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Speaking of which...
Tuesday. 5.8.07 9:30 pm
My mom's boyfriend ordered about 500 rounds of ammunition for his rifles. Not only that, but he got a free CD of Gospel music and a note telling about the love of Jesus Christ. That's kind of cool. Pretty entertaining, too.

Sarah was right, I should post about my weekend. I don't want to forget it.

Friday was teh boredom. Saturday, however, was crammed. First I went with Katie and Co. to see The Land of Women. It was sappy, and maybe pointless, but still somehow a good movie. Afterwards it was Joe Mugg's. Katie left early with a DIFFERENT Sarah, and it wasn't until later that I realized that she could have left with me.

Later I went to Suessical with Sarah (first Sarah, not one from movies) and HER Co. It was pretty great. Lots of singing. And funny facial expressions. Plus, the Cat in the Hat pointed me out in the "How LUCKY YOU ARE!" part. It was fantastical.

Sunday wasn't fun at all, though. That's why I didn't really update on my life earlier.

Monday I stayed home because I was kind of sick and very sleepy. BY THE WAY! I've been invited to a co-ed sleepover, as was Katie. NOW her mom says she can't go. We're concocting a plan.

TODAY, I had an amazing school day, offset by me jamming my finger super hard. This is all.

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Oh, neat.
Sunday. 5.6.07 2:58 pm
This will probably offend some people, seeing as how there aren't a lot of Christians on nuTang these days...

I was thinking about stereotypes. Like, trying to figure out where I fit. When you really think about it, I have traits from pretty much every possible group one can be grouped into. Except racial groups, because, well, I'm pretty white. Pale, too.

In reality, Sean was calling me emo because of a song that I listen to, but it all came down to the same thing. I had an epiphany.

I'm a Christian. I never thought about it until today, but...it's kind of it's own group. I mean, I'm pretty positive that other religions, like Buddhism stick out in society, but it's still kind of cool.

I finally found my group. Now I need to define it, make traits, and poke fun at emo kids. HA!

Not really.

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Monday. 4.30.07 9:58 pm
I have perfected the art of SNOOZING the alarm while still completely asleep. Ironically, my grades are improving dramatically.

I'm dating this chick, and it's pretty slick, but I couldn't rhyme to save my...

...neck. *ahem*

My myspace pictures are apperently awesome in the extreme. I love getting picture comments.

I don't have anything to really post, but I feel like posting anyway.

Katie really is an amazing person.
Too bad you'll probably never meet her.

Uh oh. Bio homework. I guess I have to cut this short. I was running out of stuff to throw out anyway.

EDIT: Unknown to Katie, I shall call her at 4:03 tomorrow morning exactly! Mwuahaha!

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Happy Birthday to Her!
Monday. 4.23.07 9:14 pm
Today is Katie's actual birthday. The only reason I'm really posting now is so that I can remember this for as long as nuTang thrives. I made her a little paper "medal" for being 15. Kind of a joke, but we taped it to her shirt and she wore it to CiCi's. Sarah came too. Mr. and Mrs. B didn't want pizza, so they went in a different eatery. Basically, we met some friends that I, personally, haven't seen since 8th grade. Katie and Sarah have, because they all go to the same school. Then the fun started.

Anyway, there was this rather creepy guy who works there. I guess he's okay, but MAN he has this pedophile vibe about him. Sarah and I sang to Katie, and when we were done, the guy comes by and says, "Me next!" -.-

Katie and Sarah went back to the bar for more food, whilst I munched on a crust and watched. The guy starts asked her questions, about who she was and how old she was. I started laughing rather loudly, and Katie pretty much glared my into more laughter. NO GLARE CAN THWART ME!

Later, the same guy came over with one of the girls who worked there, and they marched us all to the front of the eatery. There Katie was stood ON A CHAIR while the guy yelled at EVERYONE in the restaurant about How Katie Is Now Fifteen On This WonderFull Day, Can Everyone Please Sing Along. And he sang.

Not only that, but he had another employee come over even after that and sing in Spanish. The point is, Katie went through all of that, blamed me, and still forgave me. HA!

Yes, this is mostly for the benefit of myself and the birthday girl. Comments not really expected. Also, I had a new idea for a shirt. In shorthand, broken heart, broken stomach, sad and hungry. I doubt anyone will steal this, but if they do, then it's go time!

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