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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Magic hole
Tuesday, April 7, 2009
This is amazing. A whole length skirt wormed out of a rectangle hole of the size of 10 cm slit in the washing machine. This is crazy..... the whole length skirt is fro waist to the feet. That's the length. And it came out from the hole in one piece. Now my mother wonders if she should get a new laundry net.

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Bubble dream
Monday, April 6, 2009
One thing I hate about dreaming is whatever you dream is feelingless. If you dream of a guy that you like kissing you ... you would be able to see him kissing you but you won't be able to feel it. I dreamed of a cat climbing into my bed and sleeping next to me... I hugged it and rubbed its fur but unfortunately I cannot feel it ... and I want to feel it!!!! ARGH!!!! I want to feel the cat's fur .... I WANT!! This is why I hate dreaming when I sleep.

But on the brighter side, you won't need to fear nightmares because you can't feel anything! Imagine you have been chased by some banshee and she ripping you apart and you don't feel anything. How great is that?! And you can even dare the crazy woman to rip you again! Thumbs up! And you don't even need to go to those cheapskate horror house... Anyway, speaking of this, this is not really true. I have felt a chill in my backbone in my dream which forced to pop my eyes in the wee hours of the morning. Another incident was even more scary... I was in my auntie's house back in Wellington, New Zealand. I slept on my cousin's double decker bed because both of them went to camp. I'm usually ok with sleeping with the lights on, which I did for that night and my mind trailed into a dream ... (nightmare?) I experienced sleep paralysis but it wasn't really is because I can move in the dream but ... nothing changes? In this dream, there was something round under my blanket ... I was trying to kick it away because it is eerie... - it gives me the chills - and it moved a little but still I cannot kick away and I gave up ... I just chanted until I slept away in my dream and I woke up with sweat in winter. That was like one of the last nightmares I have.

Dreams ... oh well... I prefer sweet dreams then.

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Turn it off
Saturday, April 4, 2009
Recently, environmental issues have become hot topics. Good news for environmentalists because it means people are becoming aware, however, I realise this is not the case. There have been lots of on going environmental campaigns recently and it seems many people are trying to make profit out of it. Therefore, it seems that too many campaigns have make people fed up of these. They have been too commercialised. It seems like there is too many information out there about the environmental campaigns and the objectives. It's a good thing but at the same time defeats the purpose because there are people who still don't understand the purpose of them. Environmental campaigns have become a fad, a trend, like people just jump on the bandwagon of being green without knowing really why. They just know it's good for the environment and they could just tell me why it is good for the environment by just repeating what the newspaper reported. It's like when you are told not to bully your younger sister because it is wrong, but why it is wrong you ask your parent, did they explain why to you?

I'm not trying to accuse anyone I know that have been using environmental friendly products or changing their habits into green habits. I am actually very happy to hear this! But I could see the mushrooming campaigns have angered people. One of my friends was cursing the Earth Hour with f*ck bla bla. Another friend's friend was thinking out loud if our actions [driving cars, bla bla] really affecting Earth but how could it be since we are living in such huge place. This comment received some critical replies but I didn't comment because no one is right or wrong in the comments. Both sides are legitimate thoughts.

Being a person that wants to do his or her bits for the environment has to come from his or her own belief. I don't believe by having campaigns of awareness by asking some artistes to condone them or even organizing them very bigly to increase awareness. Unfortunately, this time I could see this kind of campaign has made people to turn their heads away. An interesting critique could arise is what is the point of asking these superstars to support when they don't even know why they are doing this other than enhancing their public image? A similar and angry question was forwarded before to the UN about their ambassadors.

I really hope environmental campaigns or some life saving campaigns would not be made into some kind of hype or trend. This is a matter of urgency, not time for money-profitting. And I understand campaigns have to be fun, sometimes, to attract people especially youngsters but also please remember to educate people!

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Happy April Fool
Wednesday. 4.1.09 6:58 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Reading u
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
I have something here to all readers who happen to stumble this entry: Remember that there are people out there who can read you like reading a synopsis and determining whether the story will be good or not. Believe it if you don't because one day you will meet someone that fits my description. And you will be judged.

My mother's friend is even sharper than my mother and I; she could evaluate and list down the person's strengths and weaknesses of personality and character by just the first look. I could not do the same thing because my heart always wanted to believe that my evaluation is wrong and there's goodness in that person. But somehow my heart is, always always, wrong and my evaluation is always right: whatever the look of the person is is whatever the person's personality and character is. It's not like if the person looks like a gangster, he is one for sure. It's hard to explain but I could tell the person's character through the first meeting. And I can even know how the person's brain functions. Body language and words also help me out in mapping out the person's identity but the face of the person could never betray your true identity, regardles of whether you show it off or not.

So, be careful of your body language, as first impression is still very important.

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He lied.
Thursday, March 26, 2009
I don't really care who lied. This character called JJ in a series called American Dreams on Hallmark channel was confessing to his girlfriend, Beth, that he lied to her. He was with another girl in her apartment, doing nothing, while he was away for the 3 weeks with his whatever valid reasons he has given to Beth. And she believed it.

So when JJ told her the truth she was crying and beating his chest for sleeping with the other girl. It was a boring scene to tell the truth. And I don't understand what is the big deal if your boyfriend or girlfriend slept with another person besides you? Is there anything wrong with my thinking or yours? I actually don't see why not, moreover, it's not after marriage. Even marriage, I don't see why not. Marriage is just a name for you to have sex legally. You don't have to hide the hatchett that you have make whoever that girl is pregnant when you married her. And what are the repercussions?? Maybe you might just get AIDS, and other sexual related diseases. No big deal. It's not the end of the world yet though.

Maybe some people would leave this as a comment: Do I mind if my boyfriend/ husband have sex with someone else? I actually don't care because of a few reasons: 1) I have no boyfriend to begin with, 2) I love myself too much, I'm a narcissist, 3) I don't believe in marriage because I have met too many stupid men which makes me think for the 100th time I don't want to get married, and 4) my dreams never involve any men, marriage or kids, never even thought about it.

But I have thought of pets as companions. :D

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