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Age. 36
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. White Girl (Italian Ancestries)
Location Lexington, KY
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Hello, My name is Fabulous.
I am:
A Gemini
A Libertarian
4.0 Student

My life is made enjoyable by:
Art in all forms
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Tuesday. 8.26.08 10:11 am
I'm sure being that there are alot of teenage and college aged students on this site, that this is going to get me alot of negative response but I have to say it anyways.


Everything about Obama as a person offends me. Ok, maybe not everything but enough to make me want to cut on the tv and hear about paris hiltons vagina or lindsay lohans drunken lesbian adventure. And I'm one of the people who always said that the world needed less of that crap and more of the important stuff.

The problem is nobody is saying anything important, and all the things that are semi-important being said have been said 15000 time before. Aside from that I am so sick of hearing about the race issue. First off he IS NOT black. He is bi-racial, inter-racial, mixed or however you want to say that he is EQUAL amounts white and black. He is technically not even half black, he is half AFRICAN which if you think thats the same thing, go ask an african person. I have alot of african friends (there's some program for refugee's here in lexington) and they will tell you they do not consider black people african. That's because black people are AMERICANS just like white people. Obama's dad was kenyan and he was raised by the white half of his family so please tell me why people think he's the picture perfect example of a black person. And should he be elected he will NOT be the first black president, he will be the first bi-racial president, or even the first not 100% white person. Now don't get me wrong, that's pretty fricking cool and all but I am still sick of hearing it.

Why is it ok that everyone is constantly talking about race? I would be offended if I was trying to do something as impressive as running for president, trying to turn america into a "green" country and end a war and all people were talking about was the color of my skin.

Then it happened. I read the funniest thing I have read in a long long time. Taken from an AP article; "There are people who are not going to vote for him because he's black," James Hoffa, president of the Teamsters union, said. "And we've got to hope that we can educate people to put aside their racism and to put their own interests No. 1."
How about all of the people who are going to vote for him simply because he is black? Oh wait, we can't talk about that because then we'd be labeled as racist too. God forbid McCain came out and said, "There are people who are going to vote for him simply because he's black And we've got to hope that we can educate people to put aside their racism and to put their own interests No. 1."
He would be hung out to dry and the competion would be over. I'm not saying I think McCain is the greatest candidate ever, all I am saying is there is a major double standard going on here and nobody is willing to address it.

I know alot of people who are voting for Obama simply because he is black. I have seen numerous people on interviews, news shows and even talk shows where they go on the street and talk to random people and people are blatantly saying that they are voting for him simply because he is black. It makes me want to go say I am voting for McCain and I am doing it simply because he's white just to see peoples reactions. I can assure you they wouldn't be as accepting as they are for obama's supporters.

I wish November would come and go already just so I wouldn't have to listen to all this stupidity anymore. Unfortunatly I think November will take it's time getting here and I think it's going to get progressively more negative and nasty until then.

And if you are an Obama supporter, that's fine and you're welcome to comment but if you're going to call me a racist, try to sway my opinion or really do anything much more than put an honest opinion that isn't fueled with hate, negativity and anger that I dare have a mind of my own to disagree with you then just save your time because I've heard it all before and you won't anger me, hurt my feelings or change my mind.

Peace out!

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I'm soo sleepy
Tuesday. 8.19.08 3:15 pm
Boo being sleepy. I'm pretty much only writing a blog to keep myself awake at work, I've already fallen asleep on my desk twice. I don't have a clue why I'm so tired either, I didn't go to bed too late and I only woke up once during the night. Oh well.

I got a new phone a couple weeks ago, it's a Blue Ice LG Chocolate and I <3 it big time. And finally all my phonezoo.com ringtones sound good on it lol. Thats also sort of a bad thing too though bc they're free so I have like a gazillion ringtones on my phone now.

On another note, I really want to see "The House Bunny". It looks really funny plus it's a happy madison film and is being produced by alan covert, who is the star and writer/producer of one my favorite movies; Grandma's boy. I saw the episode of girls next door where they came to the mansion to shoot the movie and it only made me want to see it more.

I'm so damn sleepy. I'm going to go play a game or something.

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Im too sexy for Milan, New york & Japan
Monday. 8.18.08 10:55 am
So I finally got an Ipod, and I have spent the past 3 or 4 days trying to get my rah-donkulous music collection on it. Well my CDs at least, I don't have one of those nifty Phono to CD things nor do I know how to cassettes on Ipod lol. I still have quite a pile of cd's in front of me too. I really thik I may spend my entire day off swtiching music over and I still don't know if I'll finish it. I must admit though, it is a little fun stumbling across all the random songs I haven't heard in forever. I've already came across many classics such as I believe I can fly, I'm too sexy, pretty much every song from the 80's that made it on to any chart whatsoever and so much more.

Aside from that I feel ok. I've been a little depressed lately bc I just hate everything about me on the outside. I love who I am as a person on the inside but I hate everything about my physical appearance. It gets so tiring (ha ha I just started importing my Aqua CD lol) knowing that I'm an intelligent person with a good heart and a million other things but everytime I see myself it not mattering. My husband tells me I have distorted views of myself but I think he's just blinded by love lol. I hope maybe I'm about to start my lady time and I'm just being all icky because I'm pms-ing and just don't know it.

I hate feeling all emo.

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I wish my tea was hot instead of lukewarm
Wednesday. 8.6.08 3:11 pm
Peppermint tea isn't nearly as tastey when it gets cool as it is when it's piping hot. The last cigarette I'll ever smoke was smoked on July 27th. I hate when I get little chapped spot in the corner of my mouth irregardless of how many times I nuerotically apply chapstick to them in one day. I'm feeling irritable today. I want to go home and take a nap. Nothing has been incredibly wrong it's just been a mildly crappy day all day and it's starting to pile up into semi-super crappy. I'd really like some fruit right now, or maybe even one of those adorable fruit bouquets from edible arrangements. There's an edible arrangements like 100 yds from me right now. I think the Melon Delight® with Dipped Bananas looks particularly tastey, too bad I don't have $67 to buy a small one lol. Isn't the description yummy though; "A delicious arrangement with watermelon, pineapple daisies, grapes ,cantaloupe, honeydew and banana slices hand dipped in a combination of white and dark chocolate"?

Or how about the Hello Kitty friendship bouquet? "An arrangement for girls of all ages! A delicious assortment of fresh fruit including special pineapple Hello Kitty® shapes, pineapple daisies, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew bursting from a keepsake tin tote!" That sure seems like it would cheer me up lol.

And then there's the always yummy Berry Chocolate Bouquet. Everybody loves it.

At this point I think I'd even be happy with the Dipped Daisies® with Coconut and Dipped Bananas. So yummy! And for them $32 is a steal!

Man, just looking at all those yummy and adorable fruits has made me happier! Too bad I have to get off of my dreamy time cloud and go back to my work time desk (Strange how I can go from one to the other without ever moving lol) and finish all my stupid stressfull site maintenance. Damn .pdf files. Damn newsletter. Damn it all. Thank god I love my job or I would have totally quit by now lol ;-)

And here's two last pictures for anyone else having a crappy day.

I think this one is adorable:

And this, well this speaks for itself:

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A new blog for a new girl!
Wednesday. 7.30.08 4:16 pm
listening to: Spa CD at work
mood: Tired but content
So, as many of you know I have been blogging here since 4.26.2007. Not nearly as long as alot of you guys, but very long in the world of my attention span lol. I have gone through so many changes over the last year from buying my first house, to getting married, to really changing my outlook on life and people. I decided there was no need for all of the old blogs on here, largely in part to the emotions and drama that were contained there in. With that said, I backed up my old nutang into a word document and then deleted every post. It's time for a new blog, one that I actually put effort into maintaining and one that I would't be too ashamed of if my family or friends stumbled across it. With all of this said, what better way to start out a new blog then with one of those "everything you never really cared to know about me" surveys just to give all the newbies and people who have forgotten me a little taste of who I am and how I roll LOL.

In general your...

name is - Malinda E. Phillips
nickname is - Lyndee
age is - 23
grade is - A for Awesome
job is - I work at a thermal massage center in the alternative health industry
height is - 5'5 1/2
shirt size is - Medium
shoe size is - It depends on the shoe, anywhere from 6 - 8
natural hair color is - Blonde-ish
dyed hair color is - Brown
eye color is - Blueish green with yellow in the middle
best physical feature is - Eyes

your family...

mom and dad's names - Patti & Harry
are you living with both of them - Nope I live with my husband
got siblings - Yep
if so, how many - 3 Brothers, 3 Step-Brothers
names please - Chris, Josh, Nick, Greg, Stephen, Michael
are they all older, younger, or both - All older except chris & greg
which one do you get along with the best - Stephen
which do you fight with the most - Nick but we really don't fight anymore
do you share a room with any of them - Nope
got pets - Yep
how many - 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bunny and an aquarium
what are their names - Sammy, Dottie, Maddie / Betsy aka Bitchface / Buddha and fishies
do they sleep in bed with you - Only sammy is allowed to but sometimes bitchface sneaks in lol

Your friends...

1. Marc (my husband)

2. Katie

3. Laura

4. Allison

5. Michelle

6. Patrick

7. Edwin

8. Adam

where would you be without number 1 - A very lonely place
has number 8 come over to your house - a bazillion times
have you hugged number 5 - probably
what do you really think aobut number 3 - She's so much fun
how did you meet number 2 - through her ex boyfriends brother lol
does number 7 go to school with you - Nope
what would you do if number 4 proposed to you - Probably crack up
do you miss number 6 right now - Not in particular lol

nicest - Adam
meanest - Edwin, but generally only if you have it coming
funniest - Allison
most serious - Adam
prettiest - Marc
loudest - Allison
most humble - Laura
tallest - Michelle
shortest - Either Katie or Allison
sportiest - Patrick
one that makes you laugh the most - Marc
one that makes you cry the most - None of them
one that you get along with best - Marc
one that you fight wit the most - Marc
one that is most likely to go to jail - Patrick
one that will most likely win the international prize for peace - Adam
most talkative - Allison
most quiet - Katie
one that lives closest to you - Patrick
one that lives farthest away from you - Michelle

Which do you prefer...

coke or pepsi - Diet Coke
dr pepper or mr pibb - Diet Dr. Peppe
sprite or 7-up - Both
pancakes or waffles - Pancakes
a pretty store bought cake or a homemade plain cake - My homeade cakes taste way better and are still pretty =)
pretzels or chips - Pretzels unless is cheesy doritos
bacon bits or croutons - Bacon Bits
chocolate or vanilla - Vanilla
cake or icecream - Ice cream Cake lol
peaches or pears - Pears
shopping at the mall or shopping online - Neither if I can help it
kmart or wal-mart - Target!!
train or plane - neither
school or chores - I'm an adult...
doctor or dentist - Dr
tv or computer - Comp
dirt bikes or 4-wheelers - 4 wheelers
roses or daisies - Daisies
brothers or sisters - Brothers =)

Your favorite

color - pink, green, white, yellow...well I like them all lol
item of clothing - T-shirts
store to shop at - Thrift Stores
computer website - grownupgeek.com
tv show - Weeds, secret life of the american teenager
movie - Grease
radio station - Cd's
cd - Probably one of my mixed ones, or Taylor Swift
band - Jason Mraz
sport - Football/Baseball
genre of music - Accoustic / Blues
food - Chicken
meal - Captain D's Coconut Shrimp Basket , Replace the fries w/okra
drink - Water
salty snack - Fries
desert - Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
room in your house - Kitchen
piece of furniture - My Bed
type of car - Mercedes
subject in school - English/Biology
place to be - Outdoors
animal - Elephant
country - Greece
book - I have alot
holiday - Thanksgiving
season - Fall
what do you like about it - The weather, the scenery, the holidays..everything!
hobby - I have a few faves
pastime - Firefly catching
way to spend money - On food lol


was the last person who said hi to you - A client at work
said bye to you last - My husband getting off of his lunch break
was the last person who told you that they loved you - See above
last person who told you that they hated you - I don't remember
last person who said that they wanted to be like you - Laura
last person to call you - Marc
last person to e-mail you - I dunno I should probably check it actually lol
last person to sendy you a letter - My Dad
last person to come to your house - Katie, Patrick, Edwin, Allison
last person who you hung out with - See above
last person to hug you - Marc


have you ever sang to someone - Yep
rock climbed - a little
bungee jumped - no
sky dived - hell no
fell into some sort of water on accident - yeah
been out of the country -no
stayed out all night - yup
ran away from home - lol, yeah a long time ago
eaten a whole package of cookies in one sitting - no
gone on a joy ride - yea
had you head dunked into a toilet - no
had your pants pulled of - yeah
swam in the ocean - yup
been tubing -yes
been to an amusement park - yes
what are the colors of your room - Yellow walls with green and brown bed set
what all are you wearing right now - Black couches, White t-shirt with purple tank over it
is it one of your lazy days - no
got socks on - no
how many colors are you wearing - 3
how many stories is your house - 1 & 1/2
do you live in a neighborhood - yep
where is your dream house and what does it look like - It looks like my house =)
how many pairs of shoes do you own - too many
are you organized - very
have you ever considered joining the army - yeah but decided agaisnt it
what are you thinking right now - damn that was a long survey
what is your theme song
what era of time do you wish you lived in
would you give your life up for a stranger

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