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Hair Cut
Wednesday. 5.5.04 10:42 pm
So yeah I finally got a haircut. It's been about seven months or more since I had a haircut. My bangs were down to the bottom of my jaw. Anyways, I have to get a job and prom is coming up, so I got my hair styled and what not.

Well it looks pretty good from what I can tell (I'm horrible about knowing if I look decent or not though). It's definately alot shorter than I wanted... Oh well. All I really miss are my long bangs... I really have to grow those back out again, I think they would look cool with my new doo.

Anyways, she really killed my goatte too. It was a little long so she said she could trim it... Damn it is like nothing more than little pricklys now. So yeah everything is much shorter and I look alot cleaner. I guess this is a good thing. Hope Ashley still likes me...

This is a comparison of my old haircut and my new one:


-note, this is a free geocities site, so it is down alot because of bandwidth limitations. So if you click on it, and the site is down, it will probobly be back up in an hour or so.

Die Hair Die!!

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Men... Shallow Stereotype
Wednesday. 5.5.04 12:57 am
Well, I'm really tiered of guys getting the blame for all the problems in relationships today. It really sickens me to hear people make stereotypes about guys, it's just stupid. Are guys any worse than women? I like to believe that both sexes are capable of being equaly as bad.

I've recently heard someone say "They get married to their wife, and then she gets old. They get tired of her and cheat, become obsessed with porn, tell her shes ugly, or all three." They said this probobly isn't true for all couples, but from their experience it is true. Well that statement is complete bullshit, and only the lowest of low-life guys would fit that description. In fact, women are just as likely to cheat for those reasons as men.

I'd also like to point out, that a women's vanity cannot be attributed to worrying about her husband thinking she isn't sexy and cheating on her. However, if that is the case, then she is simply living off the stereotype that guys cheat on their wives when they think they aren't attractive anymore. It seems like people are blaming more and more things on the stereotype of guys being shallow, and it's really only true for a small percentage of guys. In fact, I'm sure that their are just as many shallow women as guys in the world.

Oh, and from my personal experience, I have seen many more women than men be unfaithful and/or shallow then men. However, I don't think that there are more shallow and unfaithful women in the world than men.

(This entry is basically a response to some stuff that someone said to me.)

I can't stand stereotypes!

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Chrono Cross
Tuesday. 5.4.04 12:01 am
Well I have been listening to the sound track from Chrono Cross lately; it is such a great game. In fact, this game is so great I decided to write a journal entry about it. Anyways, I don’t think there has been an RPG to match it’s greatness since the original Secret Of Mana for the SNES (yes, I thought Secret Of Mana was better than Chrono Trigger). Anyways, this has to be the best RPG for the playstation/playstation 2 (the second best would have to be Legend Of Mana).

Anyways this game looks as good as a PS2 RPG EASILY; it is the best looking playstation game hands down. I was impressed with it when it came out, and I am still impressed with it. The battle system is also top-notch, much better than final fantasy. Did anyone say story? This game has an awsome story, very involving. You definitely want to play this game the whole way through. There are tons (& I do mean tons) of characters you can get as well. All in all, the makings of a great game.

The music… what can I say about the stellar sound track of Chrono Cross? Well this is a sound track you really have to hear for yourself. I recommend playing the game and listening to it there first, it will have more emotion that way. Anyways, this is my favorite video game sound track ever.

I guess I seem a bit fanatical towards this game… Well I do have good reason. It’s such a shame that Chrono Cross didn’t get the attention that the Final Fantasy games got. I recommend this game to anyone that has ever liked an RPG or Adventure game. Oh, and don’t dismiss it because it is a playstation game and not a playstation 2 game. This game is by far better than any PS2 RPG. Anyways, yeah I’ve said all I need to say about this game… so go buy a copy.

Chrono Cross!!!

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Video Game Music
Monday. 5.3.04 11:47 pm
Maybe it’s just me, but there is something about video game music that just… it moves you. This isn’t true for all video games though, usually only the really good ones. I dunno what it is about them either. You hear the music, and the hair on the back of your neck stands up and you get this tingly feeling. Afterwards you have this intense urge to go play that game. It’s like that with some movies too I think.

If I hear music from the original Contra I practically flip out, it’s weird. This is equaly true for Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Cross. I had to buy the sound trackfor ff7, I got the chrono cross one from my sister; they were that good. I guess I am just uber nerdy, but hey, I can’t help that now can I?

Anyways, I have a lot to do for finals, so I am at my desk studying and stuff. Well what better to listen to, while studying, than the awsome music from Chrono Cross. Well this was a bad idea, now I have this insane urge to stop studying and go play that game. Thus, now it is even harder for me to study.

I'm such a nerd...

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Nutang Has Betrayed me!
Monday. 5.3.04 1:14 pm
I think that nutang hates me... yeah that's right... this online journal hates me. My reasoning? Well there are a couple things actually. I leave my computer logged onto this page 24 hours a day. Well half the time it says I am not on. WTF is that about? Then, when I update my blog, most of the time it doesn't put me under the newly updated blogs list. I think nutang doesn't want people to read my entries or something.

Perhaps their is a conspiracy against me. Those baboons... perhaps they are out to get me... yes... that must be it... those damn baboons. I always knew they would turn on me... I just never thought it would be this soon...

I've been double crossed!!!

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Kill Bill Sucked
Sunday. 5.2.04 1:47 pm
So I finally saw Kill Bill vol2 and part of vol1, I really don't know what all the hype was about at all. Both movies were totally unrealistic in a way... that just didn't seem to work. By that I mean being unrealistic just didn't seem to be helping the movies. I don't know... maybe it was supposed to be creative... I thought it was just lame.

I know they were trying to blend humor and violence... but they did a horrible job. Granted this is quite a hard task to accomplish. Dawn of the dead was a good example of a movie that had very unserious type of humor, yet had awsome, realistic gore. Evil Dead worked well being extremely comical yet still having entertaining violence. I think the easiest movie to compare Kil Bill to is Mean Guns. This movie was full of stupid comedy and senseless violence... but unlike Kill Bill, it actually worked. Well, it didn't work that well, but it managed. Anyways, I just thought I'd say; I thought Kill Bill vol1 and vol2 were crappy movies.

Take that crappy movies!!

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