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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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marco marco marco...... POLO
Friday. 1.23.09 10:15 pm
so helloo :]

i was day-dreaming in class today and i thought of how nice its going to be in some weeks when spring comes to lay out in the hammock and just relax lol maybe listen to some coldplay.......... im muchly looking forward to the warmer days!!

plus there is a really pretty park here called glencairn gardens and its so pretty and peaceful but kinda small...... but anyways they decided to make it bigger so they closed it during the beginning of the fall and it hasnt been open at all and its suppose to open this spring which im really really happy about because its a beautiful place!

We built a fire tonight out of an old christmas tree we found in the neighborhood lol it was so big!! ill have to take pics next time we do one.

i have to write a paper in my english class on who i am......i think im a bit boring lol i mean theres nothing really amazing to say about myself. Which then makes me sad :[ but o well ill just have to be more exciting in my future.

welllllll peace <3

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"sometimes i tend to mumble...."
Wednesday. 1.21.09 11:17 pm
and if that happens please raise your hand and say Coach (insert name) you are mumbling.....please do not yell HUH or WHAT or you will get your ass cussed out."

yep that is what my psychology teacher said to me today after a while of introducing himself and the class...lol i really think im going to like that class........ :]

he also went on to say

"You guys are juniors and seniors you should know better than to act like dumbasses...unlike the freshmen."

lol it was so funny.

so my classes are pretty cool......... i mean it kinda stinks to have english then math in the morning but oh well ill just drink alot of coffee :]

but all in all not a bad day. i think i might actually like this semester!

night everyone!!!

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sometimes i just feel dumb
Monday. 1.19.09 10:39 pm
for no reason really....either i misunderstand someone or read something wrong and i just feel dumb :[

i drugged myself so i would get enough sleep tonight so im not tired tomorrow for school.........it pretty bad when you think Nyquil tastes good....

oh i think i found my prom dress lol (yeah i know its months away) but i always hate prom dresses because they are either annoyingly bright/ugly or weird shaped..so i found a vintage cocktail dress :]

so im hoping its still there in a few months so that i can get the money to buy it.

ummmm oh it may snow here lol i hope so just to get out of school but im kinda already sick of snow after our trip to NY. And the people around here dont know how to drive in snow so its panic everywhere lol its really kinda funny.


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just because im losing doesnt mean im lost....
Saturday. 1.17.09 6:15 pm
:] listening to coldplay

and leaving soon to go to our crappy mall here......

i think tonight i will watch Howl's moving castle (again) and get new songs on here

hehe long night


now i really want chinese food.....


"You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
Cause along may come
A bigger one"

"Now the sky could be blue
I don't mind
Without you
It's a waste of time"

"Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you"

"So I wanna live in a wooden house,
Where making more friends would be easy.
I wanna live where the sun comes out ..."


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computer dumb
Friday. 1.16.09 3:27 pm
i really wanna customize my nutang page but i have no idea how to do it.....and im seriously dumb when it comes to coding and stuff :[.

will regular blog pages work for the site?

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Wednesday. 1.14.09 11:22 pm
is there a certain soulmate for everyone??

do we just get bored of waiting and marry the next best thing??

what happens if u find someone u love more when u are married??

well besides the obvious answer of divorce.....but then how do u know the one u wanna marry is really the best person for you and the one ur going to love the most and who will love you the most?

hmmm i think ive been thinking about this more since valentines day is coming up............ hate it when im single on valentines day :[ always makes me semi sad to see all the teddy bears and hearts and stuff.

last year i watched the notebook and cried the whole time. lol this year i think ill watch saw2........and get the crap scared out of me


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