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Nikki Santoro
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Age. 47
Gender. Female
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Location Seattle, WA
School. Other
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Staten Island Ferry crash
Thursday. 10.16.03 10:59 pm
Dude, I can't believe the Staten Island Ferry crashed today. MSNBC is reporting that at least 10 people were killed and several lost limbs when the ferry hit the pier. One of the ferry captains aparently tried to kill himself later that day as police were investigating him. Mike and I were just there. We were probably standing where the people were killed as they waited for the ferry to dock. For some reason that really wierds me out. I guess I should feel lucky that nothing happen when we were there but I just feel sad for all those people.

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I can't believe the Seahawks are 4 and 1
Monday. 10.13.03 11:43 am
The Seahawks suck, they have always sucked. So, what's up this season? They have won 4 out of their first 5 games. Last night we went to see Seahawks vs 49ers at the Seahawks stadium and it was a great game. The Seahawks won 20-19. The 49ers missed an extra point due to a bad snap which lost them the game. The score was close the whole game. I was pretty disappointed at the end though. The Seahawks were up by a point and there was less than 2:00 minutes left in the game. They had moved the ball down the field into the red zone but instead of trying to score again, they took knees. While I understand this school of thought, it does not make for a very exciting ending to a great game. Here are my pics from the game.

My view for the first quarter of the game was some 49er fan who decided he needed to stand to show his support for his team. Some of the Seahawks fans behind us decided to let him know their displeasure with his 49er jacker by throwing shit at him. Unfortunately for me, they have terrible aim and I ended up getting pelted with peanuts, cups, and various other foreign objects. Luckily, when the 49ers starting losing he decided to sit down.

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what should I be for halloween?
Saturday. 10.11.03 10:30 am
I face this question every year and every year I answer it the same way. Uh, nothing. This year is going to be different. I am going to a halloween party and I am going in costume. Someone please give me some inspiration. I don't need to best costume ideas, just pretty good ones. As you can see I am aiming high.

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so much work, so little time
Wednesday. 10.8.03 4:41 pm
Work has been a little slow for the past few weeks so I volunteered to do a few side projects. Now everything is coming due at the same time and I have to work all night to get everything done. This is what happens when you open your big mouth and say you don't have enought to do. I complain but I am busy doing stuff I enjoy so it isn't too bad.

Working out is going well. I have lost a couple more pounds this week so that is good. I think drinking nothing but water has really helped on that front. It was a pain but I am planning to reward myself with a spa day next week. I think a massage, manicure, and pedicure will do the trick. Calgon take me away!

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My husband is sexist :(
Sunday. 10.5.03 3:13 pm
I can't believe I am saying this but it has come to my attention that my husband is a sexist.

Exhibit A: When we were in New York for his brother's wedding, he was chatting with the bride's maids. The maid of honor was very pregnant. One of the bride's maids told Mike's bride's maid that it was a good thing she was there in case the maid of honor goes into labor. Mike then asks if she is a nurse. In fact, they tell him she isan OBGYN (that's a doctor Mike not a nurse.) To cover up, Mike says to looks to young to have made it through medical school. (Nice cover.)

Exhibit B: Mike tells me the other night that when he met one of the women who worked for me (at my birthday a year ago) that he assume that she was the girlfriend of one of our friends because she couldn't work in software like us. What an idiot. He also admitted he oggled her a bit until he found out she worked for me. What an idiot! Ladies I apologize in advance if you meet my husband in the street and he says something stupid, I've done my best.

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Seattle Series of Poker
Sunday. 10.5.03 1:13 am
Mike and I hosted a Texas Holdem tournament at our place tonight. The buy in was $20 and we had 10 people show up. The breakdown of winnings was $20 to 3rd place, $60 to 2nd place, and $120 to 1st place. The stress level of tournament play was much higher than our regular poker night with dealer's choice. Here was how the night played out:

10th place: Mo

9th place: Mike

8th place: Allison

7th place: Lindsey

6th place: StanleyG

5th place: Peter

4th place: Bill

3rd place: TJ ($20)

2nd place: Nikki ($60)

1st place: Josh ($120)

I was so sleepy by the end that I was playing like shit. Oh well, good job Josh!

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