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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. filipino
Location , CA
School. Other
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Material Items I've Been Eyeing...
-Cyclo DS cart
-Nikon D60
-Free Line Skates
Events I would LOVE to attend
May 10th
Meg & Dia Signing at Mission Valley Mall

May 22nd
No Doubt, Paramore, and The Sounds
@ Cricket Amphitheater

May 26th
Kaylyn's first Bday!!!

Electric Daisy Carnival

Comic Con San Diego

Vans Warped Tour
This is what I'm thinking.
AHH!!! writers cramp!

visit these much fun!!!
how's the weather?
The WeatherPixie
my Thursday!
Saturday. 12.20.03 12:34 pm
ye AOL sucks lol i have to rewrite it ok here i go again!!! i went back to school on thursday finally after my long break and ony 2 more days until my winter break from school again heh i decided to go to Mar vista that day so i could pick up the present she has for me. heh i walked with Kennan and Julian heh kennan is one strange guy LOL! when i got to Mar Vista i saw Kathy and... hoo else jorezza?? i fergot i'm bad... lol well yea i got to her class room and yea she was on the computer in there lol doing grades. heh i really like her present lol a best buy gift card heh i duno what to spend on yet... blah haha since she was on the computer i told her about nutang and yea she was very interested into it and she wanted to see my site so i show it to her and while i was explaining things to her she ignored me and was reading my entries i didn't really want her to read the last entry on the page cuz yea i talked about her 7th graders and her of course. i didn't say anything bad about her of course i juss didn't want her to read it but she wanted to so then we fought over the mouse and of course se won cuz she was holding it in the first place heh yea now she's going to give me essays to proof read forever lol i hope not!!! hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

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blah hehe
Wednesday. 12.17.03 12:10 pm
whoa... i'm getting better i think hehe blah i have to take pills now... stupid doctors dun't they know that i have a problem taking pills... o whatever... well yea i didn't go to skewl today cuz i didn't feel like it yet so i'm going to go tomorrow and yes mayb go visit Miss Erickson and get my belated b-day present from her. yes i stopped throwing up and my cough attacks aren't as bad as yesterday and yea heh actually i haven't had one today yet heh. actually i didn't want to go to skewl because of my 6th period teacher being all over my cuz i was sick gosh she sent me to the nurse rite in the begining of class gosh what a bitch... blah talk to ya tomorrow!!! o that blodne lady in the pic in my profile that's Miss Erickson lol my fave english teacher lol ok

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Monday. 12.15.03 3:11 pm
WOOO HOOO!!! today is my b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i get my tv today hehehe


heh now i'm at Annalee's house fer you ppl dat dun't know her she's my Bestest best friend heh yea i gave her her christmas present and yea lol my dad got the bright idea to buy cake for her so yea we did buy the cake and some fortune cookies lol those were really fun lol hahahaha Tsunami bomb rules!!!

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Sunday. 12.14.03 6:25 pm
WOOO HOOO!!!!! my b-day is tomorrow!!! i'm 15 wooo hooo!!

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aww.... shucks....
Sunday. 12.14.03 7:14 pm
Oh blah... i can't up load my pictures from my comp on to my page... suckies ugh... o wells... i'll work on it later

life sucks, so deal with it! lol

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medicine and flem
Friday. 12.12.03 8:30 pm
yep i'm still sick as a dog... bleh... i'm coughing until i'm crying and practically throwing up. weird thing is that i don't have the flu at all yet (and i hope that i don't even get it at all!!!) WOW!!! i might get an unexpected extended vacation if i get the flu cuz i get to miss all of next week of school and it's the last week of school until the holiday break. O what fun for me... not!!! ugh... sucks cuz i'm going to b really sick on my 15th birthday... man... i'd rather piss in my pants than spend my b-day sick again gosh... tomorrow imma put up some pics that i've taken in the past few months.. it's going to b on private entry tho so if u want to see them look at my chatter box i'll post it when i've uploaded all my pics lol

-- "VOTE YES on kill all viruses!!!" MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
now for the boredom bandwagon of smilies and other funny dohahas
<~~(i wish...) <~~ (it's Annalee!!!!) being sick give me a lot of time to do nothing!!!! ROCK ON my frends!!!

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awww... crappies....
Wednesday. 12.10.03 4:39 pm
today sux!!! i started feeling sick in 2nd period and then after nut break i went to my 4th period class and got a nurses pass... rite b4 the nurse took my temperature i drank clod water and yea my temp was 99.2 but i know that if i didn't drink the water it would have been way over 100 degrees!!! blah i went home early and i kept falling asleep when i was watching bruce almighty lol yea i'm really dizzy and i have a headache still and i'm really hot!!! ugh and my b-day is in 5 days this sux i'm sick once again for my b-day...

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Thursday. 12.4.03 305 pm
today was whoa.... lol hahah just pe tho. haha at pe we had to run one lap around the track ugh i hate running... hehe after we ran i played Volley ball and when it was about the last 5 minutes of class we were playing and then the ball was coming towards me so i called it but then about 3 seconds later Precious sed "Ball!!!" and ran after it the next thing i knew was that i was on the ground. lol i fell hahaha funnyness

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