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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Now you should avoid pepboys
Saturday. 7.1.06 6:51 pm
So it seems that Pep Boys completely forgot the oil and filter change.

They first tried to tell me the oil sensor was fuxx0rzed.

I told them I didn't care, it was worse and making odd noises after they touched it, they were going to look at it and tell me what was wrong.

So they did.

The guy who fixes it comes out and tells me the car was "burning oil".

I don't see how a car with a fresh oil and filter change could burn through all of that oil in 4 days, especially without anyone noticing anything.

I got back in the car, and they'd left a sheet of paper doing their diagnostic checkup things on it.

Apparently the oil filter (which was supposed to be changed) was dirty/torn/missing.

Go figure.

And on the receipt, they gave me five quarts of oil and a new oil filter.

In short, I'd been driving around on a timebomb. Stupid Pep Boys trying to kill me.

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Curse you, West End!
Saturday. 7.1.06 3:00 am
I am having a want for a wrap from W.E.

I'll have to hunt around and buy stuff to make my own.

We'll see how that goes.

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Saturday. 7.1.06 1:15 am
Something's up, I forgot what.

Today's pimpmobile was a silver dave-mobile that had been crunched up a bit, but had all sortsa stickers on it.

Didn't have a nos sticker, but it had a website on it. In a garish pink. Something like jthunder.com or something. I don't remember.

Haha, even my mom agreed that Family Dollar guy was one creepy mofo.

I went to get an oil/filter change at Pepboys the other day, but the damn oil light is still flickering/coming on.

I have to go back there and throw around my black. Bah.

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MEGA Flex Plan????
Friday. 6.30.06 12:08 pm
Um......... Can't they have a "not so major" flex plan? I always, and I mean always have to bust my ass to get rid of the 395. I'd rather have less and be able to add on as I needed.

Flex Plans
Major Flex Plan: $1,094/semester
Mega Flex Plan: $1,189/semester

Flex Plans are perfect for students who eat meals during nontraditional hours, like to snack, eat more than three meals per day, or prefer our à la carte dining centers. Your Flex Plan operates as a debit card account, with which you have a designated amount of Flex Dollars to spend per semester. Flex Dollars can be accessed by using your Hokie Passport ID card when you purchase food and beverages in Student Programs dining centers. Each time you access your Flex account, it will be debited for the amount of your purchase and the remaining balance will appear on your receipt.

Both Flex Plans comprise a $699 base cost and a balance of Flex Dollars. Students with Mega Flex receive $490 in Flex Dollars and students with Major Flex receive $395 in Flex Dollars. The base cost covers utilities, maintenance, repairs, mortgage payments, and the labor needed to support the food service program.The Flex Dollars are used to pay for food and beverages purchased in the dining facilities, with a substantial discount because the base costs are covered. Flex Plan holders receive a 50 percent discount in our à la carte facilities and at least a 67 percent discount in our all-you-care-to-eat dining centers.

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I need to stop being so "hot"
Thursday. 6.29.06 9:35 pm
So coby and pa went to see superman. They said it was teh suck. To the maxtreme.

I walked around the mall, because I needed to do my daily walking.

Things I found out:

1. I need to have a professional picture taken for 29.98 (19.99 + 9.99 sitting fee).
2. I have a sexy bottom lip. (o.O)
3. I should stay beautiful. (*blink*)
4. No matter what, I don't sound like I'm from the Ghetto.

I will give the salesman credit, he wasn't obnoxious in his hitting, not at all, and was using it to sell something.

But it was still scary.

Anyway. I saw Taryn. After not having seen her in years. I'd recently stalked her on myspace, and thought to myself, "interesting white guy/black girl, man i miss.. whoa! that's taryn!".

So we stood around and chatted for a bit, her fiance remembered me from hanging out at my school, I was the one with the unique voice/sense of style. We all talked for a bit, and I was explaining to him some things about assembly. I felt smart, because I knew what I was talking about (for once).

Then I ran into banana/Kiyoshi, Shodan's little bro. His lady friend went to tech, but she's going to vcu now, because the winter was too cold. We stood around and talked for a bit, hes still the same ol' banana, with his Naruto water village headband... >.<

I went into some odd Lane Bryant-esque store, to look at what they had, and the people in there glared at me. :/

Just because I'm not shaped like Violet after she's chewed the gum doesnt mean I can't wear the same sized clothing...

They had things in my size, too.

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Thursday. 6.29.06 3:12 pm
I was in family dollar today.

And this guy walks buy.

Says hello, and gives me that... look, and goes mmph.
The "I think I'm flattering you by looking at you so rudely, but really I'm just creeping you the fuck out" look.

The look that only *one* person is allowed to give me.

I figure I'm just being paranoid, and walk back to where I was going, he walks buy, and fucking MOANS!

What the fuck kind of shit is that????!

It was sooo fucking disgusting and creepy, I felt incredibly dirty. It's not like I was skanked up, or wearing my traditional "Jess likes showing off her boobs" clothing, I was wearing a pair of workout capris and my "watch me amaze you!" shirt.

So, for just about the first time ever in my life, I scurried to mom, and stood as close to her as I could, so scary creepy dude would step the fuck off.

Funny, mom was all "who's after you???" I told her in the car, she said she'd seen.

God damned creepy ghetto black folk.

Making animal noises at me is *not* attractive when I have no clue who the fuck you are.

(Of course, none of this applies to a certain someone, who can make whatever noises he wants... :P Just don't start... yodeling or something)

No pimpmobiles today, I saw a sky blue small penis spoilered eclipse and a low-rider accord with a buncha stickers on it. Ugly, tacky stickers.

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