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Ethnicity. Chinese
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2nd - First Day of Work!
3rd - Di's Bday!
4th - Xixi's Bday!
5th - Felix's Bday!
7th - Tan's Sleepover
8th - Uni Enrolment Opens
9th - CK.TW.ORG 2nd Anniversary!, Tim T's Bday!
10th - Selina's Bday!
14th - YG Social!
19th - Sylphie's Bday!
27th - Nuddle's Bday!
28th - WARWICK UNI!!!
29th - Fresher's Fortnight!


8th - Maruchan's Bday!
9th - Fresher's Ball!
12th - Evanevan's Bday!
13th - End Fresher's Fortnight :(
17th - Elliot W's Bday!
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[Update ^_^]
17/10/08 16:03
I am...

feeling: lazy
listening to: Mirotic - DBSK

Fresher's flu sucks. I'm recovering now tho, luckily, but a couple of days ago it was so bad I could barely sleep >_<;;

Oh my word it's so hard to bring myself to just sit down and study here. So many distractions and I just purely can't be bothered as well! Sigh. Someone help!!!

All my hallmates are actually lovely though. I cannot be happier!

And OMW I GOT THE NEW DBSK ALBUM, MIROTIC!!! (Ordered off Yesasia =D) It's actually amazing. I love it SO much and they are just WAY TOO HOT! Also got two pairs of earrings: Jaejoong's cross ones and Yunho's cross ones.

I got my ears repierced just to wear them!

Now I can't wait til my ears can finally wear earrings other than these studs (^______^)v



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[At Uni!]
04/10/08 10:52
I am...

feeling: slightly not-so-sober
watching: Nothing

I'm at uni! And having an absolutely wonderful time!!! :D Feeling slightly (really) not-so-sober atm, but it's ok ^^ It's fun :D I have the best hallmates anyone could ever ask for. We have so much fun, they're so sociable (apart from 2: one doesn't seem to live here and the other only comes out every so often) and it's just so great!

Yes, it's like... 4am right now. And half of us are watching a film in the other room after the drinking games we played earlier. Yus, we have very late nights x]

Aside from that, my comp got a virus just before uni so I had to go get it reformatted today. It is now reformatted, yay, but I've also lost practically everything, including practically all my files and my original firefox theme which I absolutely loved.

On the bright side, I borrowed a proper MS Office off someone in Uni so now I have the English '07 version (before I had the Chinese '03 one), which is all well and good but I have to learn how to use it first!

Rightyo, I think I'll go have some water before bed otherwise I'll probs wake up with some sort of hangover :( Ttyl!



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[So Effing Tired]
20/09/08 22:44
I am...

feeling: Knackered @[email protected];;
watching: Nothing

Completely knackered.

Worked 14 hours today.

Yes, that's probably illegal.

I'm going to bed now, goodnight @[email protected]



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[Family Time]
15/09/08 13:09
I am...

feeling: Lonely
watching: Nothing

Happy Moon Cake Festival, everyone!!! ^^

Yes I know I'm a day late with my wishes but oh well. I was out more or less all day yesterday. Got woken up in the morning only to rush out the house to go play badminton, came back for a quick shower and a bite to eat before jumping in the car to get to church then went out for a YG social afterwards and didn't get home til about half 9 in the evening, fun fun x]

I realised, I enjoy being busy ^^

I felt a bit bad that I was out and the rest of my family were at home and I wasn't able to spend time with them at all yday when it's supposed to be a family thing on mooncake festival, but tbh, we've never celebrated it before but I guess since I'm leaving for uni soon mummy wanted to celebrate this year.

Still, I went out... =/

Oh well, there's always next year ^^ And honestly, we've never celebrated it as a family before. I've done performances for it with the Phoenix Arts Group when I was still in So'ton, but never anything more than that, really =3

I have a feeling my mummy will miss me lots when I leave and that bothers me :( I don't want to leave her ;_; And my sister, too.

These days I barely see my family cos I'm out so much. I can tell my mummy's not used to it. I'm always either out with friends or working now, leaving my mum at home on her own and I feel so sad about that... :(

Still, even when I'm at home it's not like I really talk to her, but at the end of the day, it's not the same, really.

And I hadn't seen my sister properly for a week. She'd always be at school by the time I wake up and I'd always be out by the time she got back and she'd be asleep by the time I got back so I had barely seen her for more than 5 mins before Friday =/

Daddy's going on a business trip this week which makes me feel even worse when I'm out working every day in the evening cos it'll only be my mum and my sister and they will be extremely lonely >_<;;

Okay, enough about that la... Sigh :(

I will still see them when I'm in uni. It's not like my uni isn't a 10 min bus journey away :)



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12/09/08 15:15
I am...

feeling: Rich
watching: Bleach 2nd Movie - Diamond Dust Rebellion

Friday is Payday -- YAY! XD I got paid today ^^ My weekly wages woot! I'm so happy to be paid weekly ^^ Thing is, I got tax deducted tho. But not much tax, luckily :) Any pay over £100 a week gets tax deducted, I guess. Oh well~

I'm still £100+ richer! XD

And I'm teaching piano again today so that's another £7.50 to add to my small fortune x] I'm saying small fortune atm cos I've never been paid so much before ^^;; The novelty of the first job, eh? XD

Anyways, aside from that, I celebrated CK.TW.ORG's second anniversary on the 9th, I'm watching the second Bleach movie atm, it's raining again and I'm freezing.




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[The Notebook]
08/09/08 23:16
I am...

feeling: Torn
listening to: You - Tim Hughes

The Notebook

Have you guys seen it? If you haven't, go watch it. It's absolutely amazing.

I watched it last night at a friend's sleepover. It's such a beautiful yet heart-wrenching story. I cried so much at the end... Oh my word it's so beautiful. It's so bittersweet. This is gna take a long time for me to recover from it. Bittersweet just pains me.

The wiki link contains a lot of spoilers so just go watch it, really... Prepare your tissues, though. It's such a beautiful love story. Such a powerful love story. Behind every great love is a great story...



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