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so much to do, not enough time ... and Feb. 14th happenings
Tuesday. 2.15.11 1:40 am
I subscribed to a year's long subscription on Lumosity so now I can play the games and stuff again. All of them. Even if you don't have a subscription, you can play some of their games, but when you get into the games through a free trial and then suddenly can't play anymore, you tend to want to subscribe. Well, I finally had the money to do so. With it having been 5 1/2 months since the last time I played, my scores suck. I definitely need to get back into the swing of the whole thing.

Jacob bought me two books on Sunday. He knew I had been wanting to start up a series and he surprised me by buying me the first two in the series. Now I just have to finish up Postcard Killers in order to start my new books.

I've got a few DVDs from Blockbuster Online that I need to watch. There's also every episode of That 70s Show that Jacob and I are watching through Netflix Instant Play.

I still have to work and sleep and eat as well.

I seriously feel like there isn't enough time in a day in order to do all these things. And then sleeping definitely gets in the way. Especially when you can't fight falling asleep any longer and have to give or you'll simply pass out wherever you happen to be. Which, for me, is usually sitting in front of the computer. I'm already sore when I wake up in the morning {an air mattress, even a fancy double-tiered one isn't exactly comfortable} but if I were to fall asleep on the floor ... I probably wouldn't be able to move for a while. At least not with searing pains shooting through various parts of my body.

Anywho, Valentine's Day was very nice. We both slept in until around 3pm. My phone died so I had no way of telling what time it was without getting up out of bed, so I opted for just staying in bed until I couldn't fall back asleep anymore. After just hanging out for a while, we got dressed and headed out to the mall. He wanted to exchange a few games that he had for a new game, Little Big Planet 2. I love the Sack Man in the game. He's so cute! He also bought a 2nd controller for the PS3 so that we can both play at the same time.

After our Game Stop stop, we headed over to Blue C Sushi for dinner. It was delicious as always. I love their wasabi sauce. It's just the right amount of tangy-ness.

After dinner we drove out to the Target not too far from our house {there was one by the mall, but it didn't have what we were looking for} and bought a vacuum and a plunger. Best Buy was downstairs from Target so we headed down there so that I could buy How To Train Your Dragon. I absolutely love that movie; I just had to own it.

Once that was all done, we headed home. All in all, it was definitely a good day. And yeah, I'm being hypocritical. I will complain about not having enough time in a day to do stuff and then talk about sleeping in until 3 in the afternoon. Ah well. Sleep is good. Especially now that I have a normal schedule.

Alrighty, I suppose that's it. Oh, I bought Jacob a rice cooker for Valentine's Day. It's something that he's been wanting so I knew he'd appreciate it. Jacob bought me something ... but I dunno what it is yet. I guess it was supposed to arrive today, but it didn't. Maybe tomorrow. Once I find out what it is, I'll definitely write an entry talking about it. Whatever it may be.

Until then ...

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what a way to wake up
Friday. 2.11.11 12:31 pm
The plan he had was to get up a little earlier each morning so that breakfast could be eaten. Well, I have to be up for more than half an hour in order to eat breakfast without getting an upset stomach. So I tell him this and he just says whatever.

I tell him something else about my lack of eating breakfast this soon after waking up and he just says whatever to that too.

On his way out the door, I ask if he'll come back in before my alarm goes off to cuddle and what's his reply? "I don't know. Maybe." In a really annoyed tone.

Seriously? Since when do you not know if you want to cuddle?

All this because I told him I didn't want to get up with him to eat breakfast.

Good fucking morning to you too.

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Sunday. 2.6.11 12:26 am
Funny how the title of my last entry was exactly how everyone felt about leaving a comment on it. . . "comment? psssh, whatever."

{that was my attempt at written sarcasm, btw ...}

Anywho, I got another book from the library. Postcard Killers, by James Patterson. I'm excited about reading it. I'm even more excited that the 10th book in the Women's Murder Club series comes out this year. That's definitely going to be pre-ordered ... once I get the money.

Worked sucked today. It wasn't really that bad, but seeing as how I wasn't in the greatest mood to start the day, the happenings at work didn't exactly help brighten my mood. But tomorrow is my final day for the week and then I've got two days to relax.

I think I'm gonna go play a few games on Kongregate before diving into my book for the night. And then once my hair is dry, its off to sleep.

Until next time NuTang ...

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work? psssh, whatever
Friday. 2.4.11 2:50 am
The title is exactly how I felt at work yesterday. I was completely unmotivated. Once I was relieved from my first post, I spent an hour doing nothing, completed my lock ups for the night and then spent the next hour doing almost nothing again. Same with the following hour. I completed another couple lock ups then nothing.

I usually try to patrol through my buildings at least twice per night. Yesterday I barely got in one complete patrol. But I didn't care.

After the rant in my last entry, Jacob ended up getting a couple days off. We spent some time hanging out together. It was nice.

I don't really have much to talk about. I'm too tired to really focus on this. I'll probably be going to bed soon. Perhaps that's why I didn't have any motivation for work yesterday. Maybe I slept too much beforehand.

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why do I bother?
Monday. 1.31.11 4:59 pm
Every time I try to make plans for us, they get pushed back and pushed back until it's just no longer possible for the plans to happen. Even if it's as simple as trying to watch a show on Hulu. We've been pushing that back for 3 days now. And guess what? It has to be pushed back again.

Every single time we make plans, he gets called in to work. I mean, yeah, this is what he signed up for, but still. He got off work at 6 this morning, had to be back in at 2 in the afternoon {an 8 hour turnaround} and now just a call to go somewhere else after he's done with this shift. That's a turnaround into a double. When is this man going to be allowed to sleep for more than 4 hours? And when are you going to let him hang out with me for more than the 4 hours that he has to sleep.

My schedule is set. I work 6am-2pm Wednesday and 2pm-10pm Thursday through Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off. It's almost like they know I have those two days off and are purposely scheduling him so that we have no time to hang out together or sleep together for more than a few hours. Last week he was working grave shift and 5 hours after he got home I was waking up to leave for work. Then he'd be gone before I even got home.

I supposed I have to get used to sleeping alone because he's asking for a grave shift so that he can go to school. And us not being able to hang out, I have to get used to as well since with school and work, we will barely have time to see each other, let alone hang out.

I need to stop getting my hopes up about being with him. Even if it is for just a day. Apparently that's too much to ask for. It's like I'm living with a roommate that I never see. Not my fiance. Couples are supposed to sleep together at least a few times a week and go out at least a few times a month. I don't even think we've got that going. It'll be worse once school starts.

What am I supposed to do?

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goals to accomplish before 25: revisited
Sunday. 1.30.11 12:20 am
This is a list of goals that I had made a while back {May 1, 2008 to be exact} on my lesser-known alter-ego, bug, and I figured I'd revise that list and make it a current entry. The things crossed off, obviously, have been done. The ones with ** at the end are in the works and should be accomplished before October 5th of this year.

~ go back to school. **
~ buy a new car {yes, I'm talking brand new, off the lot}
~ completely redo my wardrobe {keeping a few things, of course} **
~ get a passport **
~ get at least one dog, if not more
~ celebrate my first one year anniversary with my boyfriend {and keep going to celebrate many more; I've never made it a year with someone}
~ get lasik
~ win a jackpot {in a casino or otherwise}
~ go to Hawaii
~ see a tornado, in person
~ learn how to snowboard
~ spend an entire week just relaxing on the beach {with one or more friends, of course}
~ spend an entire day just riding roller coasters {if I happen to break a world record, then so be it}
~ go to New York to visit my family
~ get at least 3 more tattoos; I won't be even close to ending there, but I want at least that many more before I turn 25
~ visit Forks, WA **
~ go see the Criss Angel Cirque Du Soleil Show

The ones that haven't been crossed off or asterisked are things that I would definitely still like to do, but it's highly unlikely that they will happen before I turn 25. I'm going to try for a tattoo, but I doubt I'll have three more before my birthday.

Anywho, I just wanted to bring this list to a current status. I happened across it a few days ago, but I didn't know how to put strikes through stuff.

I will be updating this list again in about 10 months.

Until next time NuTang ...

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