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4 cents
Friday, 10/17/03 - 11:12 pm
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - This Ruined Puzzle

I finally get my wish of going to Target. I’ve been wanting to go to Target this whole week. It’s because I have gift cards. $20 dollars worth! I then get a call from Jill when I just got in the store. She was all psyched up and wanted to go to Venice Beach. I was down for it but I had no money. My brother owes me money. Jill came to Target to and I told my mom I’ll just leave with Jill instead. Target had a lot of nice bracelets but they were fro guys so I didn’t buy any [too big]. I bought an army hat type thingie. It’s nice. Goes well with my hair since I can’t wear my mesh hats anymore. Boohoo.. When I went to go pay for my stuff one of my gift cards only had 4 cents in it. That was a bastard, made me real sad.

Me and Jill then went to the outlets to visit Daisy. Her co-workers were really nice but that other guy was really flirty. He called me jailbait though, I was too young for him. Hah. Funny stuff. I saw Sam there with Cesar. Sam apparently lives in Texas now. We had a nice long chat.

Jill and I decided to go to In & Out cause I had a coupon and Jill was hungry. We got hit on by some guys. Funny stuff. They said, "Hey ladies. Lookin real good today.." He said some other stuff.. it was hilarious. Then Jill took me home because I felt I had to go to L.O.G. because tomorrow is the rally. On the way home, some old man probably thought I was lusting over him when I was demonstrating the Juicy Fruit commercial to Jill. It was hilarious. We did other fun things but that’s all I can remember.

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Testing.. 1.. 2.. 3..
Thursday, 10/16/03 - 9:07 pm
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - Standard Lines

I had tests this whole week. I know I did great on that math exam. Woohoo! Just been busy with school.

I made a goal for myself: to learn all of Dashboard's songs on guitar. It's a tough goal but it's fun. I learned For Justin and Standard Lines. I want to learn A Plain Morning next. Free guitar tabs are so great. I really want to learn FLO music though..

Gosh I'm getting really depressed because I haven't downloaded anything in a while. I'm scared I might get sued or something. Agh...

There's a rally this Saturday. Woohoo! I designed the flier. Woohoo! And I designed the name tags! Yea!

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Let the games begin!
Friday, 10/10/03 - 6:08 pm
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - For Justin

Nothing much happened this week. Just school. On Tuesday I went to a field trip to the port. I touched a sea cucumber, sea star, and a moon snail. I didn't want to touch the sea anemone, so I didn't. On Wednesday, I learned a new song on guitar! It's, For Justin by DC. Makes my pinky hurt though. But gosh, how I love my acoustic guitar.

Yesterday [Thursday], I went to GameStop with my brother because I wanted to check some prices for some games. Since my brother didn't have hi PS2 anymore, he decided to trade his games in for a NeoGeo and 6 NeoGeo games. He says he wanted it because it's a collectable and it has the best fighting games. Yea, me and my brother are game freaks.
,br> Today I did some chores with my mom, including wash some comforters at some laundry place. The worst thing that happened today, I bought a sparkling water beverage (peach flavor) and when I opened it over-flowed and I spilled it all over my jeans. That was one sticky situation. So yea, I don't know if I'm going to youth group tonight. Hmm.. that's about it.

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Me Tarzan.. You Jane..
Sunday, 10/5/03 - 11:32 pm
Beat: Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades

I fixed my room and I cooked lumpia and turon today.. Sometime this week-- clean my bathroom! Oh yea, I saw the premiere of Tarzan. Good stuff.. Travis Fimmel is hott stuff! He runs around a lot without his shirt on.. Yum. Yea, that's all that happened.

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