday, January 6, 2009
the wind chime whispers
the boy clasps his hand ----
wishes silently

Jolene and I thought this version would be better. And I'm going to play around with this poem. It sounded lovely to me but it is not because the feelings I made this poem is borne from reading a war journal and reading the news on the Israeli's genocide (whatever you call it). And if you are using firefox, you would be able to see a wind chime on your right. In feng shui, hanging wind chime in your house is to promote peace and harmony. Inside me now is a gamut of emotions that are beyond descriptions.

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Sex Party
Sunday, January 4, 2009
Recently, a group of people were busted in a sex party over New Year. Condoms, alcohol, leftover pizzas and drugs were found in the room. One of the arrested ones is a newscaster who is going to get married next week. There was also an actress too. Read more here

My family had a conversation about thisover dinner. My mother just blurted it was a shame for a bride-to-be to be involved in this kind of activity. If she were the fiancee, she would cancel the marriage. Would you? Me? I don't know because all I know is I won't even have a relationship that would progress to that stage to begin with! But I would actually cancel the marriage because I won't want to have a partner that wants to be that wild after marriage. It's a shame actually. Oh well, it won't be if you are not busted though; if you just do it quietly.

My sister had also a similar experience to that news but she quickly get out of the 'party' when she noticed the situation is not right. She was invited to a gathering by her schoolmate to a hotel.. room. There would be drinking alcohol and such my sister was told. How long? It would be the whole night. My sister thought it was just a social drink but she was quite shocked to know the 'friends' would be sleeping in the hotel room. Everyone, a mixed of female and male. Anyway, my sister went and came back midnight when she smelled something fishy will happen further. My mum actually disallowed her because you never what would happen in that kind of situation.... I don't think I would ever be in this kind of situation because I'm a precautionary person. I don't mind going drinking but why drink in a hotel room but not in the lounge? That is fishy isn't it? That would be a NO for me. It's not in my dictionary to begin with.

Maybe not guy raped some girls but guy being raped by a girl gang? I have heard of this before back in New Zealand. And this kind of report always goes undereported. If you are a guy, would you want people to know that you have been raped especially when you are in a society where guys are the top of the hierarchy food chain? I would be impressed.

And we also talked about binge drinking. It happens once a friend of my sister tried binge drinking just to showoff how capable she is to the friends until her boyfriend, I believe, carried her back to her room. And she is very proud of that incident. We totally agreed that drinkers both female and male should not be drinking excessively just to showoff even though you can. What do you want to achieve or show by doing so?

I guess no matter how much I want to try out those fancy bars I saw in newspaper I would just stick to my method: drink at home until I get drunk which I never had. Even if I want to, my guy friend told me to go alone for he would not want to go along with me even though I propose of leaving the place before 9pm, way before the happening....

So people, be rational before you do anything despite your voice screaming to do something extraordinary in your life. The effects will ripple throughout your life.....

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Saturday, January 3, 2009
I'm creating a directory on environmental-friendly products from all countries. It's actually for my own purpose but I decided to put it on my blog to share with you all. If you have or know any and would like to share with me, please leave me a message so I put up here too.

I'm not a particular person of checking out whether these companies are producing 100% green products or even have any personal standards that the companies should adhere. So my environmental-friendly term is very liberal, mind you.


cosa verde
I love this shop's layout. It's very simple and easy to browse just like etsy.com. But what is good about this online shop is the owners will categorise their products as in cruelty-free, organic, recyclable, etc. So start browsing!


I personally like this website because it's very informative about the materials they used to produce shirts. They supply bamboo, hemp and cotton shirts. They do international shipping and the total price can be obtained when you check out. This company is from the US and prices are in USD.

Edun' Live
All I know this shop sells in EURO!! So yes, the products are expensive and they are produced in Africa, so it seems. They sell organic cotton shirts for male, female and kids. I think I did send them an enquiry about international shipping but no reply.

I think this shop is in the US since shipping is free for the US if purchase above 100. I'm attracted to the products because they have prints on organic shirts! Catered to female and male in USD.


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