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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Sunday, February 22, 2009
I thought of a way to put my ultimate concern in a question.

There was a Chinese headline on the newspaper stating "Economic Explosion" due to the global recession. There will always be a time for the economic bubble to burst and it usually happens once every 10 years. No? The last time it happened in the Asia was 1997, known as Asian Financial Crisis. And it happens again in mid 2008 onwards. So it's quite true right? Still not convince? Ok. Let's look any economic graph. You could see the ups and downs right? So the theory is quite true right? [I won't use 'fact' because I have forgotten most of my economic terms]

So if you were to agree with me that there's a peak where the economy bubble would burst at a time, could I substitute the economy with natural resources? Could you now imagine the state of the world's natural resources on the economic graph except the dotted lines don't go up and down but only down and down and further down? In the least, the economy on the graph could bounce back but natural resources could never bounce back; its graph would never have lines going up. If yes, it would be miracle. Please don't ask me or even tell me that natural resources could recover back to its original state [I'm saying this because I know there would be people telling me this line] or even my claims are too serious because environment could recover on its own. Yes, the environment can recover on its own course WITHOUT humans. But humans cannot live without environment. We still can't create anything out of nothing. And please don't challenge me saying we would be able to create anything out of nothing in the future like an author wrote in his book that there would be sexual pill, which is viagra. But when will we have that techology? If humans really had that technology, you and I won't be able to feel and taste that technology because we might not even have enough of resources to survive by then! If we could imagine the deprivation and suffering of not having enough money to buy food, then is it possible to imagine the same emotion when you can't meet your basic needs like to drinking clean water and eating food? Just because the environment is so bare and polluted? I'm talking rubbish? Ok... An example would be during war... I'm sure you have heard people digging ground in search for sweet potatoes or eating insects... And sometimes people don't even have sweet potatoes to eat because there were none. People... kids... youth were forced to starve...

I can't blame people for not being able to picturise what I just said because we are so fortunate to be surrounded by food supply. Right, left, center are restaurants and food outlets.

Speaking of which, I have a half loaf of unfinished bread on my kitchen table...

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Tuna Meltz
Saturday, February 21, 2009
I had a fulfilling dinner tonight at a very unknown restaurant 10 minutes away from my home. The menu was very simple and I was actually not impressed. I thought the menu could have more varities, but I was starving so I just picked their today special: Tuna Meltz. The description of it was very simple but it was neatly done, I must say, when it was served. I first thought it as quite pricy but I was so full after cleaning up the plate. I changed my mind again.

As I was eating, it suddenly struck to me why no restauranteur tries to specialise in serving soup? Yes, just mainly soup served with garlic bread. How's that?? Of course, can serve with something else la but along that idea.

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Clean ears
Friday, February 20, 2009
I have been busy reading Tony Buzan's The Power of Social Intelligence recently. Correction: rereading since I lost track where I have stopped. Buzan listed top 10 listening habits that would damage your listening skill and weaken your Social Intelligence. I would only highlight no 2: Trying to do other things while listening. Good that Buzan highlights this. Because I would able to whack my friend the next time he tries to read newspaper just because our conversation suddenly decides to "take a break". I wanted to talk continue talking about a certain topic but he suddenly takes out a paper like a magician fetching a white rabbit off a hat. He never even bothers to engage me in the news he is reading... Just laughing to himself while reading. It happened twice. Thank god. I decided not to have tea or coffee with him anymore because I don't want to be neglected during our conversation...

P.S: Thank you all for keep coming back! Internet was too slow for the past few days for me to update the blog!

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Please remember your position
Monday, February 16, 2009
A little incident broke out in KLCC's lrt station.

There was a foreign couple lining up at the wrong side of the queue to the train. The line has two red straps for passengers to walk out at KLCC's stop. Somehow the couple were standing inside the red line, not outside like the rest. And there were other people queuing behind the couple. Later, the LRT security worker told the couple and the behinds to "line up". Everyone behind them, dispersed. The couple instead of lining behind the others, overtook the first person's spot who was lining up correctly. That first person told the couple to line up and a ruckus broke out. The lady of the couple increased her voice "We were lining up here" over and over again. The security guy came and told the couple again to line up. And again that lady raised her voice telling the guy and that person and the people behind the first person that she was lining up. Everyone was staring at them. Before it become an ugly scene, the security took the couple up away from the crowd. I last saw them going up on the escalavator....

I don't understand if it's so difficult to accept and acknowledging a mistake. The couple were obviously not lining up at the right allocated space. That is a fact.

I sometimes just don't understand is it that hard to line up.

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Happy Valentine!
Friday, February 13, 2009
Other than spending Valentine with my pillow, I will be joining my friends for a reunion but somehow... it is quite quiet about the confirmation but anyway I have another appointment in the afternoon so it's alright if no one shows up.

Out of curiosity, I played with my tarot cards. And somehow I got weird reply. I have two tarot cards but I used the Magical Unicorns by Doreen Virtue, because it's easier than the traditional tarot. I just think of a question while shuffling the deck and then ask the unicorn how many cards I should spread and I got 4.

So I did.

The card reply was:

Pet - You love and understand animals

Explanation: Animals and pets love me and appreciate me. This makes me think back of the cats that scratched me and made me bled... Ish ...

But I was touched with the last paragaph of the last pragraph in the book. It also says it could also be a message from animals who passed on... It reminds me of Dai-chan, my friend's cat who died of cancer. Though he liked scratching me but I was truly sad to see him grew skinny day by day until patting him was painful to his body.

Simplicity - Put your energy into the basics, and let go of excess

Explanation: Things have gotten too complex. It's time to ask myself what I really want and what I really know that I don't want.

I drew this card because there's a need in life to clean out some part of life - cleaning the room or even a messy relationship. When you clean the space around you, the mind will feel clearer and more focussed. Energy increases too.

This card also means you have been trying too hard for a project. Focus on the simple areas, and the complex area will take care of itself.

>> Wow. This says a lot bout me.

True - Yes, what you're asking about is the truth

Explanation: This card wants you to know that you're correct in what you are thinking about this situation. You already know the truth, even if its knowledge thats held deeply in your heart. Your body also knows the truth ... You can also hear the truth from your angels ... Your angels always tell you the truth ... even if you don't want to hear like telling you to make a life change. This card asks you to tell the truth to yourself and the others.

>> Oh. I have decided on this: change jobs.

Teamwork - Work with others to make rhis situation come about

Explanation: The situation you've asked about will resolve itself with the help of other people. You need to be part of a team to make it happen in the best possible way. Teamwork means that everyone shares in the work and the fun. It also means thinking about other people's feelings, as well as the group's goal.

This card asks you to be a good team player. First, be open to asking for help. Second, when people try to help, let them do so! Third, you will need to offer to help others.

This time reading is more relevant than the last time I had. Or maybe I understand the cards better this time.

Do you believe in tarot reading?

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Love song~***
Thursday, February 12, 2009
I'm here to present you the third series of the Valentine Day songs [recommended by renaye]!

Have you all heard of Rimi Natsukawa? She is a Okinawan folk singer from Japan. I got to know her through one of her songs called Matsuri no Kaze at listen.fm. I really like this festival song. You could hear the traditional drum [I assume] in the background and listening to it makes me feel like I'm in those Japanese summer festival, minus the yukata.

Though Valentine day should be a happy moment, I decided to post a sad love song for today's entry. After all, there's always heartbroken people out there. And there are also not heartbroken people who don't mind to listen to heartbroken song!

Hope you guys like it! And unfortunately it's another Japanese song! It's a soundtrack to a Japanese movie called Nada Sou Sou. I have never seen it though it was aired on Astro, a cable tv in Malaysia.

Romanji and English translation are in the video. Happy viewing!

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