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Friday. 1.19.07 10:51 pm
My brother got an X-Box 360 for Christmas, and I beat HALO a few days ago. Now, on to HALO 2!

There's some rather interesting drama going on in the shoutbox. Randomjunk is involved, so it's gotta be good. Better go see quick, as of 10:52 p.m. eastern time.

I can't believe I'm the 9th most popular person on nutang right now. Why? Oh, well. Bask in the Glory, though I wish I knew what was attracting the attention.

!!! I just remember that I use Ritecounter. I'll check it out in a minute.

Someone remind me later to post a rant about my musical taste. Been planning this one for a while, but there's no time now.

X-Box awaits.

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Monday. 1.15.07 11:14 am
Not many of you know this, but I once had a turtle. He was named Crush. Crush, the Squash-ed One. He lived in my room tank for three or four years.

Then he died last semester. It was rather strange, and out-of-the-blue. He was just dead one morning. (I might already have posted about this.) Well, since I loved Crush very much, I had an idea. We put him in a little tupperware, than in a shoe box. And we put him in the backyard, near the fire pit.

The idea was that he would decompose with as little time and stink as possible. Then we could bleach his bones, and I'd have a reminder of him (plus a complete and unharmed turtle skeleton, SCORE!). And it worked, for a while. He softened nicely. Then winter set in.

I was just now reminded by a friend of a friend that I have a turtle corpse in my backyard. I told her that I'd "BRB", and ran outside to check his progress.

Someone stole it. No box, no tupperware, and no stinking turtle. It wasn't an animal. There would be evidence. SOME SICKO STOLE MY DEAD TURTLE!!!

I think that last statement is rather ironic.

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This is a Warning:
Monday. 1.15.07 9:26 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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An Old Reminder
Tuesday. 1.9.07 10:08 pm
This post started out as a funny/random story, but it kind of evolved. Read and see.

Once, there was a girl. We were pretty good friends in sixth grade, and I guess you might think we were a cute couple. (That's what my mom says.) We were pretty shy about dating, but I do remember something special. When I was passing her in a hallway at school, she gave me a little love letter. It was pink, with little flower stickers and a poem she'd written. It was very nice, and I always felt bad that I didn't get her anything nice. When we broke up, I guess she was always in the back of my head.

Lately, I'd been noticing the thing on my floor. Now, my bedroom floor is a mess. I figured out that when I go rooting through my drawers, it falls out. I originally kept it because I wanted to remember it, but after a while it just got to where I didn't get around to tossing it.

Well, we had another go, and I, personally, think she trashed it. And it's like, I can't figure it out, but I never knew until very recently that she wouldn't know a good relationship if it pricked her in the ass. I'm not just saying that because I got dumped twice. She really does have guy problems. I don't want to be her boyfriend, or her friend, or anything. She's an acquaintance. I don't know if she gets the point yet, but yeah. I'm good and tired of it.

I finally went and tossed the thing.

I'd been telling my brother about how it was "haunting" me, and I suppose he saw it in the trash and planted it on my floor. I took note the second time, but threw it out again just to see what he'd do. It was in my sock drawer tonight. I surprised him when I started yelling in his ear, and he, of course, pretended to have no idea what I was talking about and cussed me out.

The damned thing is locked in my safe, and I plan on burning it tommorow. I didn't want to go outside after showering.

Some of you may know who I'm talking about, but most of you won't. Don't bug me about it if you do, because this is all I want, or need, to say. I'm not excluding her name because I care. It's not in case she reads it, because she'll know anyway, and there's no way she cares what I write anyway. No, what I'm worried about is her finding out, then me getting in trouble for putting her name and "personal" information on the net with her mom. I rather like her mom. She's nice to me. :D

EDIT: I guess she does. Just found out that she's had another boyfriend for...I'm just guessing, but I'd say a week now. And this is her second or third since. In only a few months. I don't know about you guys, but I think that's a bit much. If you knew her, you'd say the same. Am I right, Bilingual?

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