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You guys suck.
Wednesday. 5.5.10 1:57 am
No one helped me with my paper? *angry*

A lot of things happened. I want to sleep so I'll keep this short and snappy.

Met a guy. I don't like him. But he's better than all the other guys out there so far. And it's amazing how much we have in common--again, waaay more than other guys. He's also intelligent unlike the dimwits of my college. So I'll keep him. If we don't work out, at least it was an experience and he's my doorway to smarter people (and smarter guys.)

Finals coming up soon. Profs are making us do so much work all due this or next week. Hip hip hallelujah. Got a speech to do tomorrow. Remembered the wrong date and now it's due tomorrow and I haven't started. At least I have two hours in between class tomorrow. Wish me friggin crazy luck.

Was this short and snappy? I don't know. Snap, Crackle, Pop! (What?) Nothing!


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EDITED Need help with paper
Monday. 4.26.10 10:23 pm
If you guys could just take a look for me and give your suggestions, that would be much appreciated.

The assignment had been called: Material Artifact Analysis. Basically you analyze an item important to your family or family member. Thick description Prown-style is a must. Obviously that's only helpful to those of you who have read Prown; it just means describe the object without references to what we assume it is. Objectivity = allowing the object speak for itself.

Now the assignment is being re-worked to become my final paper.

The original assignment is in my readings/writings up there. ^

I'm a good writer. But nowhere near my full potential thanks to my depression that basically prevented two years worth of self-growth and my current school of dimwits.

Help. Thanks. =)

By the way, I need a good working draft by Wednesday. Forgot to mention that. =P


Oh, I added breaks inbetween the paragraphs bc the format didn't transfer. And I don't have passion for this assignment. If I did, I'd have more to write about and it would just flow. I don't so it doesn't work the way I want it to. I'd add stuff to keep things going...

Ja, ja. Read! ^-^


Personal Conference was a'ight. Why? Because each person only gets about 30 min, most of which he spent on my first paragraph.

Due date: May 13, 2010 or May 17, 2010

Any 'Tang help is much appreciated! Thanks.


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I didn't get the 40 Percent discount.
Thursday. 4.22.10 2:45 am
Because it rained and I forgot they had a rain location. =/ I had no umbrella but trekked to the original location anyway only to find no Tapped orange truck. Ah, vell.

@zanzibar: Ahahaha! Such fun blasphemy.
@the-muffin-man: Does anyone look at yours? No. Why? Because they all look the same. BLACK. Duh.
@mockiller: Happy Earth Week to you too!
@invisible: Uh, I sent you a note? Or rather, I replied to your note from iTest?

I guess I'll just have to buy the KleanKanteen bottle full priced. http://www.kleankanteen.com/products/insulated/klean-kanteen-insulated.html

I don't know if the bread is okay, but I let my mom talk me into thinking it's okay. I ate it anyway. Then again, I DID have that god-awful stomachache this morning...it was pretty bad. Holy shit, I just ate some like an hour ago. 0.0

Wish me luck...

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Is bread supposed to feel...wet-ish and smell alcohol-y?
Tuesday. 4.20.10 4:22 am
Because that's exactly how my bread is. *wrinkles nose* Once I smelled that alcohol-ness I immediately threw the slice out into the trash. But I want to make sure before I throw out the whole loaf?

Yeah, thaitanic, this layout is wacky that way. I only liked it bc it has a picture of the station I get off at to go to dance every Saturday for the last 15-16 years.

randomjunk, you know I've coded my own layouts before. I just don't have them handy right now...what with a different laptop and all. Otherwise, I'd just whip out an old one even if it sucked.

Hmm, the-muffin-man, are you sure about this? But invisible already made one for me. (It can be seen here: iTest. If she hasn't changed it...) You're next, I promise. So actually maybe you want to get started now. Before life gets in the way. =P No Matrix or Earth theme! Actually, no, I like Earth.


I'm really hoping to be the first 100 ppl to exchange plastic bottles so I can get a FREE Klean Kanteen! =D I believe their website is www.kleankanteen.com
Copy 'n paste bc I have forgotten how to do the code link thingy. Why doesn't the javascript work in Chrome? Hmm...

I don't have to buy my own Klean Kanteen anymore~~ I hope...

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I'm getting tired of this layout.
Sunday. 4.18.10 4:01 pm
When is the new one going to be ready, invisible? =D

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Summary of Facebook posts today
Thursday. 4.15.10 6:07 pm
Sufficiently explanatory for a blog post even as a compilation.

- Changed MT3G wallpaper today! Took forever trying to track it down on Picasa and still couldn't find it. Thank goodness I saved it on my phone. Disclaimer: I did not take this picture. Therefore, I am neither responsible for its contents nor getting any benefit from it.

- Fudged up day: fell asleep while doing paper (again), woke up 9am instead of 6, scrambled to bank, ran to tax office (not my fault, finally got W2 YESTERDAY), now have less than half an hour to prep speech and no time to re-do that paper. Fcuk.

- Apparently, my speech was AMAZING!!! And my other professor said he would accept the first paper and that it was fine! Much better result than I had expected.

- What is with all my classes this week? Another one cancelled. And again, right after I finished the paper due.

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I watched jail rape for the first time. 0.0
Wednesday. 4.14.10 11:06 pm
In "American History X" for Sociology. It's a great movie. The ending was not exactly a surprise, but it's a nice heart-wrenching end for the bleeding hearts out there.

There's actual male nudity in this movie, but I'm pretty sure I averted my eyes in time. ^-^ Kudos to my good girl instincts. I wonder if the Professor even stopped to think of people like me. Who do not like exposure to nudity. Hm.

Now I'm trying to rewrite my paper with no internet. Which is impossible and thus, I have resorted to tethering my phone with PDAnet. Pro: Internet! Con: Can't access https sites = no Google account, no Google Squared, no Google Docs, no college library databases, no bank accounts. I'm only realizing now how I had taken https and, therefore, secure sites for granted. Sigh.

I can only start all over and try my best. Last time I wrote this paper, I had fallen asleep sometime between 12-2am and snapped awake at 6:30am. "Shit, my paper!" Then was late to class finishing it up only to find the class was cancelled. I was all happy I finished it. Then I realized today that I should not have changed my topic/angle because the professor wants criminals, not the victim. He also wants an analysis. How the frick do we do an analysis based on the limited (none actually) reading we've done on psychology. This is English class, fer chrissakes!

Oh, geez, I have a speech to give tomorrow, too. How am I gonna pull that off with an all-nighter with this paper? And tomorrow's tax day! Ugh...so much to do in so little time. Better get started now.

Sigh. Grrrroan.

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Tuesday. 4.6.10 4:20 pm
I finished the paper due @ 1:55pm at 11am this morning, ran off to my 12:30pm class, went to the 1:55pm class ready to turn it in only to have the Professor say he wasn't collecting it. Re-write and turn it in on Thursday. =/

In other news...

I am currently in the library writing this blog and continuing the Facebook shoutbox with Di-di. I was going to rewrite that paper or at least brainstorm, but we all know about things that just come up and you have to do first, right? Like NuTang and Mr. Procrastina-teur.

But I'm really making an effort! And you know how a previous entry said I could feel things changing. Now there is evidence, because I can see, or rather, list/mark/describe what these changes are. =)

Also charging my phone with the computer. Which is the only reason why I'm actually on. If my phone wasn't about to die in ten seconds, I would be downstairs--where there are no computers to tempt me--working on the aforementioned paper.

Oh! And I'm finally using the vocabulary I've had since age 12. =/ Never had a chance to. I really hate when professors explain/define words I already know. And now I'm in a school full of idiots and I don't know if I can get out. Double negative. Sigh.


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