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That turned out well
Monday. 8.27.07 10:36 pm
Remember the teachers who I said hadn't shown any jerk-tendencies? [no]

Well. Not only did I get bawled out in class for talking, [he deserved that] but I was quickly bawled out for rubbing my legs. That's right, she keeps that room at a temperature that bothers ME, [try 60 degrees] and she gets mad at me for rubbing my legs to keep warm.

Told me, quite word-for-word, to get over it.

It's like Spanish all over again. [but i'm taking spanish with the same other teacher, so it'll be like three times]. This time, I'm writing down everything I don't say in that class. Every little comment that I think of. I respect her as a person simply because I don't know her. I respect her as a teacher because I've heard she's a good teacher. However, my respect for her as an authority figure is quickly dwindling.

The only thing keeping me from bringing the hurt right back to her is the fact that she'll refer me to the office, and then I'll have to deal with people that I actually respect. And maybe don't respect me back.

I hate the school system. I'll find a way around it, don't worry. I'll take my hits. I'll bide my time.

And then I will strike. Maybe publicly. If nothing else, I'll find it funny.
In other news, I'm feeling really bitter. And tired beyond all reason. When I was born I "almost" had a glandular problem, which only called for a tiny bit of medication. Which I stopped taking in '03, simply because the dosage was so small.

Well, as it turns out, my thyroid might still be a bit whacked. The hormones involved are within tolerances, but barely. Basically, the symptoms are lethargy. And arrested growth, but being 6'1", that doesn't bother me. I'm sure there are more serious outcomes, and I don't care. But I'm crap tired.
And I'd heartily like to wretch my figurative heart out.
And my dad's been dead and gone for years.
And I offend people without trying, just by communicating in a normal fashion.
And I'm lonely.
And I'm addicted to Placebo, of all things.
And my family is being stretched to the breaking point.
And I'd like to take a cry, but haven't in years. (HELLO, personal!)
And I'm starting to hate people who act dumb. Hate them.

Yeah. Way too bitter.

EDIT: Tuesday, the 28th.

I managed to swallow/inhale a great amount of water doing butterfly, today. So now there's the possibility that I have water sitting in my lungs. Which might be...unpleasant later. Whatever DID happen, (I'm paranoid about my insides,) I've definitely noticed a change in the sensation of breathing. And it's annoying/freaking me out.

It was almost scary, though. I think I had a kind of asthma attack...

I was doing butterfly, a horribly tiring and awkward stroke, and I came up for air and got water in my mouth. Not a big deal, just swallow the extra, spit out the rest, and come up for air again early. When I did the last step, I gasped for air to make up for time and energy. The water not only went in the wrong pipe, it ONLY went in the wrong pipe.

I could feel my lungs expanding and trying to draw air in, but nothing was happening. My throat closed up, and everything. I grabbed the lane line, hacking and coughing, worming my way over to the wall. Eventually I stopped bothering with the coughing, (it's gotten to be more of an intentional action, because I'm cool like that) but the feeling...is still there. It's weird.

You know what? I think I AM a masochist. In certain aspects. Not...like that.

Feeling pretty high strung.

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Prank Call
Friday. 8.24.07 11:17 pm
Katie was making lemon bars when I called her. In fact, they were just coming out of the oven.

I wanted one.

She taunted me with their sweet gooey-ness. She insisted that I couldn't have one.

I wanted a lemon bar. So, to make her pay for her insolence, I pulled a small and very satisfying prank.

Mom was talking to me from downstairs, (aka yelling through the door) so I was talking to her, too.

"Stevie, I'm going to be in my room to watch TV."

Katie can only hear my side of this conversation. "OK mom. Enjoy yourself. Oh, by the way..." Mom's already gone inside the room and can not hear my shouting, "...can I go to Katie's and grab a lemon bar?"

Poor girl, she really thought I was serious. "Stevie! NO!"

"Yeah, Mom. She just made them."


"YES, she invited me. NO, MOM, I didn't invite myself! Gosh."

"I am going to KILL you!"

"She just pulled them out of the oven. She says they're all gooey."

*Various sounds of disagreement*

"No, you don't have to- Wait, what time is it...it's only 9:40, Mark can drive with me. I know-"


"-the way."

"You aren't talking to your mom, are you?!"

"Not at all. But, MAN, I really had you goin' the-"


She called back. :P

EDIT: Today I went to her house at 10, banged on her door until she woke up and come out, and ate some lemon bars. They were more like lemon smears, but oh-so lemon-y.

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The Sophomore
Thursday. 8.23.07 10:38 pm
School started two days ago. So far, everything's great. None of my teachers have shown signs of being jerks, and I have lunch with a ton of my friends. The classes are all full of old and new buddies, some of which I haven't hung with since middle school. Physical Science is so far a breeze, mostly because of that book I was reading (and am still working on,) An Elegant Universe. I posted something about it here, it's about string theory. Very helpful.

Homework is already starting to pile up, but that's OK. The real killer is swim team. Practice right after school until 6, sometimes 7. Hard sets. Lots of technique and endurance building. The land drills are harder than I remember. I was in better shape second semester last year, apparently. Only a few laps totally kill me.

Not, of course, that I don't love it.

Girls at my school are so...I don't know. I can't think of anyone that I'd start a relationship with. Flirting is great. Conversation...is OK. Only a few closer female friends really converse with me. Which is cool.

Some of my friends are already ready for summer again. I can't imagine.

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Monday. 8.20.07 9:32 am
I take naps all the time. Yesterday, I saw so bored I took an hour long nap ending at 5:30 pm. No bid deal.

I then proceeded to stay up until 3:20 am.

Stupid. Beyond stupid. I pulled a K-fed last night.

Which doesn't necessarily mean I married or made babies.

I swear to (ya'll), I was laying on my makeshift bed until at least 5. I have to swim this week, PLUS school starts Wednesday.I'm wiped. I was only woken up when my mom called obnoxiously and repeatedly.


Oh, wait. I said School.

Double crap.

Man, I'm starved.

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