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I am
My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)
Saturday. 9.4.10 10:02 pm
I love watching trailers for new movies. LOVE. <3.

Nothing satisfies my soul quite like music.

I keep in constant touch with all my family through the internet and phone.

And none of this is redeeming enough for me to not hate technology.

The bastardization of this world has come via the industrial revolution. Everything that has simplified our lives and enabled our drastic progress in nearly every aspect of our lives, from transportation to medicine, has become a cancer to our world. The worst part is, no one notices. Sure, there's a handful of "nutjobs", "religious freaks", and "uncivilized people" who see what I see, but unfortunately the masses don't. You know, the masses of people who control our every move politically, economically, socially, and culturally.

What's spurred me to think about this was this:

Do people realize that this MACHINE has taken someone's job?
Do people not figure that things like this have prevented thousands of people from keeping jobs?
The crazy thing is that people will complain about illegal immigrants! You know who's really taking your jobs? MACHINES. Over the past thousand years, we've replaced thousands upon thousands of jobs with machines. And you know who benefits from this? Not you. Companies. What's cheaper than not having to pay a one time fee to do the work you could do? And people wonder why the rich are getting richer? And it's not going to stop. People will continue to be replaced in their work environments until there's hardly anyone left.
So the world's economy is screwed. Maybe not now. Maybe not in a hundred or a thousand years, but if this trend continues...

That's just the economic perspective of things. There's the OBVIOUS environmental issues that we keep "trying" to resolve, but get no where. There's the cultural aspects that are already destroyed beyond recognition. You ever wonder why it's hard for you to relate to someone just a couple years younger than you? It didn't use to be like that. But technology has created a monster known as the Media. The media of this world is constantly changing. What was hot one week is no longer of interest the next. If you stay out of the loop, you stay out of social convention and thereby have difficulties integrating with the rest of society, unless you find your own small cultural pocket (which there's hundred's of now!) to revel in your "exclusivity". The media shapes our society. That is power that money can't buy. But the government can, and the government is bought by the wealthy, so I guess the media IS bought...
Frightened yet?
I would type out all the other cultural destructions that the industrial revolution has caused, but I, frankly, don't have the time. Seriously, this could be a semester's class and there's still more to learn. You can research it yourself any time you'd like. The reality is still there. Heck, just look around...

There is no end in sight for this.

So what can one person do to deter this disastrous monster?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
So, I am reduced to bitch about this on an online journal.
How heroic.

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Saturday. 7.31.10 4:26 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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