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Sunday. 5.2.04 3:00 am
So when is it ok to hug someone, and what kind of hug should it be? This is an interesting question in all actuallity. You should really only hug someone when they are feeling down… unfortunately, this isn’t the case. When huging is required for a greating or saying goodbye, it should only be a one armed hug when they are your friend. This is important, only one arm should be used between friends. This is further stressed when one or both of the people huging have a boy/girl friend. Huging with both arms is a lugsery reserved for couples, people that are dating, and girls with girls (girls hug eachother sometimes to comfort one another). There are also extreme circumstances in which someone should hug with both arms… such as if someone is in extreme emotional perril… such as a death of a loved one. The important part to remember here is that friends of the opposite sex do not hug with both arms.

This isn’t without reasoning either, hugning using two arms isn’t to be taken as lightly as some people try and make it. A full embrace (using two arms) is very intimate, just as intimate as a kiss. Infact, you are much closer to the person in a full embrace than you are just kissing them. You can feel their body against yours… and there is even something sexual about it. Think about it, the woman’s boobs are pressed against the guy’s chest, when they are embrased with both arms. Does this sound like something you would want someone else doing with your boy/girlfriend?

Well I’ve told Ashley this a million times, so I figured she understood. We went to the movies with this guy and Ashley’s best friend. This was a guy Ashley had met on the internet, she was hooking him up with her friend for prom. Well the first thing she did when she saw him was give him a hug, with both arms… Great…

When we were all leaving, something else interesting happened. Ashley hugged him, and he used both arms. Then, when he went to hug Ashley’s friend (of whome she had hooked him up with, to take to prom) he used only one arm. Now that was damn peculiar.

Well maybe I am being a bit too over protective of my girlfriend. However, this is something that had always bothered me, and I had made a big deal out of it in the past. If memory serves correct, she even promised to only use one arm when hugging other guys… but that was a long time ago (over a year). Anyways, I guess it isn’t that big of a deal, but it did bother me. In fact, it is still on my mind… you know… sometimes you just can’t stop something from bothering you no matter how hard you try.

Hey! one arm only jerk!

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Saturday. 5.1.04 3:08 pm
Oh and it is beautiful. I think I have found the perfect guitar for me to get. I love my Washburn Culprit, and it will forever be my favorite guitar, but one can never have too many guitars. I recently came across the DimeSTPRO. I don't know how I have overlooked it's existence (although it is extremely new). It is the perfect blend between the Dime 3 and the Dime 3st. I love the Cherry Sunburst finnish on it too. When I come across $1000 I am going to have to treate myself to one of these beauties.

Check out what they look like here (this is the DimeSTPRO): http://www.washburn.com/electrics/signature/dimestpro.htm

There is a picutre of a Washburn Culprit on this page (it is exactly like the one I have):

Now... how am I going to make $1000?

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Those mornings that seem to last all day...
Saturday. 5.1.04 2:14 pm
So it's raining, it's been raining all night. I do like the rain, but non-stop rain creates a wierd atmosphere. It's almost as if the morning lasts all day. Everyone is walking around in their sleepwear and doing inside stuff. Not to mention that we all sleep in really late when it is raining.

For some reason there is something calming, something soothing about a long rain. If there is thunder and lightning it just adds to the effect. I guess we all just feel secure and snug inside our houses. We are sheltered from the otherwise brutal weather outside and it is comforting.

This is all good stuff, when you have lots of free time on your hands. However, this is not a very good time to get work done. For some reason... I am not able to function at 100% when it is raining. I just feel like laying in bed all day and not waking up until my good friend Mr. Sun decides to rise and greet me.

Damn, I wish I didn't have stuff to do today!!!

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Finals... CRAP
Saturday. 5.1.04 1:47 pm
Yippee it's finals week. No seriously. that is a good thing. This only means that this school year is almost over. College has been very boring, and I simply hate doing school work. I've actually gotten pritty good grades despite not doing homework or studdying at all. However, there are lots of things I have to do.

Art Class: There is no writen final or anything, but my final project is due next week. Bassically I have to make four pictures (using pencil, charcoal, vine, whatever I want) that are linked by a common theme. This shouldn't be too bad... I was going to draw Ashley in different poses... but my teacher didn't think that was a good idea. Basically I am either going to draw outside scenery in four long strips of paper, or four different voltures. I still want to draw Ashley though...

Humanities: Apparently my final is going to be of the write what you have learned nature. Well this one should be easy... and boring.

English: This one is also of the write what you have learned variety, how exciting. I really find these types of finals to be pointless.

History: Ahhhhh, my only real final out of the bunch. This one is going to require studying too..... & OMFG I just remembered I was supposed to pickup my review yesterday that has half of the test on it!!!! I completely forgot to do this!!! If they don't have any of them at the college... I am totally fucked!!! I might need to ask seth if he can copy Erica's for me again. I better get a study guide!!!


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Death By Food
Thursday. 4.29.04 8:03 pm
I have noticed that I have a weakness… Yes that’s right… a rather large flaw. When there is food to be eaten… I will eat all. Basically… When it comes to food, I have the brain of a dog. If it is something that I like, I leave absolutely nothing left. I don’t even realise how much I am eating, and that it is causing me pain. Well, I realise after I am done and my stomach feels like it is going to pop.

So basically if you are planning on killing me, it’s really quite easy. Simply feed me an insane amount of food, and I will eat until I pop. Quite simple really. This would work best with fried rice, I have made my self sick by eating too much fried rice on many occasions. That is a sure fire way to bring about my destruction.

Why am I telling everyone this? Well perhaps I just wanted to share… but more than likely, I just want someone to bring me a ton of fried rice!!! Even if they are just doing it to kill me… I want some damn fried rice…

Bring on the fried rice!!!

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Windows Transmited Diseases
Wednesday. 4.28.04 8:06 pm
Well, it's definately high time that I formatted my computer. The spyware and adware have really built up. I've tried using Adaware, Spybot S&D, & X-Cleaner. No program seems to be capable of completely cleaning my computer of it's infections. I will take the nuke to this box!

One thing that bothers me, is that I hardly go to any websites at all, and I have a firewall. By all accounts I should not have any hazardous programs on my computer. They must use some sort of powerful Nazi sorcery to infect my beloved computer.

The only problem I have with formatting is that I use a Raid-0 array for my primary storage device (I do have everything backed up on a backup drive though). Raid arrays take a long time to format, we're talking hours here. I have been putting off formatting for almost half a year now. It seems it has all caught up with me now though. I have no choice but to destroy everything now.

It's time to Nuke some fucking spyware!!

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