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CNY is almost here!
Tuesday. 1.20.09 7:24 am
Usually, I don't look forward to CNY at all but this year, its a bit different. I am looking forward to show off my Paul Frank shirt!!! Yea, I know, it's just Paul Frank, not Baby Milo or Armani or Gucci or anything which is much more expensive. Well, Paul Frank is just the first step. To tell you the truth, some of the super expensive clothes (like Baby Milo) look really ugly to me.

I can't wait till I fill my closet with Julius. Call me weird but the monkey is cute.

May this year which started with some unpleasentness is turning out great and I hope that I can accomplish what I want before November comes...

I'm in such a happy mood that I can't sleep, I can't do homework and the only thing I'm doing is wasting time and counting the days!!

Till next post, have fun, be safe and take care!

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Sunday. 1.11.09 4:31 am
So bitch got kicked out because she's cheating... aunt came back all depressed... somehow they got back together and now the bitch is living with my aunt's best friend along with the bike which technically belongs to my aunt but is SUPPOSED to be for my brother to use.

What's the fucking point of bringing the extra car down since I can't use it anyway?! The car was supposed to be for me to use to get to and from campus when everyone else's schedule clashes so I can't use the public transport to get to campus because it is now more dangerous to walk about 10 minutes to be bus stop due to the increase cases of snatch thieves. So now my expenses has increased by my inconveniences is STILL THE SAME! All thanks to some selfish stupid people! I still need to wake up at like 6 to get to campus by 8 in the morning for my 1.30PM class because no one else can fetch me in between that time to the bus stop. Awesome ain't it? I even have to follow ask my friend who doesn't stay near me to fetch me back again because I have no transport to go home!! If I'm gonna have to pay for half the petrol cost for the car, I might as well be able to use it right?

No one else is as pissed off as I am cause they're not the one suffering so they will not do anything! If I were to declare war, I know I will fight a losing battle.

I hope she doesn't move back in when my aunt moves back from Vietnam or I'm finding another place to stay.

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Your views please.
Thursday. 1.8.09 4:04 am
Yes, once again I need some opinions from you.

Is it a declaration of war if you were to return the things that someone's girlfriend gave you?

I don't need them anyway, they're just taking space in my cupboard. It's just so annoying to see those things now that I hate her so but can do nothing about it when someone decides to be exclusively hers now and forever. *rolls eyes*

I know that if I were to say that I don't want her to be in the family photo to be taken on CNY will definitely lead to a quarrel, a big one which is like war. Obviously I don't care. I'm sick of inconsiderate, blindly in love people who would not listen to anyone else.

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Saturday. 1.3.09 11:58 am
There's quite a lot happening in my head although all I do is sit around at home, surfing the net. I thank god that some people will never find this blog of mine, though I know someone I don't want reading is reading. There is nothing can be done. I have my rights to voice my discomforts and irritations here since you guys complain that I whine so much in such a high pitch you all hear an irritating long beep. The same things making me unhappy and miserable from last year is still here to haunt me. Maybe that's why I'm having nightmares lately.

I wonder how long I'm gonna lie to myself that I'm fine with them leaving me alone when I'm not. There's a difference between then and now. Then I have my best friend. She's there and she is so awesome. She listens and say things that makes me feel relieved. I don't think I can ever find someone to replace her in my life right now. Guess that's why she is my best friend.

No you dufus! I'm not a lesbian!! So what if most of the people who are nice to me and those who I treasure are girls? IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM A LESBIAN! STOP YOUR FUCKING KNOW-IT-ALL SPEECH BEFORE I SLIT YOUR THROAT WHILE YOU'RE SLEEPING LIKE A PIG!!!

How I wish I'm like her, she's so busy she turns into a zombie three quarters of the year. If I'm that way, all I would be thinking about is "I wish I have more time to finish this assignment","I have to finish this assignment" and "how the hell am I going to finish this assignment in such a short time?". Then I would not be thinking of all these things about life and relationships and how things could've been and make myself unhappy.

I really need to find an outlet for any accumulated anger over my own stupidity. I can't let it out on others because I'm angry at myself. How I wish that some day I can actually tell them that I'm all angry at everything because of the things you guys say, your expectations, and the things I need to do because of the norm of this society and family traditions. Course that will never quite take place cause everything will be my fault.

Enough miserableness for today. There are more to come but I'm not sure which blog they should be in.

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She moved!!
Tuesday. 12.23.08 6:02 am
I didn't do anything.... she got kicked out by my aunt. It is good but I heard my aunt is back in Malaysia. I have no idea why. No idea the reason behind this. I'm fine but I can't move into her room yet. Got to clean it and move the furniture first. That of course have to wait till my aunt is not around.

No idea what to expect. Might not be good.

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Your thoughts needed.
Thursday. 12.11.08 7:11 am
Okay.. Imagine this. You have a housemate, which possesses EVERY quality of being a Bitch/Asshole/Jerk, you CANíT STAND this person anymore and would like to GET RID of him/her! What will you do to make her leave on her own?

Iím collecting as much information as possible. Insights to your minds please, it is of utmost importance.

I'm preparing for a war. I would love to innitiate one of it would mean a better life ahead. I think I've turned into Blair from Gossip Girl. I don't quite like her but I sometimes find myself being bitchy like her. This is not good.

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