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    Ciara Saves the Day for SOHH Soulful
    Wednesday. 2.14.07 12:53 am
    The AEC/ASCAP luncheon at the Beverly Hilton honored Sheryl Lee Ralph, Chris Brown and Common.

    Londell McMillian did the damn thing as usual having Shaun Robinson host the event.

    I was on the red carpet trying to get my interview thang on... you know... try to see how the shit is done and try to get some face time with these celebrity peeps.

    It's a hard thing y'all. I mean, I just lil ole Soulman. I was slapped on the carpet right in between Access Hollywood and Entertainment Weekly. It was like WTF? I wasn't getting any love, lol. Eurweb was up on the piece near me too.

    Ciara was coming down the carpet and everyone wanted a piece of her. Me too. Her publicist was pulling her down the carpet and into the event that had already began. I had connected eyes with CiCi and asked if she had a moment for SOHH.com.

    Her publicist was like sorry we don't have time, but CiCi insisted that she at least give a brother a few seconds to get a question in.

    She even waited til my videographer fumbled and and stirred about trying to get his digital camera set for her to pose for stills.

    Those of you familiar know that was pretty generous when you aren't like MTV News or some shit like that.

    SHOUT OUT TO CIARA! Her fuckin' with me on the red carpet made a few peeps pay attention which got Soulman quite a few other hook ups that day. Good looking out.

    I also wanna show love to Jimmy Cozier, who showed a lot of love to SOHH.com this weekend in L.A.

    Rodney Jerkins was there. He confirmed that HE IS NOT ON BRANDY's NEW ALBUM!

    Common was there. He showed love to SOHH.com.

    Byron Cage and his wife Sonya should love as well.

    These events are a trip, 'cause you'd be surprised how many people come in, walk the red carpet, pose for photos and walk right out never even bothering to go into the event.

    I ain't naming no names.

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    Can Somebody Please "Turn The Page" On Bobby Valentino?!?
    Wednesday. 2.14.07 12:30 am

    DTP Recording artist and Ludacris protégé –Bobby Valentino is trying to capture a portion of his success from his previous album by releasing another track from his upcoming album. His new album “Special Occasion” was supposed to be released in the fourth quarter of last year (so I’ve heard), but was pushed back until February 14th for “Valentine’s Day”. However, when I went on Amazon.com this is the information they have listed for Bobby Valentino’s new album

    Product Details
    • Audio CD (December 10, 2010)
    • Original Release Date: December 12, 2006
    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Label: Def Jam

    So at this point, you can see that somebody over at DTP/Def Jam aint doing their job.

    I feel the need to share an interesting story about me and Bobby Valentino. When I first moved to Atlanta a couple of years ago, I used to work in this small affluent part of Atlanta called “Vinnings”. I worked in the prestigious building called “Overlook III”

    In this building there is a country club (and rumored DTP records headquarters) that a few celebrities attended. And one day, while walking in the hallway, I ran into none other then Mr. Bobby Valentino himself. First off, I had just started O1LT.com http://o1lt.com/so my “celebrity exposure” was minimal at the time. But, when I ran into the semi-celebrity I didn’t realize it was him. He is MUCH smaller in person. Seeing that I stand 6”8, I don’t usually notice people under 5”9.

    He was dressed in athletic gear, with his juicy hair firmly in place. He came up to me and asked me to help him find the country club that is located in the building. While walking him towards the location, I realized exactly who he was. So being the “journalist” that I am I immediately, but subtlety, starting asking him questions. My questions were VERY soft ball. Questions like “Are you Bobby Valentino”, “Do you live around Here”, etc. But his responses were so cold and uninteresting that his demeanor expressed his annoyance by me even talking to him.

    Once I realized the coldness, I immediately stopped dead in my tracks and motioned him to where he could find his destination. I though to myself, you aint no Usher Kidd. I mean, the idea that this kat needed my help, yet couldn’t entertain my questions for just a moment while I am walking him to where needs to go was unbelievable to me.

    Minutes after leaving Bobby to fend for himself, I ran into him again on the other side of the building still trying to find The Vinnings Club. By now he was looking completely frustrated and defeated because he didn’t know where in the hell he was going. But what I immediately noticed was how some random girl was acting like a complete groupie. She was screaming, and acting out all over the place. You would have thought Michael Jackson himself was in the building the way she carried on. But, Bobby happily entertained her while still looking for his destination. Whether or not he found the location that he was looking for or not, I never found out. But, in that moment I learned a very valuable lesson. The lesson I learned that day is to never look at a celebrity as anything more then just a celebrity. Should you ever meet a famous person, simply nod your head, and keep it moving. Do not give them your energy or expect them to give you theirs. At the end of the day, they have no impact on your “real-life”, but you do have a major impact on theirs i.e. CD sales, concert tickets, and endorsement deals.

    I’ve run into Bobby several times around the city at various events. Of course he doesn’t know who I am or remember the day he was relying on me to help him. But, I have never forgotten that moment. Now when I see him at an event I pretend as if he doesn’t exists. And by the looks of his fleeting singing career, I think it’s safe to say he really doesn’t.

    I’ve picked Bobby Valentino’s new single “Anonymous” as SOHH Gyant’s Download of the Day. I figure he needs all the help he can get. “I’m throwing you a bone Bobby, catch it!”


    Talk to y’all lata

    -- SOHH Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at February 13, 2007 7:36 AM


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    Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes and Chris Tucker All Come Out To "Release" at Ludacris's Grammy After Party!. Plus, The Hottest Grammy Videos-I Got Them!
    Tuesday. 2.13.07 10:27 pm

    As you all know Los Angeles was where it was at this past week. Everybody who is anybody was there for the Grammy’s. Now that the legendary award ceremony is over I’m getting the entire scoop on what happened.

    My LA connection and personal friend Myra Panchace informed me on how off the chain Ludacris’s party was, saying

    Rapper Ludacris' post-Grammy Awards party was such a hot ticket even his own mother had trouble getting in. the Grammy Award winner staged a glitzy bash at the Social Hollywood club late on Sunday and asked Queen Latifah to host it. But he had no idea it would be the party that all his peers would want to get to, and his mother, who arrived late, had to fight to get in. One reveler says, "The bodyguards were refusing entrance to everyone - even people who had the necessary blue VIP wristband. It seems the place filled to capacity pretty quickly. "Then there was this one lady who kept loudly protesting that she and three friends had to get past security, into the party and up to the VIP area. "There was a little fuss and then the bouncer let her and her friends in as everyone else protested. The bouncer then explained the woman was Ludacris' mother." Among the stars who made it into the party and got to hang with the rapper, were Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes and Chris Tucker.

    Here is a complete list of all the Atlanta artists who brought home the golden trophies at the 49th Annual Grammy Award ceremony.

    Best Song of the Year~ Ludacris-“Money Maker”

    Best Rap Album~ Ludacris-“Release Therapy”

    Best Urban/Alternative Album, Best Urban/Alternative Performance ~ Gnarls Barkley – “Crazy”/“St. Elesewhere”

    Best Rap Solo Performance/Best Rap/Sung Collaboration ~ T.I -"What You Know"/"My Love."

    Posted by SOHH Gyant at February 13, 2007 11:49 AM


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    The White Rapper Show: Thug It Up A Notch
    Tuesday. 2.13.07 9:54 pm

    This week on “The White Rapper Show” John Brown, Jus Rhyme, Persia and Shamrock explore their inner gully in a series of challenges that, once again, test not their prowess and potential as MCs, but perpetuate the harmful stereotypes and idiosyncrasies of the ghetto.

    Oh, yeah… and they got their asses handed to them on Hot 97, which is NOT a Clear Channel station, by the way.

    Jus Rhyme in the morning symposium took the form of Xandir from Drawn Together. For those of you just joining us, Jus is on a lifelong quest to save his girlfriend, and rap from the white man.

    Serch really tossed his mozzarella sticks into the deep fryer this time. Miss Jones, looking fresh out the BBW video, wasn’t about to accept any bullshit from these kids (or Ego Trip, or VH1 for that matter). Imagine if Star and Bucwild were still there! Okay, let’s not. That shit would have been messier than it already was.

    See... A freestyle challenge would be great for a collection of MCs, but these kids can barely get through a 16 that they write and rehearse for 30 minutes. These kids officially can’t show their faces anywhere after this Hot “107” debacle. That touchdown cipher truly played out like a group of retards trying to hump a doorknob… and failing.

    John Brown may have taken his marketing strategy too far. Didn’t Mr. Empowerment Zone say his clown ass was based out of Brooklyn? Shouldn’t this simpleton then know that Miss Jones would eat his narrow ass like a Grand Slam Breakfast?

    I think it’s safe to say that my speculation was amiss. I guess Persia doesn’t want John Brown’s little viceroy in her white castle. In fact, no one’s wanted anything to do with our special boy in quite some time.

    That is, no one except the one contestant more desperate for attention and acceptance, Powder.

    That moose head bit was pretty funny, but man, looking at a grown man geek out like that is disturbing. That was some serious “I Am Sam” shit.

    So, after completely destroying their hopes of being respected rap figures on the biggest rap radio station in the known universe, Serch dresses the kids in the finest thug fashions and immediately inserts them into the real-life version of Grand Theft Auto III. As the challenge began, I was so past criticizing the reverse coonery that all I could think was “Damn, they suckered Just Blaze AND Saigon into this shit?”

    As I, of course, ponder the societal relevance of what I’m watching like the Negro Freedom Writer that I am, I observe the saddest piece of television this program has produced: The Thug Disclaimer.

    Oh, yes, I of all people, understand the importance of the disclaimer. Trust me. However, a disclaimer does not absolve you or your company of responsibility for what you produce for the mass public. When your program, which is supposed to cultivate rappers, does nothing more than make a mockery of the musical genre, culture and the kids who have put their lives on hold for the carrot you dangle, you are definitely still on the hook. No cheeky disclaimer can put you in the clear.

    “I hope y’all got that.”

    While Jus Rhyme bust his ass on a bicycle in a manner I hadn’t seen since I was 9, the combination of summer sun, poor conditioning and pernil damn near killed The Queen of Queens. I guess the rule applies. Just because you can catch a case doesn’t mean you’re built for the urban jungle. Being that we’d seen Persia carted off in an ambulance in various commercial spots, most of us knew what was on the other side of the commercial break when homegirl went to purify herself in the waters of Lake Minnetoilet.

    GTA champion Jus Rhyme had the opportunity to select any remaining contestant with him to his prize “A Thug’s Night Out” with N.O.R.E., who was quickly bored with both clown-asses. For those of you who don’t speak the dun language, N.O.R.E.’s words and body language translate as such:

    “Aight. We were gonna bring y’all with us to the club and maybe to a house party after that, but we can’t be seen in public with you bitches. Y’all can finish off this champagne and cookies. I’m gonna go get my dick sucked. Peace.”

    What makes all of the above even more awesomely awesome? NONE OF THAT SHIT factored into elimination!

    After running around like assholes, catching cases and having heart attacks, they are told that shit was purely for the amusement of the viewing public. I’d have been ready to kill me an MC Serch. Sometimes I rub my eyes in disbelief that Prince Paul is involved in this buffoonery.

    The true challenge came in the kids having to write thugged-out nursery rhymes. Persia seized this challenge as an opportunity to shank John Brown in the shower and fucked it up something terrible. Once again, all that bark and Persia couldn’t bring a damn thing to the table. I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was. She and Sullee have been choking on the black dildo since day one, but damn. I really expected her to gun up with all the bacon on the line.

    I guess John Brown gets the last laugh and his claim of Persia only having 3 verses rings true.

    With that said… I’ve never had a synthetic dick on my lips.

    [email protected]

    We Love New York tomorrow.
    Posted by Ron Mexico at February 13, 2007 12:28 PM


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    Cam's Comeback Diss, Hip-Hop Does It Big At The Grammy's
    Tuesday. 2.13.07 7:51 pm

    Cam has a comeback diss track to 50's "Funeral Diss". http://www.zshare.net/audio/rabbit-teeth-myspace-comrumorreport-mp3.htmlHe's talking about 50's rabbit teeth. He went on Kay Slay's show the other day and had a whole lot of shit to talk. Check the full interview here.

    Hov has done a video for his Minority Report track for MTV. But it's not the offcial video, it's more of a commercial for Black Histor Month. Check it out here.

    A few Grammy pics:

    Here are the winners from last night's Grammy's for the rap artists:

    T.I. - "What You Know"- Best Solo Rap Performance

    Chamillionaire (featuring Krayzie Bone) - "Ridin"-Best Rap/Sung Collaboration

    Justin Timberlake (featuring T.I.) - "My Love"- Best Rap Song

    Ludacris (featuring Pharrell) - "Money Maker"-Best Rap Album

    I have all the Grammy pics over at YBF here and here.



    Royce Da 5'9's new track is here called "Go Get Em".
    Posted by SOHH Fabulous at February 12, 2007 11:00 AM


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    Bobby and Whitney On The Comeback? New Info On T.I. and Fabolous
    Tuesday. 2.13.07 7:15 pm
    What's really going on here? Bobby and Whitney are divorcing, but they were seen being a big happy family the other day out at a Dan Tana's restaurant:

    Maybe Bobby's broke ass just needed some food. Sources tell me Supahead kicked him out a lil while ago when she felt like he was just leeching off her for money. Regardless...I know Whitney's new jump off Ray-J don't give a shit. He's still tappin' that.

    T.I. is telling media sources that his new album will be out at the end of '07, but he's not giving any more details. But he is saying that a collabo with him and Eminem is definitely a possibility.

    Fabolous' new album From Nothin' to Somethin' is hitting stores March 27th on the Def Jam label. Check out his first single "Diamonds" if you haven't yet. It's his first LP since 2004.


    Check out Talib Kweli's new video for "More or Less":

    Posted by SOHH Fabulous at February 13, 2007 10:16 AM


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