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Friday, October 10, 2008

nothin could keep me away
as you watch me walked away
half a world away
so far & away
everythin's so clear & lifelike
feels like yesterday

its funny how time slips away
ever since you went away
only a memory from yesterday remains
going back for just one day
will make me stronger
will make me tougher

so far away , so outta reach
dont wanna part from you
but i gotta do my part
to start brand new
he who fights & runs away
will live to fight another day

there will be one fine day
where i will return home
to see that smile
to hear that laughter
it will make it all worth it
for the distance that existed
forgive me that i cant stay
never wanna be so faraway

i never meant to leave
but i hope you understand
when one gotta do what the heart tells
one gotta follow the heart

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Work of Art
Friday, October 10, 2008

I first came across Gaudi's work when i was with my best friend. She was showing me pics of places in Barcelona and i saw this really beautiful piece of art, Casa Batllo - the name of the fine artichtecture i laid my eyes on. Antoni Gaudi, the creator of that gorgeous building,was famous for his unique and highly individualistic designs.

Here are some of his work of art..really stunning

(L-R) : Casa Batllo, Casa Calvet, Casa Vicens(UNESCO World Heritage Site), Church of Colonia Guell, El Caprichcho, Sagrada Familia

(L-R) : Casa de los Botines, Casa Mila (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Placa Reial, Episcopal Palaca de Astorga, Finca Guell, Palau Guell (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Park Guell

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Nocturnal Me
Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its 5mins to 2am and yet Iím very much awake. I should be hitting the sack right now and get some beauty sleep for tomorrow is another long day ahead. Since I totally closed my chapter on my assignment, I wandered into ďPaintĒ and did some Halloween theme on the white paper I was presented with. Well I have no idea why I do it but I was just so in the mood to just do a lil coloring.

I would definitely want to know how it feels like to put on a costume on go ďTrick or Treat?Ē in my neighborhood but again, the sad fact is that itís not the culture here to celebrate such occasion and besides such occasion would be used as a theme for the clubs to go all fancy with.

i guess being nocturnal reminds me very much of bats and here are my completed work of art.

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Live Life to the Fullest
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

As common as it may sounds like, it will merely be words if one cannot connect to that statement at a personal level. It might be easy for one to say, hey! Iíve live my life to the fullest! , but is it true? Are you really living your life to the fullest? Whether itís a minor or major issue that youíre dealing with, with a little more extra effort by giving your very best and max out on your capabilities in dealing with such issues it will make a tremendous difference. Most of us often take things for granted, especially when it comes to our very own life. This particular article Iíve read itís a very good example on what we failed to notice or realized what weíve been blessed with.

I came across an article on Terry Pratchett over Mail Online and it made me wonder how would it be to be diagnosed with a very rare form of early-onset Alzheimer's disease - posterior cortical atrophy, (PCA) in which areas at the back of the brain begin to shrink and shrivel. Can you imagine that this PCA will gradually rob you of your memory, visual acuity and other things you didnít know you had until you miss them? Itís a really sad thing to know for instance, your eyes knew that the newspaper is there on the table, but your brain is not passing along the information, this disease slips you away a little bit at a time and lets you watch it happen.

What will one do when youíre faced with such cruelty? Will one be as strong as Terry in living his life? Fighting for an answer or possible explanation on his condition and giving away $1million for research into the disease?

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Something caught my attention today when I was in class. Itís definitely not how smart looking my classmates were in their formal attire for the upcoming presentation n its definitely not how they combed or styled their hair but something my lecturer mentioned.

He was telling the class bout this news he heard over the radio when he was travelling. It was about DNA testing done in Singapore. Am not sure how true it was, but according to him, it seems like now they can use DNA testing to determine what area or field the kids are good in and the parents can work to mould n encourage them towards that direction.

Based on that itself, itís really great to be able to excel excellently in their life or what they can do in future by just undergoing such simple testing when they are young. But the question is, wouldnít they, the kids or the parents that opt for such route be imbalance? Well Iím sure all parents would want their kids to be successful in life and exceptionally outstanding in whatever they engaged in, but wouldnít the kids be lack of something, when in their early days itself they (the kids) are being ďpushedĒ and directed to do what expected to be really good for them later on in life? Will they be able to grow up enjoying their childhood like any other kids?

I find DNA testing really interesting, aside from how DNA profiles of a mother and father can determine who their child is, how DNA profiles can be used to solve a crime? Iím sure everyone knows the latter one , but how it actually works amaze me!

For instance, after some biscuits were taken from a biscuit tin, the biscuit tin was tested for DNA. Below you can see the DNA profile that was found on the biscuit tin. Jane, Germaine and Katie all say that they have never touched the biscuit tin.

By comparing the DNA profile on the biscuit tin (Figure 1) with the DNA profiles for Jane, Germaine, and Katie (Figure 2), can you tell who touched the biscuit tin?

Figure 1: The DNA profile found on the biscuit tin

DNA on the biscuit tin
Locus 1: 11 14
Locus 2: 10 15
Locus 3: 25 29
Locus 4: 16 17

Figure 2: The DNA profiles of three children

Germaine's DNA
Locus 1: 10 15
Locus 2: 12 14
Locus 3: 24 27
Locus 4: 16 19

Katie's DNA
Locus 1: 11 14
Locus 2: 10 15
Locus 3: 25 29
Locus 4: 16 17

Jane's DNA
Locus 1: 14 16
Locus 2: 11 17
Locus 3: 23 29
Locus 4: 17 20

Answer : Katie's DNA matches the DNA found on the biscuits tin.

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Afternoon Tea
Monday, October 6, 2008

Was feeling a lil hungry so instead of snackin on something, decided i should have my latest ice cream addiction, Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream + Honey Cereal Nestle.

Here's a pic of my addiction in my fav purple soup mug.

BEFORE the sprinkling of Honey Cereal


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