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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Busy with school and relationship and friends and beer and "the game" and I really hate Spanish class. Being a junior in a freshman level class makes me feel like a GEEK. And I haven't had Spanish in... 8 or 9 years. Which makes me feel very weird.

About that relationship... We're working on it. We're trying real, real hard and that makes me feel so much better. And would you like to know what else makes me feel better?

Wayne's World. I'd like to thank my mom for renting it for my sisters and I when it came out in '92. Is it appropriate for 2nd graders? Probably not.

Sadly I won't be attending Dragon*Con this year. I won't be meeting Kevin Sorbo, the voice of C-3P0, the man who was in the Darth Vader costume, Willow or Lavaar Burton (damn!). I won't be taking pictures of people dressed up as Final Fantasy characters or storm troopers or fat women in corsettes that allow their chins to rest on their boobs. I'm a little sad but... I decided to spend the 30 bucks it costs to get into that on a haircut. It's all going. ALL OF IT. I hate hair, I wish it didn't exist, I wish I could just shave it off. But alas, that's just not the way the world works. So I'm going to get a snazzy cut and hopefully the Alabama humidity will chill out soon.

Tonight is Project Runway and then lots and lots of homework.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
The next time somebody honks at me for crossing the crosswalk (I'm a pedestrian dammit!! I have right of way) I'm just going to stop and stand there and not let them go at all. And if they hit me...

Well maybe that's not that great of an idea.

Somebody seriously needs to educate the general public on crossing laws.


Maybe I'll just scream that to the next person that honks at me.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Single and hating it.

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Monday, August 21, 2006
A really fun thing to do is listen to the Rushmore soundtrack when you're walking to class.

Mark Mothersbough is a musical genius!

I love be-bopping to class whilst listening to badass tunes. I also enjoy watching other people be-bop, because I know we're all connected with our love for walking with a spring in our step, no matter what kind of music we're listening too. Awwww, so cuuuuuuute!

School, so far, is fun and I'm honestly looking forward to what this semester has in store for me.


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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Classes started yesterday. Today I managed to somehow fall UP some stairs and bruise the shit out of my knee.

Smooth Emily, smooth...

So far classes aren't killer but I'm taking the Communications Trifecta which may prove to be difficult.

It's 3 communications classes and once I'm done with them I'll be in the PR program and good to go. I'm taking:

1. Foundations of Human Communication
2. Interculteral Communication
3. Persuasive Discourse
4. Elementary Spanish

Quite the load I'm taking on but I'm okay with it.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'm in class from 10-11:45 and Tuesday and Thursday I'm there 11-1:30. Plent of free afternoons for me. Great.

And my books only cost $330! What a steal.

Now go watch A Scanner Darkly, it's super.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
I went and saw The Descent today. Pretty gross, lots of fun. But you know what the best part was? When a crazy lady in a big pink hat told me to quit threatening her after I told her to please be quiet. This was at least 45-minutes into the movie, and she hadn't stopped talking since she sat down. Thanks for ruining the ambience of a scary fucking movie. How am I supposed to get scared and jumpy and tense when I'm distracted by you? How? I can't! And I asked 2 times and she totally ignored me. So I asked one last time. Nicely.

That's right. I leaned forward and said, "Excuse me! Could please stop talking?" I got the staredown. I finally looked back and said, "What? I paid, just like you."

This bitch was sitting with her 90-year old mother, and they were having some sort of HILARIOUS conversation. Why? The movies aren't a place to talk. It's a place to SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH FOR THE 90 FUCKING MINUTES THE MOVIE LASTS!

Talk through the commercials, talk through the previews but shut you goddamn YAP when the movie starts. Or I'll slap you (in my mind... like a mind bitchslap; very enjoyable, I highly recommend it).

Or, in this case, NICELY ask you to shut it. And what the hell does she say back to me?

"You stop threatening me. I'll call the police on you! I'm a police officer, you stop talking to me! I'll call the police!"

WHAT? I don't deal with crazy people, I can't, I won't, it just... I can't. I refuse. I'm not going to have some crazy cunt in a giant hat tell me she's going to call the cops on me.

So I told! I told on her. I said fine, that's fine. And politely asked an usher what the hell I'm supposed to do about some bat shit crazy old "cop" lady and her old mom and their incessent talking. I explained the whole "I'm a-gonna call the police on you" bit and he said not to worry about. But here comes the best part...

Nice usher boy stood at the front of the theater to make sure Miss Crazy kept quiet and I guess that upset her in some way so she decided to go have a word with him... And she tripped over her ancient prune of a mother and fell right on her face.

Thanks karma.

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