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House plans, and walking!
Saturday. 8.30.08 11:35 pm
Sorry I have not been online to update. I have been so caught up with the settlement of the house that I have not been able to think of anything else. I could not even think about other interesting topics to type about because my life has just been drawn like a carriage by this house/land to be finalised. I only found out this week that my mortgage broker, or the lady who is in charge of confirming my finances went on leave!! And didn't say anything.

I was so stressed, cuz it is coming to settlement day and there is no confirmation that I have the monies to build my dream home. If you read my entry before, you would know how much I want this house to go through! And if the plan was to fail I think I would be very heartbroken and VERY upset. It would take me a lot of energy to go back and look at other houses...

So this week I have been calling, running up and down town just to get all the papers in and getting that finance approved as soon as possible. Then I can worry about what colour tiles I want in the kitchen and bathroom. lol.

Amongst all the chaos. Work has been crazy too, with a few weird cases coming in on Friday morning. Once I stepped in the office it was so busy. But I felt the rest of the day slowed down and it really became a "friday". Also Sofia has taken at least 20 steps. A bit wobbly still, but it is so good how she is balancing on her own and being more confident and 'adventurous' in walking by herself. Babies are so amazing, they are learning so many things in one day...pushing themselves to become a more stronger person. I really admire how much Sofia tries so hard, to strives for her best. It is something so BIG for a lil person. You can tell I am a proud mama. :) So sometimes she can be be frustrated and annoyed, and I allow her to be a bit sooky cuz she deserves to vent hehe.

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Thursday. 8.21.08 10:59 pm
Has anyone moved out from their parents house and then had to move back in again? Does anyone understand how hard it can be to readjust? Cuz I am feeling like that for a year now...

Ever since moving out of 268, F and I have been living in one 'room' in my parents house with Sofia. It can get pretty crowded and also with so many people at home it can get noisy and everyone is in each other's face. The first reason when I moved out to 268 was to get my space and independence, also to get some peace and quiet and privacy. Now those 3 are no longer. I know we have Sofia, but my parents are just as naggy and annoying. It is also true how they say that we will always be 'babies' in their eyes.

I am getting to boiling point and everyday is becoming more tiresome, cuz I have to put up with naggy people, selfish family members...and the whole 'family togetherness' has worn off cuz everyone is doing their thing. Honestly everyone is living their own lives under one roof and that can get hard. There is no open communication, no mutual respect...

F and I just cant wait for our dream home to be built so we can get out and live our lives in peace! Family you gotta love them and hate them at the same time. I think I would love them more when I am a part from them. I know my mother would die if she read that, she wants me to be under her roof forever!! No wonder my brothers cant get off their arses!

At times I find myself looking forward to work, and trying to avoid them when I am at home. Almost every single thing they nag me about, borrow from me etc drives me insane. Home should not feel like that...it should be a domain, some where to relax and not be disturbed!!!

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Short hair for girls
Wednesday. 8.15.08 10:05 pm
Ever since I cut my hair I find other women in the office following suit. I think girls care too much about their hair and how it represents them. Some would say the hair on a girl is what makes her feminine, true...but then I think in a lot of ways women can be feminine and not be bound by the stereotype that 'long, luscious hair defines a woman'.

Actually since having my hair cut I have found a new independence, a life that has sprung within me. I have started to actually become more feminine and enjoy dressing up and appreciating being a woman. Shorter hair has given me a boost, and I feel more fashionable, more daring, more flexible with change. When my long hair used to make me look older and more submissive and tired looking.

Ever since having my hair cut in June. Many girls in the workplace have commented on how it has brighten me up, and they too have opted for the chop. For example. Mairin, Shirley, Caroline etc.. And they look damn sexy and empowered. I think I can honestly live my life without long hair.

F would be upset at that thought. Men just love long hair on women. But sometimes they don't realise women keep their hair long to 'please' men. Are they really happy with long locks that they have to tie up all the time, they have to wait to dry, they have to be brushed and have treatment every couple of days! That when they wake up it is a mess, it can be so heavy and annoying pulling at your scalp!

I saw this very androgynous looking girl on the train today. She was HOT!! Guys would think so too. Short leather jacket, wearing tight black skinny jeans, a bit of bare skin between where her black top ends and where her jeans begin. She had a cute crop hairstyle, and long fringe that covered one eye. Light brown hair, slim, with fair skin, naturally pink lips and cheeks.. she looked so feminine and gorgeous. Must be at least 18 years old. I think girls should be more adventurous with their hair, it GROWS!! See whether few snips of the hair can enhance your features :) (I guess I have also been annoyed at America's next top model - why do u models cry over a haircut???!!! STupid girls...)

* But don't go cutting your hair now and blaming me if you don't like it. At least u took a punt :)

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A good cup of coffee
Sunday. 8.3.08 11:45 pm
It is quite late on a Sunday night to be up and typing an entry. Just can't sleep...I came across a funny article about Starbucks closing their stores in Australia, it seems that the popularity that it has overseas is not met in Australia. I was never really a big Starbucks fan, the drinks were always too sweet, too expensive and coffees only average. I think that may be why it wasn't succesful here.

Read the article here

The locals here really enjoy their cup of coffee in a quite, cosey cafe that is run by a small business person. We really like to support our local businesses and hate to see BIG corporations run amuck in our markets. I simply looooovvvveeee my cup of coffee made by a real espresso bar machine, with a coffee expert behind the bar. Not some teenager that was paid a crappy wage for a part time job and trained up in a week to pour a cup. Sorry to sound insulting...but it takes experience and an appreciation of a good warm beverage to make it so delectable.

It may have been, when I was working as a coffee maker myself that I realised it takes years to learn how to make a good cup. I wasn't that good I'll admit that, but I have been begging Fernando to get our own espresso machine for the new house. That's my "need" for the house, he can have the LCD tv. lol!

I have been drinking coffee again...I missed it so much. Cuz when I was pregnant with Sofia I couldnt have caffeine. The cup I had in a chic Fremantle cafe was so good, can't remember the name of the shop...but it was just by accident that I had a cappucino there. First sip was like I died and went to heaven. The Boccelli in the City did not compare, even though it was recommended by Dale (a workmate) to be his favourite. The cafe at David Jones isn't too bad either, but it could have been stronger.

I guess, missing Yohana and Tiff I have also stopped going out to cafes and enjoying a cuppa. I have to start going again, maybe this time doing the research by myself for the best cup of coffee. Hehehe. Damn I sound like an addict already!! But I am also starting up my love of teas again...mmmm...yum!

Have a great week all! I should get to bed now...I guess all this talk about coffee is keeping me up!

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Party planner
Sunday. 7.27.08 10:23 am
It's coming close to August already! I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. Usually at this point of the year I am bored of it all and want to go on some adventure away from my daily working life. But 2008 has been treating me well and I am starting to get back into enjoying what I do because of the new scope of the new boss Steve. I have to say that I have been very fortunate this year and have not received much bad luck and plans seem to be taking place.

Also the other day during the OzLotto I actually won a small sum of money. I have never really been into the lotto and think it is a waste of money, and placing hope on the BIG win to get me out of work and away to some exotic place. Haha...but I guess you really have to be in it to win it. And we got some small bucks to have a nice dinner and probably pay for the tint on the new car.

So far...I have been going crazy over organising Sofia's 1st birthday. It will be a Dora the Explorer theme. I know some people think Dora is lame, but the reason why I love Dora for Sofia is because they look so alike. :) Fernando is actually going to make a pinyata to bash the shit out of. And I will attempt to make my first birthday cake! It'll be so much fun, mainly for the adults hehe...to entertain themselves in some lollies, classic children party games e.g. pass the parcel, pin the tail etc. I also made collage of photos, displaying Sofia's first year in the world.

Also lately I have been planning 2 trips away. The Melbourne "Christmas/Cousin's Wedding" one and the Jakarta one in February 09. I am so excited and can't wait to travel again. Especially going to Jakarta where I will catch up with Yohana and Tiff for the first time in a year...and attend Yohana's brother's wedding. Always wanted to see Indonesia..and maybe 2009 I will finally get the chance. I was never "allowed" to travel there because of all the negative connotations with terrorist bombings that made my mum fear for my safety. Ahh...it will be ok cuz Fernando will be there too. We will try and blend in with the locals.

Time to save up money again...and spend it! LOL! It's just a vicious cycle...

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Spending frenzy
Wednesday. 7.9.08 9:17 am

I have had such a busy month. F and I have been on a spending spree, making very BIG purchases! Everytime I make big purchases I get a quesy feeling in my gut because I know I have taken out a loan to buy them. But for us, a car is a MUST at the moment. After much research, we decided on the Mazda 2 Maxx in Metropolitan Grey. :) We are very happy with our decision, it is such a zoomy lil car. Very nice to drive! We didn't want to go the big 'family' car yet because our family is only lil, plus we get to save on fuel.

I was quite shocked the other day to have only spent $50 on a full tank, at $1.51 per litre. One full tank would last us about 2 weeks because we do not drive very often. Making these big purchases is like taking the next step in our relationship! It is a really nice feeling to share these commitments with someone else.

Although F can get quite anal about keeping the car nice and clean...he doesn't trust anyone 100% to drive it. Even me! But then that is with all his belongings. Haha. I guess we both have to get used to the fact that we will have each other in our lives and he'll just have to accept I will use 'our' stuff with care :p

So finally we get a 4 door car, it is really nice to have 3 of us driving around. Sofia in the back, Ipod plugged in, and relaxing as F takes us for a spin. It is a highly recommended car! I love it. Especially for those looking for lil car with grunt. Must say 8.5/10. Only thing that annoys me is the heater, a/c system it is way too strong and can make the windows fogged up. But it could be because it is a new car, and the a/c needs a bit of time to adjust.

Another thing we did last week was signed our offer and acceptance for a new house! So...yes, it has been mega busy! And have to say...quite stressful! Another big loan to arrange...but lucky we are using the govt scheme where we share 40/60 in purchasing the new home. We are building, so can't wait to move in May 2009!! Exciting times ahead. F and I were like kids in a candy store when we saw the land and the display home...it was like a warm fuzzy feeling. :)

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