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So much better
Sunday. 6.17.07 10:03 pm
Things are better. Pretty much.

I'd like to preserve a few great jokes from the trip.

"What's good for the goose, is always, good for the gander." Charlie


"So, how do you guys feel about masturbation?" Not a joke, but definitely a conversation starter/ender by Charlie.

"Did you poooooop?" Amber

"AH! Somebody took a dump in my nose!" Charlie, again.

"I HATE you ALL! No. Really, I love you guys. Just shut up." Charlie

"Riles, you have curves in ALL the right places." Me, talking about scoliosis.

"Have you met Dominique?" Me, talking about...never mind.

I can't remember anything else that transpired. Ah, well.

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Saturday. 6.16.07 1:06 pm
I just got back from the Horizon Conference. It was pretty awesome.

I figure I'm going to need a lot of God's help soon.

I feel like she blew me off. It's probably not all in my head, either.

All of a sudden, I don't want my story on the net. It seems cheesy to me.

OK. Don't worry, my friends. I'll be fine. Probably wiser, too.

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AfterWorld, Part 1
Monday. 6.11.07 10:56 am
As the sky darkened, the girl quickened her steps. She knew that being outside in the dark was stupid. If you absolutely have to be out at night, then you’d better work fast, especially if you were a gal. If a predator, human or otherwise, thinks you’re easy prey then there might be trouble. Then again, most humans stayed away from Terry. Even though she looked small, she had quite a reputation. Nobody messed with Terry Gaol.
As a thick fog descended, the only visible part of Terry was her long black hair, tied into a braid. It swung to the rhythm of her steps, somehow making her look even more dangerous. Terry was just naturally angry. Sometimes, if you got on her good side, she could be an awesome friend. Nobody on her bad side stayed within three feet of her for very long. And if they did, they’d wake up later and not even remember it.
Terry saw a shape up ahead. She rushed towards the hopeful shelter and fell flat on her face. Cursing, she got and examined the ground. Whatever she’d stepped on, it had moved under her feet. The mist was thick now; she could barely make out a rectangular edge. When she tried to pick it up, she found that it stayed an inch or two about the ground unless she pushed on it, which would explain why it shifted under her weight. Since one end seemed lighter than the other, she squatted over it, got a firm grip, and heaved the object up. Through the dense fog she could make out the blurry shape of a three-edge propeller. That meant there was probably an airport near by. Terry dropped the propeller and went on her way.

The teenaged boy was huddled behind the baggage check counter. A few minutes ago he had looked over the counter and out the huge blue windows, but it was too dark to see far. He had sat back down and started digging through his bag. He found what he was looking for; a worn out wad of different sized threads of different materials. It looked like a tangled mess, but in reality it was one of the handiest things he owned. It had a multitude of different sized and shaped pockets, some obvious and many well hidden. It was an ingenious thing, really. Alex took out two squares of paper and laid them side by side.
The picture of his parents had been neatly cut into two halves. Alex sometimes wondered why. His parents were fine with their marriage when the pictures had been giving to him. Then he would realize that there was only one copy of the small painting, and remember how his mom had Dad’s photo, and vice versa. Then his smile would fade, and a cloud of gloominess would surround him.
Alex was usually a pretty happy guy. He was pretty tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was a bit emotional, but he was mostly happy. Seldom angry, Alex went through his broken world with an immense gloominess. His parents had told him of the way it was before the world…moved on. Nobody was quite sure about what happened, or how. It was like the world was simply changed one day. The Earth used to be a beautiful place. Now, it was just a mess.
Alex played around his father’s old wallet, and put the pictures in a more secure pocket. He lay down behind the counter, pulling his long legs under his blanket, and thought for a while. Then he slept.

What do you guys think? I kind of like it. Yes, I know it's a bit lame. Maybe really lame. I hope not, though.

I'm leaving for a church camp later today. I'll be back next week. Driver's Ed. still sucks. I'm still insane. Blah blah blah.


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Kind of sucks
Tuesday. 6.5.07 10:44 am
Mom signed me up for Driver's Ed. I'm going to miss the first week of classes because the Horizon retreat, but the instructor told Mom that if I did the work, I'd be OK.

There are 18 chapters. I have to outline the text, define the vocabulary, and take a test for each chapter. Starting yesterday, until Saturday.

Word just died. I HATE writing things out, I'd much rather type. It's neater, and about four time faster. Now I can't work.

Katie's not here, either. She's in Florida. Today, she's going to Wet N' Wild. I don't want to call her in a park.

I was supposed to go to Wet N' Wild a while ago. I couldn't, though. What a disappointment.

Not a lot of people seem to have noticed the video. Thank you, Southern and randomjunk. Sarah, too. Even though she's a given.


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