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Vector Art
Saturday, 10/4/03 - 10:32 pm
Beat: The Early November - Baby Blue

Vector art is the shizz! Vectoring images is fun. You should try it sometime. My new background of Tom Welling is my 3rd vector art. This background isn't a temporary. It is version 5. Oh yea, to be able to vector, you must have a familiarity with any graphics program.

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Smallville/Angel Premiere Party
Thursday, 10/2/03 - 10:32 am
Beat: Mike Vogel & Erika Christensen - Shine

Yea, Tuesday was my birthday.. I am now 19 years young. Hah! Anyways, nothing happened that day.. Every greeted me and stuff. Thanks guys!

Wedneday.. It was the Smallville/Angel Premiere Party. I went with my brother, Bennett, Jimlyn, and Marilyn. It was some fun shizz! (but it took us two hours to get to The Grove because of traffic on the 101). I wasn't sure if I was on the V.I.P. list or not because I sent an R.S.V.P. to the WB Street Team. Hm.. Well, the cast of Smallville was a no show. Except for the dad, he was there. I was looking forward to seeing Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk too!

The cast of Run of the House was there. Joey Lawrence is hot! He's really skinny and white. All of them were really pale. That Tawny chick was there too. If I was an Angel fan, I would have been real happy. Basically the whole cast was there. David Boreanz (don't know to spell that), Spike, Eliza Dushku (she's really pretty), and yea..

There were so many Asians there. The guys were yelling for Kristin but she didn't show up. I don't know if she did during the Angel premiere because we left after they showed Smallville. It's fun watching Smallville with other Smallville fans. There was a Superman loo-a-like. He was too skinny though. He's really cool. Oh yea, me, Jimlyn, and Marilyn rode on the trolley. That was pretty cool.

After the Smallville show we left. I jacked like 15 WB magazines though! We ate at KFC. Then we sang to Dashboard songs on the way home. I can't wait until next year!

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Monday, 9/29/03 - 8:16 pm
Beat: Mike Vogel & Erika Christensen - I Will Crumble

Quick Recap:
It's been a while there.. I had about 3 days of no school last week, due to class cancellations. Yippie! I've been getting into vectoring. Vector art is great. I was working on some projects lately. I did a flier and a name tag for a rally at church. That's what kept me busy.

I haven't been home a lot lately either. I was at church helping out on the posters. The rally in on the 18th of October. Oh yea, my birthday is tomorrow! Woohoo! I got some presents already. A new Mp3/cd player, a ladies version of the Members Only jacket. Plus some money. Now, I'm back to school.. oooh.. "fun stuff that ain't." Today, I emailed MTV about MADE. Haha.. I probably won't get on the show.

Last week:
Friday, I saw Rochelle. I made her some cds and we went to go watch Coed practice. Rochul's one crazy driver..REALLY. I went to youth group later on that day.

What happened on Saturday. I got a call from Louie, he woke me up! Besides, I had to. It was like 12:30pm. I went to church to help out on things. When it was around 5pm or 6pm I went to Starbucks with Jellie and Cathy. We met Allan there because he could get us a discount. Jellie bought me a drink since I had no money. I saw Mark and Marjorie at Starbucks.

We headed to Marilyn's house to finish up the main poster. It was fun.. A lot happened but I'm too lazy to write. I got home around 12am. My sister just came home from Hawaii. She got hella dark. She used to be the whitest in the family but now it's me. She bought home a lot of cool stuff too.

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» It's been a week?
Saturday, 9/20/03 - 11:59 pm
Beat: Spitalfield - I Love The Way She Said L.A.
Quote of the Day: "I'm going to Disneyworld!" -Miss America (Florida)

Recap of the whole week September: 16-18
Took a couple of tests for school, Marenn annoyed me so much when I was studying for my test, I went shopping some more, I got a job as an assistant activities director, shopped for work clothes, sister goes to Hawaii, and I go to Youth Group once again dragging Jill along.

Today was crazy. I over slept so I didn't get to go to Target with my brother. Ended up "working on posters" for the rally. I mostly socialized, sat, and listened to my cd. Afterwards, I went to Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx with Irma and Phillip.

We went off to thrift store shopping at Main St. and arrived just when the stores were closing. We then visited my brother at the mall. We were going to the $3 theatre to watch Tomb Raider II but Phillip just refused to go.

We ditched the movie to go to Taco Bell to eat some 49 cent tacos. Yumm! Then we went to my house to watch TRII.. but it wouldn't work on my DVD player so we watched Gone In 60 Seconds instead. Well, that was it..

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