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Sunday. 4.3.16 3:13 pm
I was finally able to go to the gym again on Friday and get back to running. I went after work, after putting gas in my car. I pushed almost as hard as I had been the week before, which isn't bad considering I hadn't exercised really at all in nearly a week. I did go to the gym once during the week, but only did light exercises between the elliptical, sit down bike, and treadmill. I'd barely broken a sweat from doing those.

I was supposed to meet up with a friend this afternoon, but he had to bail due to family stuff. Which is fine. I took advantage of that and slept in later than I planned. I went to the gym again this morning and pushed harder. I'm so close to the 3 miles in 35 minutes goal. I think next time I'm at the gym, I'll be able to get there. Or at least by this time next week, I'll have reached that goal.

Yesterday was spent indoors, as is today (with the exception of the gym this morning) just kind of lazing about. I colored a bit last night and again today. I finally finished the picture I'd been working on for a while now. It's very intricate. It was nice taking a break from electronics just to focus on that.

It's been really nice outside lately. I haven't had my heat on in a few days and have had my windows open to allow some fresh air to blow through. It's supposed to rain again tomorrow so I have a feeling I'll be shutting my windows before I head to work, just in case it wants to be windy while raining. I don't need to come home to my stuff soaked. But then by Thursday we'll be back up in the 70s. If only it would stay that way and not go up in to the 80s.

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Spring has sprung
Thursday. 3.31.16 8:59 pm
Today was the first day since sometime in October that it was over 70. It felt really nice all day. I'm normally more for colder weather, but it gets cool overnight still, which is what makes the warmer day okay. I have a feeling I will be intermittently turning my heat off/on along with opening/closing my windows for the next few weeks.

After that last post, I haven't been able to exercise due to a random pain in my hip and back. It wasn't for a lack of trying, but I didn't want to push because then I'd have to just completely stop for longer than I want to. Today is the last day I'm giving it a rest though. I want to get back to the gym this weekend and push to see if I can make it to the 3 mile mark in 35 minutes. I'm a tenth of a mile away from reaching that goal.

I'm not sure exactly what caused my hip to suddenly hate life; I'm thinking it was just sleeping on it wrong. However, due to limping for a full day, I ended up with a sore back for a few days. It finally started feeling better yesterday and I was going to head to the gym tonight, but my friend ended up in UC so I spent the evening keeping her company.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so ready for it to be here. No plans for the weekend and I'm perfectly okay with that. It'll be nice to have a weekend with nothing going on. I'm broke anyway so it's a good reason to stay in. I will need to put gas in my car, but that's something I'll likely do after work tomorrow so that I won't have to go anywhere this weekend {aside from the gym, but I don't count that.}

It's supposed to be a mirror image of today's weather tomorrow so that'll be nice. It'll be a good way to end the week. Hopefully the work day goes by quickly.

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Sunday. 3.27.16 8:10 pm
So things have been mostly good. Work is probably the only thing that's causing the most stress in my life right now, and it's really not super stressful. I don't allow it to affect my home life so I feel it's not super stressful, at least not in comparison to other jobs I've had in the past.

I have lost a full 30 lbs as of this past Friday. I am finally back until 150 for the first time in probably 5 years. It feels really good. To know that I'm only about 15 lbs away from hitting my goal makes me want to reach it just that much faster. I now go to the gym to do cardio a minimum of twice a week; lately it's been 3 times. I have almost completed my first full month of doing the 30 day challenges. In the past I'd stopped toward the last few days of the month. Not this time! I've been eating better and staying away from huge portion sizes. I've even turned down candy and unhealthy items. Not all, but in the past I'd have just gone with it.

I went for a hike last weekend and that was when I truly noticed the difference in how losing the weight affected me. I mean, I've had to buy new clothes because my old ones didn't fit anymore. I've had to stop wearing some things because they're too loose and I just haven't replaced them yet. But this hike is one that I've done a few times before and there was always this one hill that I'd just have to keep stopping while on the way up. This time, I just powered through it, with only stopping twice; once because my friend asked me to and the second time so that I could take a picture of the overlook. I wasn't even really all that out of breath by the time we reached the top. It felt so good. The last time I'd done that hike, I was 40 lbs overweight. This time I was only 10 lbs overweight. Amazing what a difference losing 30 lbs makes.

Nothing super exciting has happened other than that. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow because I'm back to having no food in my apartment. I will also need to put gas in my car at some point this week. I'm still good for the week as long as I don't go any kind of distance, but the back and forth to and from work, I should be okay until next weekend. By Saturday I'll have to put gas in my car for sure.

It's short, but it's what I've been up to recently; just working and hanging out.

Until next time. . .

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Laugh it up
Friday. 3.25.16 6:38 pm
Because sometimes you need something so ridiculous that it just makes you laugh and go wtf at the same time.



I have no idea why this last bit is turning it in to a link... it's just the two videos above. Regular blogs should be back this weekend. I just haven't felt up to writing lately.

Until then...

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St Patrick's Day
Thursday. 3.17.16 9:15 pm
Since I happen to own a lot of clothing items with varying shades of green, remembering to wear at least one of them today was not difficult. I also have green on all the time, with that being one of the colors on one of my tattoos, but that's beside the point.

I haven't felt much like writing recently, as I'm sure at least someone has noticed. Just not much on the mind that I'm wanting to type out about. I'm not sure if I'll be writing any more the remainder of this week because tomorrow I'm aiming to just be in bed super early and then Saturday I'm going hiking with a friend. It's long overdue so that'll be nice. We have so much to catch up on.

I'm cautiously optimistic about tomorrow's shift. We have less than 100 patients for the day {weirdly enough, since that's fewer than we had during the holidays and tomorrow's just a random Friday} so it, theoretically, should be a good day to catch up on stuff. Theoretically. We'll see what happens.

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Best day/worst day
Sunday. 3.13.16 5:55 pm
I didn't mean to forget to write on Friday; I just happened to go out and not get home til late, totally unplanned. I was texting a friend to see if he wanted to go see Zootopia with me on Sunday, but he told me he was already out go see it and asked if I wanted to join him. Since I don't live that far from Downtown, I headed out to meet up.

The movie was a lot deeper than I realized it would be. I mean, I knew there was a story line, but Disney has gotten a lot deeper and deals more with controversial topics as of late. I like how it turned out. After the movie, we decided to stop somewhere for drinks, which ended up pushing my goal to be in bed by 11 out to 2. I already had an alarm set for 8:30 yesterday morning because me and another friend already had a full day planned.

I was luckily able to sleep through until the alarm; I would have been dragging the whole day if I'd gotten any less sleep. I picked up my friend around quarter after 9, we had a couple donuts before heading north for our nail appointment. I only got a pedicure, while she got a mani/pedi. I have two shades of green on my toes right now because St. Patrick's day. I got normal polish this time around so that I can take it off myself whenever I want, rather than having to wait until my next nail appointment to have the gel taken off.

After the nail appointment, we had about an hour and a half to get Downtown for the hair appointments we had to go to next. I detoured long enough to put gas in my car and then got lucky in finding a parking garage in the heart of Downtown that was only $7 for the whole day on the weekends. We stopped at the Pike Place Brewery for a couple drinks and something to eat before going, just so that we had some kind of food in our system.

I had my hair trim appointment first, then a Brazilian scheduled afterwards. This volumizing spray they used in my hair smelled so good and made it super soft so I actually ended up buying a bottle for myself. We'll see how well it works for me without the professional doing it for me. The Brazilian wasn't that bad. There were definitely some parts that hurt and it's a weird feeling afterwards, but we've already scheduled our next two maintenance appointments in the coming months, as well as my next hair trim.

After that, we decided that actual food was necessary so we made our way back up the hill to the Cheesecake Factory. The food was good, as always, but we barely ate any of it, it was so filling. We took our leftovers with us back to my car and then made our way to Pacific Place to do a little shopping. Mostly for her; she needed a new sports bra because I've been dragging her to the gym with me. Success was had so then we stopped at Old Navy so that she could get another pair of workout capris, since the ones at VS are quite a bit more expensive. She was able to get two shirts and a pair of capris for less than what one pair of the workout capris at VS would have cost.

We stopped at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack so that we could try on dresses just for fun. My friend had never seen me in one, since I don't wear them to work, so it was a fun experience for her seeing me all dressed up. After the fun of that we decided to stop at PF Chang's for a light dinner and a couple more drinks before finally heading to a bar to end the night with more drinks. Altogether I had 5 throughout the day and she had a few more, since I was the one driving. We left shortly after 1 to head back to the car. I got home just before 2 again last night.

Since last night was when the clocks changed, it was pretty much 3 when I finally fell asleep and I was up at 8:30 this morning. I didn't feel very well, oddly enough, since I didn't actually get drunk, so I went back to sleep for a couple more hours. I've spent the day just kind of hanging out and relaxing. I finished off my leftovers from yesterday and have been rehydrating. It's incredibly windy again today and the damn tree is smacking and scraping against my window again so I'm hoping the wind dies down before I have to go to bed. I'd rather not be more tired than normal going back to work tomorrow. The high wind warning is only in effect until 11 tonight so we'll see.

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