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    I Love New York: Who's Your Daddy And What Does He Do?
    Tuesday. 2.20.07 3:05 pm

    Before we delve into another 2-week hiatus from “I Love New York” we are greeted with quite the road to our Fab 5. Since it’s cheaper to use a group of orphan girls than pay for paternity tesses, New York turns her handful of remaining bitch niggas over to The Brat Pack for assessment. Immediately following, she has the boys take out their testosterone-laden frustration on one another in the boxing gym.

    …and you thought the basketball was fun to watch.

    In the wake of Tim Hardaway’s All-Star Weekend commentary on gay people, I examine just how unexcited the contestants are to see Chamo in the morning. I know it’s not right to judge what people are thinking, but quite a few of them gazes just clamor “chingado maricon.” I wonder if they’d feel better if they saw the video we did last week. (Chamomillionaire’s not gay!)

    I’ll tell you who the Blair Switch Hunt should never have let up on, fuckin 12 Pack. As soon as these foster kids come out, nigga wastes zero time in getting a free facial and foundation. “Who wants to put makeup on Uncle 12 Pack?” Can’t fool me, nigga.

    Chance must definitely be trying to lineup a career in acting or sketch comedy, because in his character, he’s zero good to anyone. How you gonna tell a little homeless girl “Your edges look tough.” Alright. Let me stop. I’d probably do that same shit if the little devil spawn put cake in my face. If New York were actually looking for a good daddy, I’d put those wenches in check real quick like.

    New York: Why do you girls love Tango so much?

    Girls: Tango taught us how to snitch! He even showed us his wire! Oh, god. He told us everything!

    New York: Why do you hate Chance so much?

    Girls: “That is not a real man!”

    Even a 9-year old can tell as much! Ah, I hope she finds those orphans’ daddies eventually.

    “This is my first date with New York or any saucy black woman, so I’m gonna be extra cool.” This obviously entails dude coming out of his room looking like Bobby Kennedy. I had been trying to figure out who he reminded me of for the longest. This mawfucka is a lost Kennedy.

    Ewwww. No, no, Boo Boo! New York’s eye makeup look like she gettin ready for the 9:15 performance of “CATS!” What the fuck, mane?

    VH1 once again listened to my blog suggestions and cut from ManBearPig at the dinner table to the horse pulling the fairy tale carriage of Boston and the Tramp. [Play At Home: insert fairy tale parody here]

    After all goes well, New York apparently has made up her mind that she’s gonna try her out some bangers and mash. Sadly, Bobby Kennedy looks like he’s never kissed a woman before and she is devouring that little ass.

    Back at the plantation, Chance wigs out when MBP told him he’d make a terrible father. The shit struck a chord as he was… on “I Love New York,” away from his 2-year old and being a bad father all at the same time. Damn, Chance. I'll tell you what. None of the other guys are worrying about their kids. You good, dog!

    No, seriously. If you put some of the indignation of your monologues into taking care of a child, the world may be a better place for us all tomorrow. Take your Dipset ass back home and raise that kid right so he don’t try to carjack me in 15 years. As the MBP previously stated, “Be a father to your child.”

    Sister Patterson been listenin to that old school hip-hop.

    Thanks to the distraction/unintentional cockblock, Boston couldn’t get that wondrous chocolate nut off in the hot tub. Instead, he gets to watch his curious little prize convince Cam’ron to not raise his son. Couldn’t have scripted a more fucked ending for Boston, or could we?

    Chamo in his Don Flamenco gear alerts the boys the next morning that much like they did with the basketball competition, they are going to pair off and pummel each other for New York’s entertainment. The shit was divided into weight classes, undercards and everything!

    Real vs. Whiteboy: Real got his ass knocked dizzy quick-fast like by Whiteboy, who never disappoints the crowd. I expected a little more from Rick James... a slap... something, Charlie Murphaayyy!

    12 Pack vs. Tango: Pac went Prince Naseem on this nigga. He doin flips in the ring and everything. He dropped “Tango, the big frickin Wango” with a filthy uppercut (a rarely used, but highly effective punch) in the first round, but Snitchin’ Randy got round 2.

    Chance vs. Mr. Boston: “I’m ready to land a couple sweet punches on that cocksucker’s face.” Oh, how I wanted to see it go down that way, but Chance rather handily ate dude’s food. Bobby Kennedy’s obviously never been hit in the face before. With that said, he stood tall… even if he got knocked the fuck out of the ring like SoulCaliber.

    Chance “Sorry I spit on you through my gap” Giles was feelin real big beatin up on punk ass Boston. He bodied Jay-Z and Nas… now he can add Sully to the list.

    Alright, so, when we thought it couldn’t get any worse for Boston, he got cockblocked, knocked the fuck out and then eliminated when he was a tantrum away from penetrating… getting knocked the fuck out… and probably still eliminated. I’ll tell you what. I was pulling for dude until I noticed he really be diggin for fuckin gold! I never noticed the full extent of his nosepicking until last night. You gotta check that nasty fuckin finger for brain matter before you let him touch you, girl!

    At least he didn’t hit the bricks without a little love. The entire room didn’t need to see the New York/Boston makeout session though… especially when he been in his nose the way he was. Ugh. I think he eats them too.

    “Too bad New York missed out on the Irish Curse! That’s 2.5 inches of jackrabbit fucking fury!”

    I’m gonna pour a little out for nasty-ass Lee Greenfinger today anyway. This program won’t be the same for me without him.

    [email protected]
    Posted by Ron Mexico at February 20, 2007 11:26 AM


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    Deelishuhs In Smooth Magazine-Part 1
    Tuesday. 2.20.07 3:00 pm
    Fellas, (and some ladies), I got the new pictures from Deelishus’s new magazine spread. The powers that be over at Smooth Magazine liked Dee Dee so much that they gave her two covers for the special ‘Live In Jamaica’ issue.

    Here is the first set. I will post the rest of them tomorrow!

    Talk to y'all lata,

    -SOHH Gyant!
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at February 20, 2007 7:15 AM


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    Christina Aguilera Maximizes Her Ass
    Tuesday. 2.20.07 2:55 pm
    First Eva Mendes and now Christina Aguilera drops it for Maxim. Again I gotta say CA has been getting finer every day she’s been married. Don’t know what it is? Maybe she’s having her maid cook more beans for her . . . we know her ass ain’t cookin.

    She seemed to channel her “Dirty” days when she was slutting it up with Redman (Oh BTW where the fuck is Red?). She tells the lad mag: “We had fun working with certain clothes, or the lack thereof. I never mind contorting myself for a good cause.” Oh, you fuckin’ tease.

    The March issue of Maxim with Christina showing off her goods drops today. For more pics go to maximonline.com.


    SOHH Goya
    Posted by SOHH Goya at February 20, 2007 10:00 AM


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    All Star Break Is Over, And Nobody's Dead- Not Even Game Or Buck...
    Tuesday. 2.20.07 2:50 pm

    We got a couple of things to touch on today...

    First off, the All Star break generated far fewer headlines than I predicted. While I would love to conclude that this means the hoards of hip hop artists who descended on the City of Sin for the weekend conducted themselves in a responsible and mature fashion, I highly doubt that’s the case.

    A more realistic conclusion would be that: A) Dudes knew the porkchop patrol would be out in full muthafuckin’ effect this weekend, and therefore they kept a low profile, and B) getting your pockets ran through/ chain snatched/ etc. by local vegas grimys is an embarrassing situation, and one best kept out of the media dailies if possible. I’m pretty sure that dudes came crew-heavy and/or bodyguard-heavy to Vegas to avoid scenario B, but there’s a rumor circulating that at least one rapper did lose his chain this weekend.

    The one big story that did seem to emerge from this weekend (besides the false rumor about E-40 being involved in a major car crash) was the reported near-scuffle between The Game and Young Buck at a T.I./Young Jeezy party. For those of you who haven’t already heard the story in one of it’s various forms, Young Buck got up on stage while Jeezy was up there and started making gestures at The Game and his crew, who were seated in the VIP area. Jayceon and company apparently started making their way down to the stage, but were stopped short by security, who apparently escorted Buck and Jeezy outside while restraining Game and his squad. Both artists apparently went the rest of the weekend without incident, but the craziest part of the whole situation is that Game was reportedly looking to diffuse the situation rather than aggravate it. If that’s true, I gotta say I’m proud dude is finally trying to take the high road. But first I’m gonna have to wait another week to see if any new G-Unot diss tracks pop addressing the subject. And for being one of the few people Game has actually given dap to in the last year, this certainly puts Jeezy in an uncomfortable situation.

    All in all though, I’m glad to hear everybody made it out of Vegas alive. Who would've guessed that two rappers who hold such a well-publicized grudge against one another (and who both have a penchant for tempermental violent outbreaks in clubs) could be in the same room without taking things to fisticuffs or worse? I guess it just goes to show ya... that's entertainment...

    Don’t forget to holler at the SOHH Left Coast Myspace Page at http://www.myspace.com/sohhleftcoast
    Posted by SOHH Eighty at February 20, 2007 2:10 AM


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    Diddy is at it Again: Enough is Enough
    Tuesday. 2.20.07 2:34 pm

    I peeped Nahright the other day, and what I saw was yet another Bad Boy artist stuck in a rut. This time it's G Dep.


    The Bad Boy recording artist, who released his first and last album in 2001, entitled Child of the Ghetto, has been shelved like many other artists on the label and left to find other ways to make a living. And if "other ways" include venturing out to another label, that option's pretty much a dead end, given the fact that any material released will still belong to Bad Boy Entertainment (because the contract has yet to meet its quota).

    Look at how Diddy has given himself extensive promo, two videos, and three singles for his mediocre pop-tunish Press Play. However, Danity Kane did considerably well and still weren't allowed a second vid until after their album had tipped towards the bottom of the charts. The Lox had it out with Diddy for quite some time before the beef was settled, Ness will probably never be heard from again, http://blogs.sohh.com/ya_heard/2006/05/now_for_sale_re.html

    even though his official deal with Bad Boy isn't even a year old yet. Where is that kid crew B5? What happened to Cheri Dennis? All these artists sign on only to get written off. It's not fair.

    And like Eskay said, some of these artists need to be doing their homework on the business aspect, but at the same time, what someone said was true:

    "diddy is heartless. Only if the lox, g-dep, black rob…etc knew then. He's seen in a different light cuz he's black and you'd think he'd do his best to help his own people, but he's just as bad as the rest [of the executives]. It's a shame. "

    Why does Diddy continue to shelve his artists? There's an entire list of artists that have fallen through the cracks under his watch; this is not a coincidence.

    But at the same time, the chick with barely any talent, Cassie, is forever in the limelight...not cool.
    Posted by SOHH Reckless at February 20, 2007 2:26 AM

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    Daily Hip-Hop News:SOHH Exclusive: Young Buck Talks G-Unit/Dipset Beef, "50 Can Handle It On His Own"
    Monday. 2.19.07 3:42 pm

    Friday - February 16, 2007 by Janeé Bolden
    Young Buck

    G-Unit rapper Young Buck is preparing to give fans what they've waited nearly three years for when his album Buck The World drops on March 20. In part one of this SOHH Exclusive Buck Marley talks about why he's the "Clean Up Man," his upcoming MTV reality show, and 50's beef with Cam.

    Boasting production from Dr. Dre, Eminem, Hi-Tek, Lil Jon, Jazze Pha and Three 6 Mafia, Buck the World features guest appearances from Lyfe Jennings, Trick Daddy, Snoop Dogg, Bun B, 8Ball & MJG, 50 Cent, T.I., Young Jeezy and Pimp C. Buck also steps outside of his genre with collaborations from Kymani Marley and Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington.

    "I got a record with Chester Bennington titled "Slow Your Roll." It will probably be my third single. It's probably the realest record I ever wrote in my life, every word, every rhyme, every lyric when you hear it it's true and I guarantee you will lose your breath," Buck told SOHH.

    Among the album's 19 tracks is a song titled "Clean Up Man," a nickname given to Buck by Dre, 50 and Jimmy Iovine in recognition of his ability to connect with his audience.

    "I really put it in on this record. You have to be real good to make 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine call you the 'Clean Up Man.' I know I did the damn thing, because I never really prepared myself as much as I did for the record, not behind no special reason, but behind me wanting success period. Not because of Game, [Fat] Joe or none of that shit, I've been waiting a long time to be in the position I'm in," Buck said.

    Buck's newfound position comes with some "real" TV time, via his upcoming MTV series.

    "It's based on my life behind the music. I'm showing you what's going on in my life -- a lot of rappers rap lives of other artists and lives of they homeboys. My reality show is narrated through my records. You'll see these characters come to life that I'm speaking on, whether it's my Auntie that's in the penitentiary dying of AIDS or whatever it might be. It will be 16 episodes, we don't have a set air date yet, but you can look forward to it sometime around Summer," Buck revealed.

    Asked about 50's current multimedia tug-o-war with Cam'Ron, Buck made it clear he plans to stay out of the drama.

    "I ain't fucking with that shit. That shit is crazy. It is what it is. I think 50 can handle it on his own, and at the end of the day Jim Jones done called me and let me know how he look at shit and I let him know how I look at it," Buck told SOHH.

    The Cashville rapper added that he won't be airing any rap beef on Buck the World.

    "You won't hear none of that diss shit on this album, none towards Game, or Jadakiss, or Fat Joe," Buck declared. "There is enough put out from my end and they end that the fans don't even want to hear that shit. There is already enough for the streets to decide who's real, who's fake, what's real and what's fake."

    Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of this SOHH Exclusive where Young Buck discusses his troubles with the law, the end of his record ban and how his life mirrors Tupac's.


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