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Bathroom Etiquette
Monday. 3.9.09 6:05 am
There is something that Iíve tried to understand but the understanding NEVER came to me.

The following are the things that you should not do if two rooms in your house SHARE THE SAME BATHROOM:

Donít argue in it
Donít talk in it
Donít giggle/laugh
Donít decide play hide and seek
Donít decide to imitate animal sounds
Donít make so much noise in there that the person in the other room knows that there are more than one person in it
And please... please... please..... THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO DONíT NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU

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Useless & Helpless
Tuesday. 3.3.09 8:14 am
Iím feeling a tad bit useless and helpless right now.

Sheís been for me almost every single time I need her and yet now that she needs me I canít be of much help. What kind of a best friend am I?

Every time I get horribly upset, sheís there and she knows just the right thing to say while I have no idea whatís right to tell her whenever sheís upset. Seriously.. I felt like I was making things worst for her. I wish it was one of those days back then where she can just whine all she want and Iíd just listen and not say a thing because sheís there right beside me instead of texting me about how horrible things are. I used to just whine along with her cause there were things that Iím unhappy about but now it seems like as I try to be optimistic, things are becoming more bearable and better that I hardly have much to whine about.

Oh god! Why do I feel so useless? Itís harder for me to call her now too since I donít want to make her cry, I donít want to hear her cry cause it breaks my heart to not be able to do anything to help her since I donít have a camera to lend to her since hers died nor do I live near her to let her tap into my WiFi since that died on her too.

I don't want to just pray for things to get better for her, I feel so useless and helpless that way.

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Live with them
Saturday. 2.21.09 10:14 pm
before you marry someone!!!!

Very improtant thing people. Who knows that person whom you thought is your other half have some irksome habit which only surfaces at home?? Save yourself the trouble of divorce and just live with them for a while (best would be 6 months or more) before getting married.

Same case applies to friends and relatives. You won't really know them until you live with them.

Till my next update, take care!

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Monday. 2.9.09 4:35 am
.... you just shouldn't do.

Like upsetting the one person who keeps your house clean and keeps your important documents.

Wonder who's the one on the losing end when your stuff has been turned into a pile of ash or torn pieces of paper and of course your house has an inch thick dust collecting everywhere.

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Thursday. 2.5.09 6:03 am
I'm so sick of so many things right now. I know I'm supposed to be looking at the bright side but not being able to express my feelings thoroughly is getting in the way.

I don't know why but all the things that I can't change is always, always making me so irritated that I feel very, very unmotivated. The best part is that ignorance which is supposed to be a bliss isn't! Just cause I chose to not ask questions, not take certain steps, I feel like I'm taken for granted of. Furthermore, how many things can I ignore??

I guess that's one reason I chose to study one subject that most people doesn't like, accounting. I rather face facts and figures, spend a lot of time facing inanimate objects and have a lot of "invisible friends" than face humans and expectations. Seriously, I wonder is it me who attracts all these kind of people or is it me that doesn't know how to change my view so that everything seems normal. Then again, what normal is depends on your point of view.

It's so hard! Some people are so selfish and conceited!! When they want to ignore you, you're totally not alive and when they need someone to whine at, it's like you have some kind of neon sign over your head saying "person who you can ignore after whining".

Maybe I shouldn't give a fuck about human interrelationships anyway. It's a dog eat dog world! It's so nice to be a kid. So innocent, so oblivious, so happy.

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Bad habit in development.
Monday. 2.2.09 10:35 am
I have developed a habit.

I think it is a bad habit.

I just realised it that I would do that when I feel something in the range of frustration and uselessness.

Everyone has their own way, some get more piercings, get more tattoos; go to the extent of scaring themselves or even slitting wrists.

Mine is at least not under the attempting suicide category, not even self inflicted pain.

An upset stomachís the worst it can get.

Yea... least at the same time I can build resistance against hot and spicy food which my family loves but Iím not quite a fan of.

I shall stay away from cili padi for the rest of the week.

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