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Audio Blog
Sunday. 2.25.07 7:59 pm
Xanga has a cool audio blog feature. It's only cool because it gives you a little player to embed wherever, which can accumulate comments, and uploads any audio from your computer. Observe:

This is Sean getting beat up after youth group by one of the leaders. Very fun to hear, better to experience.

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Thursday. 2.22.07 11:31 pm
I don't really have anything interesting to post, other than I just finished my dull lab report, and my brother has a girlfriend now. And he stole my chocolate. I take it out of my safe for ONE HOUR and I come back to find half of it missing and my only piece of gum, half chewed right through the wrapper and left for me to find.

He shall pay. I want my Hershie's Kisses back. Cherry filled.

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The subtleties of Walt Disney
Sunday. 2.18.07 4:28 pm
I'm sure someone else has caught this, but doesn't The Lion King's Scar remind anyone of Hitler? Let's compare and contrast :
  • The Lion King
  • World War Two
  • Scar
  • Hitler
  • Hyenas are not considered citizens of the kingdom, and are downcast
  • Germans are blamed for World War One, and are in HUGE DEBT
  • Scar promises equality, even power for the “superior” group, and demands total loyalty
  • Hitler convinces the Nazi party that they are a better race, and that they owe the world nothing
  • Scar plans on killing the King and taking his thrown
  • Hitler wants to control Europe, and who knows what else.
  • Everyone hated Scar, or at least greatly disliked him
  • Hitler evaded assassanation enough to whiten most men's hair

(Borderline on silly now)

  • Shortage of food when Scar takes power
  • Shortage of Jews when Hitler takes power
  • Scar is a pretty great singer
  • Hitler is a motivational genius
  • All the hyenas march past Scar in neat rows whilst he sings at them
  • *Thumps chest and salutes.* “Heil Hitler!”

Let’s see what that quote attracts from Google.

Yeah, I know this isn't really accurate or anything. It's kind of a joke for me, that's all. And no, I had no idea it was based on Hamlet (the movie, not the war).

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Getting Flat
Thursday. 2.8.07 10:35 pm
I haven't made any really cool pictures in a while. I have one in the works, but it'll be hard to capture. Anyway, here's something on my myspace from a while ago:

Cool? It was kinda popular amoung my friends. For a while.

Speaking of which, my bathroom video is actually spreading through my school. I think that's awesome. If I can get a really influencial person to appreciate it, then it might be awesome-er. By influencial, of course, I mean people actually listen to this person. Gage'd like it.

OH! I wrote a poem a few months ago, and forgot to post it. It isn't a poem in the strictest terms, but it certainly was entertaining to my class. Lets see...


Using a negative,
Twice or more,
Ain't not confusing.

Nobody likes to use Cliche
Because it isn't original.
But think about it...
If cliche died
and original was the new thing
Then it'd be cliche, right?

I've always found,
That repetition,
Is more annoying than useful.
I've always found,
That repetition,
Is more annoying than useful.

Every once in a while,
A humanoid form will strive to communicate
His or her ideas
Through speech or signals
But fellow humanoids can not comprehend
Because the units of language
Are abstract or incredibly detailed.
In short,
Jargon stinks.

In closing,
Writer's Block
Is a serious disease.
The symptoms include:

Eh? Eh?

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