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Friday. 4.13.07 10:44 pm
This is a writing I just published, but I'm posting it here for commenting purposes. Written in just under an hour, no preperation, and talking to a certain turtle-y someone. Enjoy.

Humanity, as a whole, is ignorant. Even knowing what I know, (or what I think I know,) I’m ignorant, though not as much as some.

You see, there are two extremes to everything in nature. Everything. Well, everything that I can think of at the moment. These extremes are even in human nature, every aspect of it. Not everyone is at one extreme or another in any of their traits. Some people are in the middle for some things. Maybe they’re “average” in all their traits, but I doubt it. Anyway, extremes go from appetite to kindness (or lack of).

Opinions are also sometimes extreme. The point I’m getting at now is political, but it can be used with humanity and life as a whole. Religion, racism, ethics are all points about which a human can be logical and reasonable or stubborn and excessive, but not always right.

For example, people can’t seem to decide about how they want to be ruled, if there’s ruling at all. The fact of the matter is any and all forms of government are flawed. What we Americans falsely call a democracy is certainly flawed, if the amount of turmoil we’re in is any example. A real democracy also can’t work forever either. Monarchies don’t exactly work. Nobody likes Parliament, sorry to say. Anarchy is probably one of the more stupid options, in my opinion, because with equal authority there’s no authority, and humans just can’t keep their hands to themselves. I can’t think of any other examples, but there must be, and they’ll all be imperfect somehow. Because a government, or lack of it, consists of humans, and humans are pretty imperfect, putting it nicely. God or no God, everyone must agree about at least that much.

So, back to opinions. Since we now know that sometimes everyone can be wrong no matter what, we should know that if there’s no right opinion to be had, then in a weird way, there’s no wrong opinion. That means that every opinion is valid as long as it has good reasoning behind it. This extends from government to my personal favorite, stereotypes. I know of people who actually think that “nerds” are inferior. They don’t act like it, the actually think it. To them, “me” is all that matters. Nobody else has a valid opinion. They hear someone arguing a point, (a very valid one, I might add,) and completely shut them down as a worthless nerd, who cares anyway? That’s just wrong. Thank God (or whoever you want, since I’m on the subject,) that there are people who know better, who respect the basic rights that everyone should have.

Or should they have rights? I think the most horrible thing of all is that after all I just went through to get that out, I might be wrong. It’s just another opinion. Who’s to prove me wrong or right when it comes to human nature? Is this even about human nature? Ignorance isn’t bliss unless you’re ignorant to your ignorance.

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So, I'm ecstatic
Thursday. 4.12.07 12:33 pm
Puerto Rico was the shigity-shiz. It was...well, hot. It's too cold in Rock Hill for Spring. Eh. I can't believe that I thought being hot was refreshing. I usually hate being hot, and like being a bit cold. I guess I'm just ready for Spring, you know?

Even though I say I had the best time ever, I have to say that this trip was a bit lacking. The beach was okay. One day we went to a beach, and it was just crappy. The sea floor was littered with rocks and shells. The entire swim area was enclosed in even more rocks, and the beach was just painfull. Sean tried building a sand castle, which he usually loves. I don't think he enjoyed it much, either. The day after we went to a different beach, which was much better. The sand wasn't even too hot, which I usually just live with. There was a huge amount of sea-weed to muck up my fun, and I didn't have my goggles, so I had to be careful with my contacts. Still, I had a pretty good time.

The first day was most definitely the worst. Actually, we arrived in the airport at like, 1:00 P.M, so our real first day was spent adjusting to the heat and checking out the dirty pool behind my grandmother's apartment (where we were staying.) So, the real first day was okay. The second day was horrible. We piled into a car, completely filling it up. I was on the left side of the backseat, next to grandma who was next to Sean on the right side. I was squished and immobilized. We rode at least three hours through the mountains. Mom said we were going to a phosphorescent bay, which supposedly glows in the dark because of the animals that live in the water. She also said we were staying at some relative or friend's house while we were there. I hate how mom seems to have a billion friends and relatives in Puerto Rico, all of whom seem to know me more than I know them. They always tell me that I'm tall, and beautiful, (nice choice of words,) that that I can take care of my mom now. At least they don't pinch my cheeks, though traditionally I have to kiss all the females.

What mom didn't tell me was that there was some sort of family gathering going on. So, imagine what I just described when meeting someone, and raise the scale to a party. The only soda was warm "Cola" and beer, which isn't even soda. I was asked (in spanish) what I wanted to eat over and over, and when I said, "Nothing, thank you, I'm not really hungry," (also sometimes in spanishm which I'm only just learning,) they would try to entice me three or four more times with a specific dish I'd never even heard of. I sat through about three hours of that, in a small house on a dock. Too loud listen to music. Reading or leaving to the car was unacceptable. Nobody my age. Kissing old ladies. The only thing I want to eat is some fish that squirts juice all over my shirt. (Yum, but only for a while.) I was dead tired. And sleepy. And bored as HELL.

Then came the car ride back.

This is a convulted and long-ass post, and it doesn't even cover why I'm ecstatic. Maybe I'll post more later.

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Friday. 4.6.07 6:03 pm
That crazy kid has reached my ears, and I don't even watch American Idol. I'm pretty sure that the show will die a slow, pained death if they try it again. So the question remains: Is Sanjaya that good, or the bad? I'd vote for ugly.

My cell phone has had a lot of extra charging lately. This is probably Katie's fault. *tongue.* I make it my business to lighten her horrible days with stories from freaky music videos.

I had some really deep blogging to get into, but I always forget what I wanted to say when I go to say it. I need to write these things down. Then again, I guess that's what nuTang is for: writing down your thoughts. Sharing them with the world is just a cool bonus.

Ever read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King? It has some great stuff. Very in-depth. Almost like sharing a private joke with a friend, hear me I beg.

Man, I sure am jumping around today. Puerto Rico tomorrow. I plan on swimming for the first time in months without a coach yelling at me. Maybe getting a nice sunburn. Shaving everything and jumping into the ocean naked.

Naw, that's a bit much. That's all for now, folks. May it do ya well.

EDIT: Today was the last day of school for me before Spring Break. My newest saying: "Damn you! Damn you to first period! Yesterday!"

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Tuesday. 4.3.07 7:32 pm
My mom just assaulted me for not wearing a shirt around the house. First she's feeling my smooth shave, (I find this too funny for words,) then she starts examining my back.

Next thing I know, she's hustling me to let her pop some black-heads she found. She finds those things EVERYWHERE. I doubt they're back there. She offered me $10. That's...crazy. I'm sure thezebra is jealous of me. Heh.

Mother was rather offended when I declined and ran screaming up the stairs to tell the world. Hmm.

Ideas for Threadless designs:
Gentleman Turtle, "I'm in the Turtle Club."
Damn, I forgot my other idea!

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