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Back in the saddle again...I
Saturday. 4.21.07 4:35 pm
I am back at karate and training again. I really missed it and I feel stronger this time. I feel a lot stronger than I was when I left. I guess that is with good reason. Karate is like riding a horse. You never forget.

My hardest tasks are to be careful and not to overdo myself. I don't know how to put a limit on myself which puts me in a dangerous position. I need to be conscious of my body. I never realized how difficult my kata (karate form - 26+ forms in Shotokan) was until I could not do it anymore.

I am happy and healing well so for now, I am back in the saddle again!

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I will visit your blog
Wednesday. 4.18.07 10:07 pm
I try to visit your blogs at least once a day. I know that I dont always leave a comment but that does not mean I am not reading or stopping by. I just try to visit as many blogs as I can during the day and also to visit the blogs of everyone in my friend list. If I do not leave a comment, please just know that I was there... :)

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Tuesday. 4.17.07 2:30 am
I finally uploaded some of my pictures. Hoorah! They are in my "gallery".

Thanks for visiting. :)

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Sunday. 4.15.07 1:55 pm
I am trying to figure out the best way to get my pictures on here. I was going to use photobucket until I read the FINE print. It says that all photos uploaded to photobucket belong to them. So they can take my photos and sell the for money without me even seeing a dime. Now my pictures from this trip are not of professional grade but I still would not want to see my picture in the home of someone I never met.

I think I may just post it in the gallery. I did it yesterday and I was just about done. Instead of hitting save or something I clicked "delete this album". CRAPP!!!!!

I will get it together soon. Sorry guys.

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I'm Back
Friday. 4.13.07 2:59 pm
I am back from my short, little, vacation and I am so glad that I went. I had a lot of fun. I just wish I were able to take more pictures. As soon as I can I will post the pictures.

On the first day we walked so much and went so many places that by 10pm I was ready to cry with pain. I could not take it anymore. As I retired to my bed after a nice HOT shower, my friend hit the JACKPOT on one of the machines. She came upstairs 1,800 dollars richer. Of all the lousey luck! ha ha. I am glad that she won because she is a good person. She took care of me after my surgery. That's my neesan!!


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Suffer and pay
Monday. 4.9.07 11:14 pm
Everything has a consequence. We all play and then we pay. Like having fun and

postponing your homework. Not good. I have done that one too many times. But in

this case. I was running all over the place today and not taking time to rest.

I dont think I laid down once since I got out of bed. My head is so sore and I feel

like I want to puke. I can only imagine what my body is telling me!

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Spring Break
Monday. 4.9.07 2:43 am
Tomorrow starts spring break. I normally would not have one unless I were to take a vacation. I consider disability a vacation.

So, I will be taking that trip to Las Vegas on tuesday morning. I just need a ride there. I need to make arrangements for that. I have so much to do tomorrow!!

That's all for now.

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Strange Dreams
Sunday. 4.8.07 10:01 pm
I have been having some pretty weird dreams lately. I had a dream the other night that my friend and I were running away from the cops or something and my tooth came out of my mouth. Also on the roof of my mouth were these little segments of teeth that I was ripping off. It was like small sections of plastic stuck to the roof of my mouth.

Today I had a dream that I was driving and trying to park a bus. I dont even ride the bus let alone know how to drive one! Then I had passengers in the bus with me and we were rushing to a live BRAWL... we were suppose to be ready to fight from the time we exited the bus.

I hope this is a sign that I am getting better.

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