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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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we are all connected
Tuesday. 1.13.09 11:09 pm
did you ever think that maybe you passed someone from nutang on the streets or on the road or at the mall if you would recognize them?

i mean i love nutang i love the fact that you get to know the persons mind and way of thinking and world before you really see a pic of the (unless a pic is provided)

and even then u dont really see them physically to me they are a simple user name and then their ideas and thoughts that they have blogged about....

its kinda odd for me to think about i might have unkowingly passed someone from nutang on the street or in the grocery store or at school..lol besides the people from my school i know on nutang.

it kinda makes you wonder how small the world actually is and how we are all connected :]

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happier :]
Tuesday. 1.13.09 12:05 am
sooo my day was okkk lol

i did some interesting stuff with my lazy time in some of my classes

like this

lol im a terrible drawer but i have fun ^-^
its something to do when i need to laugh

so i think that middaymoon was my inspiration for the meeping shark lol

anyways <3


o btw
started reading the brothers grimm tales and im enjoying myself very much hehe

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Sunday. 1.11.09 9:40 pm
im upset and i feel like a failure

and im stressed and im not happy and i hate exams and classes ending and knowing that you cant do anything to pull your grade up ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

its so stupid im having more trouble in my extra curricular classes than in my core classes!!!

im so upset

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did you miss me while you where looking for yourself out there?
Saturday. 1.10.09 11:52 pm
lol ive had that song stuck in my head all day... and my family is getting kind of sick of me singing it lol ^-^

so the panthers lost which is sad and dissapointing but oh well...

OH i got the brothers grimm complete stories today and im so happy because its an old version and its an old book and i love it and i only paid a dollar for it!! yay

"i came along i wrote a song for you
and all the things you do"

idk whats up with me and music tonight lol just very ummmm music appreciative.

i have decided i will not date anyone who does not love books lol

:] a very smart decision i think

<3 night!!

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waiting for the wash to get done
Saturday. 1.10.09 2:35 am
trying to waste time so i can switch my clothes so they are dry in the morning before i go to work lol

its 2 30 and i just got finished watching season 4 episodes 1-4 of grey's anatomy with my sister... and eating wayyyy to many peanut m&ms.

ummmmmmmmm so im bored now


oh well ill go be bored i guess


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im really happy i joined NuTang
Thursday. 1.8.09 10:29 pm
lol thanks stevie!!!

but im serious i really like the people on here and everyone (so far that ive talked to) is so honest.

i mean you guys give your opinion and thoughts and are serious about listening to other people and its really cool :]

it makes me feel really nice when i get home from a bad day at school to read about peoples days and their thoughts and lives. Its inspiring even to see how different and yet how the same we are.

im very thankful that stevie got me hooked on here :D


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