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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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May 2018

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Finally my sister's friends leave! They drove me crazy! One of them tried to choke me with his leg and the other kept complianing that I spend too much time on the computer! I hope they didn't break my PS2! I worked so hard to get that! I'm soo happy that they left! They kept picking on me! I'm soo hungry! I hope that they didn't stink up or stole anything from my room! I get really pissed if anyone stole anything from my room. Man and I thought my ex was the one who drove me crazy! My aunt came to drop off something for my dad and luckily she didn't find out! No jobs wanna hire me!

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um yea!
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
School ended last week and it's boring but I manage to find a way to entertain myself. Ahhh...No more Susan until August 29! It's been two weeks since I applied at No Fear and they still haven't called me! None of the 4 jobs I applied have even called me! I don't know what's one of my reference's address! Those stupid stores are being soo retarded!! ARGGG! I miss driving my Chemistry teacher insane!

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just got bored
Saturday, June 11, 2005

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I'm melting!!!!
Tuesday, June 7, 2005
It's like 90° today! Ahhhhhhh! Yesterday was graduation and it was hot and humid especially when we couldn't find the bus and I was wearing long sleeves dress shirt, and another shirt under that! My ex is creepy! He was talking to me yesterday when his brother and I were making fun of stuff we saw. Then he stole my phone! Graduation was quick yesterday but Zeke pissed me off by disturbing me!

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Friday, June 3, 2005
Jessi finally shut Susan up! Hail to Jessi! It was really funny. I remember seeing Jessi jumping on Joe and that was soo cool! It was soo funny! Take that Susan! I went to Banquet yesterday and Nathan won the People's Choice Award! I said earlier that if Nathan wins, I'll laugh and right after I said that, Ms. B announced that Nathan won! Ok I just turned around and saw a bird looking inside of a window. I don't know what the bird wants b/c it was looking inside like it was looking for something. I see David playing a funny game. I'm still jelous that Zeke's name is in the Gazette! ARGGG!

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I hate today!
Wednesday, June 1, 2005
nothing bad happened today and that's not why I hate today! Exactly a year ago, my now ex broke up with me. I won't forget what he said to me that triggered me to turn into a complete psycho person. I'm listening to Blink-182 right now on my CD player. It's really loud! Well it's actually on my mix CD. I'm starting to enjoy this week. I haven't seen Susan all week. And I'm soo happy to not see her! Next week is final exams and I have to come everyday that I have exam which is practically everyday until June 14 when tests are over and sophomore year is over! Wow! Sophomore year is soo quick! I'm gonna be a junior once summer ends! AHHHH! We're growing up too quickly! Before we know it, we'll be seniors soon!Last thing I remember was being a freshman! I'm still a sophomore until June 14th. This year was fast! I have a test in Chemistry today and I forgot to study! DARN IT! It feels like I was a freshman yesterday and today I'm almost finish with sophomore year. I'm still stuck with that brat Susan for two more years! AHHHHHH!

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