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Dear God
Thursday. 2.3.11 4:39 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Dec 11th
Sunday. 10.17.10 6:37 pm
SO I dreamed something was gonna happen on Dec 11th the newscaster was like "People are going to remember Dec 11th as the Next 9/11"
Wanted to write this somewhere in case it happened.

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last nights dream
Wednesday. 7.7.10 7:38 am
Last nights dream was so awesomely scary
ok so the dream actually started with me queuing for a battleground (warsong gulch I think), but in real life. Then had to go to rest room. Came back with 23 seconds on a timer saying I would be booted if didn't enter combat. Walked out the starting area and into a rich neighborhood, a lot like the neighbor hoods in Desperate Housewives. So I came up to this group of people who were talking about a club. I went to the club and met this guy named Dolan and his son. His son was real...I can't think of the word, but he made you want to be around him and do whatever he asked. So then mom showed up to take me home as we were leaving a security guard and a little kid tried to stop us, the little kid was trying hard to get in the door, me and mom started freaking out. so locked the doors, then the security guard tried to get into the car, was waiving around a gun pointing it at mom, I told mom to floor it and we ended up losing him at some little store. There was a lady in there that said "Its ok you lost him!" So everything was over and we went home.
A couple of dream days later we needed to go somewhere I can't remember where I just remember that I missed the first stop cause I was tlaking to mom so just waited till the next stop, which was wal mart. I got off and headed back to where I was supposed to be going and ended up back at the club with that Dolan guy and his son. I ran down the street and bumped into this guy, he grabbed my hand and said "walk like we are together. " So we headed deeper into the neighborhood that this all started out at.
We got to this house and the guys girlfriend was pissed cause she thought he was cheating on her, which he was but not with me, I tried to tell her not to go in the house but she wouldn't listen, I went inside and the nice guy turned around to tell me to run, he had a nice in his stomach but then it turned into a fork in his hand but he still died. Then Dolan showed up and started a game of Hide and Seek, every hour he said he would look for us, if he found anyone then we had to have a volunteer to die. So we all ran off and hid in this little garbage area, but he saw the last of us sneak in to it and found us.
Alex from the shelter was there, he sacrificed him self and the rest of us got to run off again, me and the guy and willow (who just showed up) went into the mall to try and find a phone to call you, we asked this lady for her cell for an emergency but she said no, so we left the mall, and passed that club again, dolans son was outside. so we ran down an alley and found a group of black guys that said they would take us home for 2 dollars, (the original nice guy turned into a girl, she asked them if they would take us to Kalimdor then giggled hysterically for a second then said Cassville) So we got in the car with them, one of the guys was OCD and threatened to kill us for touching his post it notes.
So we got home ate some cake, and everything was fine.
Then you woke me up :D

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Snippet from a partially unheard conversation while walking to the rest room:
Monday. 3.29.10 7:25 pm
First Man: I bet I would faint before I could write my name on the wall in feces! Second Man: Yeah I bet you would to.

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