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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Miss Blogging Universe
Monday, August 24, 2009
How sad. Malaysian girls never make any headline in the Miss Universe pageant history. They are often forgotten. Of course. They never make the judges turn on to begin with.

I don't doubt Malaysian girls' capability but somehow these pageant winners just lack the aura of beauty. The nose,the eyes... just the beauty. We don't have those sharp features which make those guys walk into lamp post.

From my analysis, many girls who are of mixture parentage have higher chance of becoming finalist. Malaysian girls have so far won the Miss World title in the 90s and 2nd runner up in 2000s. Miss Malaysia was an Indian and the 2nd runner up was a mixed. Miss World Malaysia 2nd runner up has even walked past me before.

But still, why Malaysian girls cant win these titles if we got the brains?

Oh well, no big deals when Malaysians are already making headlines in newspapers for our achievement. Winning an international pageant is just adding another feather to our cap. But sometimes winning beauty pageant is safer than being solely intelligent. What if someday some spy comes hunting for our brain? We all know what happens when war comes ... It's unavoidable.

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I'm too sexy for my blog
Sunday. 8.23.09 9:39 am
An article in today's newspaper caught my attention. The title said "If you don't have sex appeal, fake it." Oooh ... Horatio Caine from CSI Miami is very cool and has sex appeal. Angelina Jolie does it effortlessly. The article also explained to the readers that some baldies hooked up with some beautiful girls because of sex appeals like the way you are smile and such. No wonder Leah Dizon got the Kat-tun guys attention in one of their reality program. If I still could remember... Jin Akanishi was just mesmerised with her... So if you don't have it, fake it and practice it to perfection until people refer you as Angelina Jolie's student.

Argh. Interesting article indeed but didn't state HOW and TIPS! Stupid!

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Honesty kills
Saturday, August 22, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Newly found camping ground
Friday, August 21, 2009
I noticed lots of photographers outside of the elite bungalow houses along the road to my house. I thought they were watching some rare birds since all of them were facing at the same angle. So I was snooping around that area from that small screen of the taxi car. And the driver infromed me that someone Very Important Person (aka VIP) stays there... Ooh I could see that since I saw two women cladding in house coats telling those birdwatchers something something since I could see the hands moving. And ooh ... I can't believe my famous neighbourhood really has famous neighbours!

Anyway, it doens't matter with me since I don't get money from saying 'I know where she lives.'

But I'm sure some busy body would love to tell the whole world where does this VIP lives and which relatives of hers live near this VIP. And not forgetting to add 'ooh I have passed that area too...' Anyway, to my dearest auntie, shut up. People don't need to know about this trivia information when we are dying to survive the meagre salary and the ever increasing standard of living. I cannot understand why would someone tries to be knowledgeable in the busybody section, why not health and finance??

Anyway, the VIP is Andy Lau's partner. Well, Andy Lau is a very well known entertainer in Hong Kong and also Asian countries. His love life has been kept secret for the past 27 years except we all know he has a partner for the past 27 years...

I'm sorry to hear the partner's father died recently. I really feel sorry for her when there are photographers outside of her house, not mourning for her father's death but dying to wait for the news about her love life with Andy Lau because according to the paper, the couple will be announcing their status.

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Hi, I'm from Mars
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
I never like to spread negativism but I could not help it in this entry because I'm quite mad for not having the ability to understand human beings. The risk of posting this entry is losing readers. But hear me out first.

1) I remember Jolenesiah and I always rant to each other that bloggers never leave their footprints on our blogs after we have left ours. And they never have any comment trackers so they really think their visitors like me have sixth sense knowing when they reply our comments on their blogs. I asked one of my friends who fits this category and she was telling me loudly that visitors are supposed to go back to the blog to see owner's comment. You think I'm Professor X ah? I actually did go back to some of these blogs but never see a reply to my comment.

Anyway, I decided to leave comments regardless the blogger wants to reply me or not. I feel so much happier in that way.

2) Recently I noticed there are some bloggers asking me who I am. What I am? A beauty of course. Don't you think so?

I visit a lot of blogs a day and I frequently leave my comments. And these bloggers will visit my blog and leave their comments: Who are you? or May I know who are you? or How did you find my blog? apart from thanking me.

One thing assuring about me is I'm not a stalker, unless your brother or friend is some cool Japanese hunk like Jun Matsumoto or Yamapi. To be frank, I failed to be a stalker so I gave up on this profession.

I don't remember attending so many conferences and ask people beside me "Who are you?" though I asked "How did you get to know of this conference?" The same thing goes to blogs. I don't recall myself asking my readers "Who are you?" They are human la! They are my readers la! They are my visitors la! Blogs are public domain; everyone and anyone could read blogs. So those comments I said earlier are obsolete. Besides, no explanation about myself is not needed. Because it makes visitors like me feeling uncomfortable doubting whether I'm an intruder or visitor though the bloggers may not mean this way. No explanation about how I located the blog is needed because I can simply google a nickname ... don't we bloggers leave comments everywhere and anywhere in the name of increasing traffics?

The only time I will use Who are you is to those visitors who found my blog via googling my full name. Unfortunately, I yet to ask because they never left their footprint!

3) Point 3 is not about blog but I cannot help myself pitying this.

As for all my frequent readers, you all know I recently went for a makeover just for the fun of it and also to get makeup vouchers. I thanked you all for those nice flattering comments. The only comment that alerted my scratching mode, and also Jolenesiah to an extent is "Aiyo, what happened?" on my facebook by worm worm. I didn't answer because no girls, ugly or pretty, would want to hear or read that kind of statements.

Worm worm also asked me the same thing "what happened to you? why all of the sudden?" on MSN messenger.

To all boys out there, if you want to get a punch on your face by any girls, please ask that question to your gf or any girl friends who dress nicely. Even your wife would whack you if you ask her why suddenly dress so nicely.

No explanation is needed because this is not about 'hard to understand girls'. This is about social etiquette and intelligence. Do you, as a guy, go to another guy and tell him he is ugly?

This world is now not about IQ but EQ. So think before you talk to a stranger and friends.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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