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[My Pole!]
09/11/08 00:42
I am...

feeling: Content
listening to: Flower Lady - DBSK

I have my pole!!! And it's up in my room! Well, I put it up yday but still!

I love it so much! I did like... 4hrs pole dancing yday and now my right hand has 2 plasters on. It actually needs 3 but still. I have a cut on one finger and a blister on two other fingers... joyous. But still, the dancing was worth it!

And even with these injuries I can't help but go on my pole still!

I love pole dancing so much, it's SUCH a good workout! But since my right hand is currently screwed I'm having to do everything left handed and one handed. I've only done one hour of dancing today though. Great strain on the left shoulder, but damn good for strength and muscles!

I've got my pole in my rather humble sized uni room so I've managed to whack my legs on my desk twice so far but that hasn't stopped me from continuously dancing haha! Can't wait to learn more and start the professional lessons!

That being said, I have completely wasted my reading week--well done me!

Today I went to Kenilworth with the Japan society to watch the Kenilworth Fireworks. Following my insomnia, I managed to sleep for 12 hrs last night and got up at 1pm today XD

Met up with Japan soc, got the bus in, went to a pub for a while then went on our merry way to Kenilworth castle where the fireworks display was, then it started raining! Waited in the rain and mud for 45 mins. Watched fireworks for 30 mins then took 2 hours to get home! >_<;;

It was raining so heavily, waited for buses for almost 2 hours but 2 drove right past because they were both full. Then got desperate and managed to get into a taxi with 7 other people (was a big taxi) and finally got home.

Loved the shower afterwards x]

My clothes are soaked tho. Damn they need a good wash!

Right, need to go to bed now, church tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep! Gnight all :D



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[Freaking Insomniac!!!]
07/11/08 04:42
I am...

feeling: Agitated
listening to: Nothing

It's 04:43 in the morning and I'm not tired and I can't get to sleep and damnit I'm annoyed.

I have an 11am lecture, which, at this rate, I am not going to make.

I cba to do anything really =_=;;

I wanna go to sleep! But have been trying yet obviously can't right now. Darned sake. Maybe I'll do some reading. That'll make me sleepy in no time! But I can't be bothered. I think I'm just too excited about getting the rest of my pole tomorrow @[email protected]

I wanna tidy my room and move stuff around so I have space for it when I finally put it up tomorrow but yeah... Not a good time to be moving stuff around atm. My neighbour won't be too pleased! The walls here are dead thin o_O

Neeed sleeeep!

When'd I turn into a freaking insomniac?! >_<;; Which pharmacy is still open at this time of night? Really need some of those sleeping pills. =_=;;

Okay, reading it is, methinks. I need to get started on that some time or other :) Tho I will probably just end up cleaning my room anyways. Looking at it under lamplight, it's a tip!



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[Yay Pole!!!]
06/11/08 19:46
I am...

feeling: Excited
listening to: Nada

I bought a pole!!! :D

I just realised I think I posted an entry like the previous one before actually, but that was only when I'd wanted to do the lessons. Now I actually do them! And I bought a chrome silver pole yaaay! Cost me £140 but should be worth it! I'm just waiting for the final pieces to be given to me and a spanner (the girl who sold it to me broke the spanner somehow...) then I can put it up and play XD

I also signed up for the professional lessons which are only £5 an hour. Worth it? Hell yes!

So... It's reading week. And I have a lot of reading to do. And I have so far done none, so... gna start reading now! Ttyl~



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[Before You Call Me a Slut...]
31/10/08 13:22
I am...

feeling: Excited
listening to: Sometimes - Britney Spears

...hear me out!

Basically, I'm now really into pole dancing. Yes I know what you're probably thinking: "Omw! Kuri! I didn't know you were that kind of girl!" but seriously! It's not the slutty kind, I promise you!

I watched a few pole dancing vids on YouTube a while ago and there was one in particular: TaraKarina, she's amazing and totally inspired me to dance...

Thing is, at the time, my parents refused to buy me a pole so I couldn't do anything :( But now that I'm in uni, we actually have a pole dancing society!!! I love it SO much! I actually love it so, so much. It's really fun, totally good for toning and... yeah!

I'm now pretty much obsessed with the pole haha.

Doing 2 hrs worth of lesson today, can't wait!

Oh... the vid that started it all:

Mute it, then play Fergie--Fergalicious. That was the original song used but due to copyright she had to change it :(

Yay dance lesson in 2 hrs~ So excited!!! :D



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[Can't Read]
27/10/08 22:49
I am...

feeling: Uncreative
listening to: My Little Princess (Chinese Version) - DBSK

It's actually gotten to the stage where I am so behind in the business side of of my course it makes me sick! I don't even wanna start on how behind I am in German @[email protected];;

It's so bad... The more German I'm "learning" the less I seem to understand! I don't get these grammatical exercises, I don't get why this happens and what ending a plural pluperfect subjunctive genetive adjective ending should have!!

I have so much reading to do and I haven't done it, I haven't read the 200-page German play about the Holocaust, which is due in tomorrow. How the heck am I supposed to read it when I don't understand a word?!

I swear I'm getting worse at German @[email protected];;

And business. Okay, quantative analysis is quite easy and therefore can almost be considered fun, but the amount of reading I (should) have (and haven't done) just makes it a nightmare. And I've skipped way too many Foundations for Accounting and Finance lectures it's like bleh.

I cba with it either. I have the biggest textbook for it ever and I have opened it maybe once to check the price ¬_¬;;

Thank God for reading week! What's reading week? Well, basically, a week we get off to catch up on reading. It's the 6th week of every term I think! I'm on week 5 atm. Next week is reading week!

God bless the person who invented reading week!



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[Like A Balloon]
26/10/08 19:41
I am...

feeling: I wonder...
listening to: Nothing

And when it overflows with hot air, it bursts. Like a balloon. And I should stop keeping things in and just write down what's bothering me, get it out, immediately after it happens so I won't suddenly blow up at someone.

Alternatively, I could just let all the air out... Let someone stop the hot air from blowing in anymore and slowly but surely, let the air back out again.

And I feel like the air has been let out now.

And I'm so very grateful :)

These past few weeks have been pretty immense and I've been so busy... Working (not very) hard, playing hard, procrastinating (surprise surprise) and all that ^^ Uni is so wonderful and I absolutely love it.

I wish time would stop in 2008, I really do! Time is actually flying these days, it scares me... I'm gna be 19 soon... I don't wanna turn 19! I wish I could stay 18 forever, but then again, who doesn't eh? ^^;;

Some things have really annoyed me tho, but I've still got years here, I'm sure I can change those things. They'd take time, so I have to be patient ^^

Today's entry is pretty deep so I posted it on my private blog. Those of you who know about me can feel free to check it out, I just didn't think it'd be too appropriate for this one =3

I'll leave it at that, won't go into too much detail otherwise it'd be a full-on rant which I'm not feeling anymore :)



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