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Sunday. 1.4.07 10:33 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Sunday. 1.4.07 8:17 pm

Today wasn't normal for me. I shoved on some clothes and ran out of the house without a second thought to just sit on my patio table and...ponder. It was like a semi-sunbathe. ^.^ The wind was blowing my hair around a little, and little kids ran around and screamed at the park just a hundred or two feet away. It was peaceful.

Which I guess made me want to take a walk with my mum and the dogs. Today was an overcast day with prediction of drizzles every once in a while--and drizzle it did, especially around 2-3 in the afternoon. We walked pretty far and made wishes on dandelions like friends would. I guess it's good that my mom and I kind of reached our old relationship, today, even though I know it'll be ruined again, soon enough. I guess I can still hope. She just doesn't realize that some things aren't...well, nice, I suppose.

Which can get frustrating.

Anyway, she was nice, today. All that matters right now is that, really.

And then Sarah called. I instantly went back out to see her, noticing that the drizzle which had started just a few minutes ago had already stopped.

At her house, we...

Walked a lot, given that Brian was outside with his siblings, and they're all usually interesting. Not to mention I haven't seen him since Halloween, and he's pretty smart.

But then they all had to go, so Sarah and I walked on and eventually got back to her house, where we played badminton, sat on the trampoline, and then eventually returned to my house. Which is how, basically, I ended up here, writing. I mean, yeah, we played video games, talked to Stevie and Britney--APRIL FOOL'S, BRITNEY, MAJOR APRIL FOOL'S!--and fretted, but that's about it.


Man, I need to update more than this. All my journals and blogs are suffering. I suck at managing time, lately.

Getting better, though.

This is going to be an annoyingly long entry, I bet.

Ah well.

Getting off.


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Tuesday. 27.3.07 11:02 pm
My heart was seriously racing. I asked where the card was, and if I couldn't just address it and put it in the mail myself. She pointed me in the right direction, told me where the stamps were, and let me do my thing without interruption. Of course, I wasn't just sending a birthday card to my brother.

I'd also snuck in a request for an information packet for Governor's School.

I stamped both and brought them outside, after my heart dropped about a thousand times putting my sandals on right in front of both the parents. The door handle squeaked familiarly, and I shoved it open without looking back.

And you know what?

The entire time walking to my mailbox, I sang.

That's taking my life into my own hands.

It feels good to be able to look forward to a future doing what I want and love to do.



EDIT: Also.
This isn't sneaking around. I mean, I've talked to them about it, but I can't wait for them to make a decision whether or not I could absolutely go. I know I have the ability to at least get close to getting in, since I'm really going to work HARD to, and money...well, that's not the biggest problem ever. I CAN, they just don't want to lose me.
Sooner or later, they will anyway.
This is the best way to do it, for my sake.

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Friday. 3.23.07 9:29 pm
I found the perfect present for my bestest friend, today.

She can't know (hence, can't know about my NuTang, which shouldn't be an issue), but it's a couple shirts off of Threadless. One's the 99 Luftballons one (she loves the Goldfigner version of the song), and the other's Ah Manna Eat Choo, because I remmeber, in the days of Xanga, she had that layout. And now, every time we see the logo somewhere, she goes crazy and yells it out.

Best friends are good.

I feel like I'm getting a lot better with being prepared about gifts. I already have Britney's in mind, and I'm actually working on obtaining such a thing which I would give her (read: she has a NuTang, so I can't reveal my mad genius plan here, sigh), right now.

It just bothers me that I don't have a list with all friend birthdays on it. I have to remember by heart that Britney's is May 9, Sar's is June 2, Shalesa's is October 23, and so on.

This weekend SHOULD be OK, if everything goes smoothly. Bestie already got an okay for her to hang out, tomorrow, so I'm excited so see if we'll actually do anything. Maybe we can get her brother to help me out in a video I'm making about the pole in my park being really hard to climb.

Then again.

He's very agile.


Ah well.

I'm off.

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