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Nikki Santoro
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Age. 47
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Marianne is freaking out
Wednesday. 10.1.03 11:22 am
Marianne is not taking this "no coffee" thing very well. I though she was going to totally break down this morning. Luckily, I only had to deal with a headache yesterday afternoon. All I had to do was take a bath and then a nap on the couch.

I started playing with Lunachicks again. This is a women only soccer team that plays on Tuesday nights. I stopped playing with them a while ago because I had to have surgery on my foot. I was reluctant to join the team again because we used to lose every game the last time I played with them and it really got depressing. Luckily, the team is playing much better these days. We actually won this week 3-1. It was totally great and the girls I play with are so fun!

Anyway, I should probably start paying attention in my meeting again. There is this guy in the meeting who is totally taking over so no one else can talk. Me and this other guy from my team are just sitting there not saying anything. Snooze.

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Bridging the gap
Tuesday. 9.30.03 2:04 pm
I have finally figured out how to make my new trainer talk. I discovered that he will talk non stop about either poker or running. Anything else produces a grunt at best. Yesterday we talked about running around Green Lake. Apparently he also works near there as a running coach. This came up because I told him that I went running there on Saturday. I did that because the backup trainer I went to on Saturday sucked big time. I have had her before and think she is totally useless.

Marianne and I have decided to drink nothing but water for the next two weeks. No soda, no wine, no beer, no juice. That is going to be tough. We started yesterday and she already broke down and had coffee this morning. I think we have now made it into a competition (how can last the longest or something like that.) As someone at work mentioned, it sounds alot like the Seinfeld episode about being the master of your domain. I'm sure that I can make it but a can of Diet Dr. Pepper would be great about now.

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I can't believe we lost
Monday. 9.29.03 11:54 am
Mike and I played soccer with our co-ed team tonight. We lost 5-4. It was obviously a high scoring game. I think one of their goals actually rolled through my legs as it went into the goal. Oh and I took a header to the nose and it started bleeding. That really sucked! Oh well, at least we had fun.

I spent some time this afternoon taking pictures at the Good Sheperd Center. It was actually very relaxing. I have become inspired to take more pictures lately. I think it is a good outlet from work. Maybe I should take pictures for a living. I think it would be fun but I'm sure it wouldn't pay the bills. Especially since I am not very good. At least I can dream. :)

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What a nappy day
Sunday. 9.28.03 2:45 pm
Today I woke up late, went to breakfast, then took a nap on the couch for a few hours. I had the strangest dream too. I'll have to ask Mike if it actually happened. I dreamed that while I was napping on the couch, Mike woke me up to talk to my mom on the phone. I kept falling asleep while on the phone so my mom hung up. So now I can't tell if it happened or not.

I have been watching football between my naps today. Seahawks have a by week this week. Who would have guessed that they would be 3-0. I may have to get season tix again next year. This season seems strange all over the board. Tampa is not doing so well. Parcells is coaching the Cowboys. (This is very hard to believe.) The Bills are up 2-0 then lose their next two games. You just can't call it this year. The Seahawks could go all the way. No, probably not.

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The new season of tv
Friday. 9.26.03 9:13 am
The new season of tv has started. Whoo hoo! Tivo happily recorded a bunch of shows for me starting on Tuesday night. NYPD Blue has been getting better every sesion since Zack from Saved by the Bell joined the cast. Ricky Schroder really did not do well. I thought that the West Wing was pretty good (not as good as when Rob Lowe was on the show but what are you going to do). I am a hige Law and Order fan (A&E and TNT are my life) but it hasn't been very good for years. This year appears to be no exception. The first show of the final season of Friends was on last night. There is really no chemistry between Joey and Rachel. Their kissing scene was laughable. Can't wait to see the new Joey show once Friends is over (yeah right). I was actually impressed by CSI. With all the spin offs I thought this show would suck this season but I really got into the story. What the say about ER. The girl from Bend it Lik Beckham has joined the cast. I liked her as the new medical student but I am getting very bored with that show. For some reason Tivo thinks it starts at 9:59 instead of 10:00 so it won't record it since it overlaps with CSI. I was upset about it last night but after seeing the show I ahve decided it is for the best. Anyway, that's the roundup so far. I look forward to the other session openers next week.

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Wow, I am so bored!
Thursday. 9.25.03 5:01 pm
I am sitting in the most boring meeting at work right now so I am going to waste some time blogging.

Yesterday I met with my new trainer. The enforcer has moved to another gym so she will torture me no more. My new trainer's nickname is the talker. He is called that because he is a pretty quite dude. Whatever. Anyway, he is pretty good. I got a decent workout but I don't think he will make me bad ass any time soon. Oh well, I'll have to push myself instead.

My birthday was nice. Mike took me to lunch and then I played soccer that night. Pretty tame compared to last year but it was good. He gave me a bunch of new music.

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