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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. filipino
Location , CA
School. Other
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-Cyclo DS cart
-Nikon D60
-Free Line Skates
Events I would LOVE to attend
May 10th
Meg & Dia Signing at Mission Valley Mall

May 22nd
No Doubt, Paramore, and The Sounds
@ Cricket Amphitheater

May 26th
Kaylyn's first Bday!!!

Electric Daisy Carnival

Comic Con San Diego

Vans Warped Tour
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o gosh...
24th day of 2004
hmm... this week was hard boring fun and tiring. lol I HATE FINALS!!!! blah on thursday (yesterday) we finally finished all the damned finals! lol heh i think i did ok hmm... so today i got 2 of my final test scores back and they were GREAT!!! on the essay for english about if the mayor got rid of all the multi-cultural things here in San Diego like the murals at Chino Park i think that's how u spell it and y he shouldn't take it away talkin about taking peoples self pride away... well yes i got a 19/18 YES!!! so kewl!!! and then in second period we had to double bubble onto this one scantron that had an essay part attached to it. i hate writing essays in a time frame but i did it in 45 minutes LOL. so when i walked into the classroom this morning i looked at the student work board and it said "A's on final" I then looked under that and it said "Highest Score: Christa S." i was amazed and shocked. heh i've never gotten the highest score before in anything other than games lol. i looked at the pyramid of paper and went straight to the top i saw my grade! 74/70! yes baby!!! then my teacher sez to me "yes Christa you have the highest score. Well the highest natural score." meaning of natural score? i didn't use the extra credit given to us. the pyramid outline was worth 5 extra credit points. heh i didn't use them cuz i was too lazy to copy it down when she was writing it for us lol!! hmm... what else happened this week? o yea i went to Mae's house and we hung out! heh Mae yer soo funny heh gurlie room heh yes u must make your room a huge collage lol i dun't knoe how to spell lol heh the Warm water spout and the big tree!!! lol funnyness hmm... heh i hope you could go tomorrow!!! PLS!!! Mae u gotta go heh yes we must have fun at my house heh yes!!!

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what's this
17th day of 2004
wow... i'm soo bored... there's nothing to do at home anymore... i already learned how to ollie yesterday heh it only took me 2 days to learn it properly. yes my ankle is sore cuz it is not used to it. wow cool dave nonmember ppl can now comment on our entries that's soo kewl hmm... what else to write about... o yea i got a new cell fone today lol but still it's a boring day... ::sigh:: life sux... hmm... i guess the movies on tv today have a strange draw to movies with Chirstina Ricci heh for some reason i say that her movies are pretty good. mayb the adams family still runs through my mind from time to time. where is everybody today? oOo next week i'm going to my first show!!! yes!!! heh it's so close to my house that i'm going to walk to it! that's because it's in my high schools gym. Battle of the Bands 9 local bands in my gym at 1pm admission price is 5$ yay!!! how cheap for all day long muahahaha!!! i hope i dun't get squashed in there if there're going to b a lot of ppl of course i dunno. imma ask Mae if she wants to go with me. ugh... i'm too lazy to use the smilies anymore. yes nehoo... i hope i could meet sumone there heh i hope Mae would to if she goes with me. hmm... dat's all fer now death is getting clearer to me now... people make death too over rated.

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noo.... pls... no...
14th day of 2004
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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13th day of 2004
o gosh... my best friend's mom doesn't like me... gosh... what's her problem!!! blah i'm mad...

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Tuesday. 1.6.04 7:41 pm
mood: evilishly happy
listening to: volume 2 of hard rock 1 2 3
watching: wings of sorrow
wow... what a very interesting vacation i had THANX ANNALEE!!!! lol gosh lmfao wow neways... yes i'm bored and i am confused about hoo to like... i haven't seen brian yet but i am told that he is cute lol. and then there's Liz but i dunno... i know she's straight lol gosh... y does my skewl have to b soo straight... blah o wells... hmm.. i wonder hoo out of the ppl i know personlly is going to read this... o wells they're going to know in the future eventually so why not make it now. yes ppl i know and don't know i'm bi! lol i declared myself bisexual in November of 2003 this info must b shocking to a lot of u lol but pls accept it cuz u can't change me LMFAO!!! that reminds me of Robert Prades!!! lol gosh... he went nuts when i told him "why do you want to be like them?!? stay straight it's the best thing to do if you don't stay straight then i'm not your friend anymore." lol yea gosh that was funny we're still friends of course. ooo... but my parents aren't yet informed of my new discovery of myself so yes i will keep this from them until prolly my 18 b-day which is in 3 years muahahaha gosh that'll b hilarious if i'm seeing sumone lol i wanna see them get freaked out if i'm with a gurl then kiss rite in front of them i'm sooo evil!!!!! lol hmm... neways that's all for me now.

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Thursday. 1.1.04 6:04 pm
today i went to the car show at the San Diego Convention center heh with my dad. this time we didn't take the trolley. it's was fun not to mention the illegal u-turn we had to make cuz of the security guard ppl. yea when we finally got inside it was pretty kewl. all the new cars and all the Saturn Ion is kewl but still i like my Scion xA (not the box one yuck-os) for you guys that dun't know about the Scion. it's being sold in California until Feb. it'll then b sold all over the U.S. this car has very good gas milage heh WOO HOO!!! that's my car. if i'm going to have to choose a diff car it would b the Saturn if not the Saturn it would b the Mazda 3 04 heh yes!!! neways Back to lookin at my brochures i got from there and tend to my very deep paper i got MUAHAHAHA the taste of blood lingers in my mouth, throat and in my soul. Let your Soul feed on your life giving liquid.

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las vegas
Tuesday. 12.30.03 12:59 am
WHOA!!! thsi weekend was a doozy. i went to Vegas and slept on the floor!!! gosh what a way to spend your nights. neways... while we were there we went to my cousin's house. OMG!!! they moved to vegas from Hawaii!!! i would have stayed in paradise!!!! they crazee to move from there!!!! gosh... yea my dumb ass cousin came from Sacramento too so yea. damn she's dumb... and she's 15 too!!! hmm... arg imma finish this tomorrow lol my parents are coming in here and yes i have a lot of other things to say but i dun't want them to see it for poopy diapers lol aight brb tomorrow!!! lol

Ok it's tomorrow!!! yes Vegas was boring and my bro and i wanted to go to Ceasar's palace to go to F A O Shwartz. my parents took a very long time mingling amoungst my relatives. GOSH!!!! filipino ppl man!!! all of our mingling and telling stories and how much we kids have grown up since the last time they saw us. neways... instead we got to drive down the strip. den we went back to our hotel and yea i was going to go play in the arcade but then the lady fucking kicked me out. ugh... i already put in my money too!!!! o well i went up and then i went down again to get pizza and a smoothie. heh yum!!! yes, while i was standing there in front of the thingy where u pick up the pizza the little boy sitting behind me with his mom and dad was saying sumpthing to them and then they juss started saying "No, no!" and then out of the blue he let out the loudest fart i've heard in a very long time. lol i juss stood there smiling and chuckling to myself and i took a step forward. heh then next day we went to eat breaky in the buffet. my dad was very happy about eating lmfao!!! and after we ate we went back up to our room and packed out stuff and went to checkout. after we checked out we went to Ceasar's palace and yea we went to the toy store but then all the good stuff was gone because they were colsing up the store i guess cuz everything was 30% to 50% percent off. we didn't get nething there. so we left. when we got to barstow we stopped to use the restroom and get sumpthin to eat. oOo i like the gift shop in there!! they had all this sick ass stuff... gosh i could have used up all my money there if i wanted but yea i was rushing but i did get my mug hehe!!! it sez "Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them." lol heh and i got this one gootube thingy... lol it's very capivating. i could stare at it for hours and not get bored. lol i guess that was my vacation!!!

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christmas eve
Wednesday. 12.24.03 11:38 am
my christmas sucks ir sux every year... sigh... i never get what i want and when i do get it it's always after christmas! this sux i hate my christmas cuz it's dullsville with my cousins. deng... they get more presents than me!!! o wells i'll juss have to wait until my parents stop being so cheap with presents.....

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