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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Free, Freed, Freer, FREEEEEE
Monday, September 21, 2009
I sincerely apologize for not updating my blog and not returning your comments. I seriously needed time for myself to recuperate after my major event on 17 September. It was extremely exhausting to run this one man show. Exhausting in terms of physical and mental. Though I have been screaming for help with the committee members, only a few came up to me and offered help. Even so, they did a sloppy job, which needed me to do the final touch up.

Less than 24 hours prior to the event, I had not printed out the programme booklet or wrapped the presents for the VIPs, or confirming the attendance of some of the attendees. I was in a state of stress since my bus driver was waiting for me outside. Anyway, I managed to finish the booklet and confirmed the attendance and delegated the printing job to my colleague who said the most stupidest thing to me 72 hours in prior to the event. Guess what she said? She said "The previous person in my position never asked for help. So why are you asking?" I walked off after explaining to the airhead about the difference of this year's and last year's event. I don't think she even understood the difference. Does 60 guests and 200 guests make a difference for an event?

Somehow on the event day, my rising body temperature made the airhead and her colleague to work. Oh yea, I was yelling while poking the girls with the edge of my fangs. This is not something I'm very proud of but it was just funny to see how my boss reacted. The event started at 9 am, and the registration booth, the presents and the emcees update were not even completed by 8.30 am. A colleague from another department took pity on me and came to assist with the presents wrapping, while the girl who was in charged of this section was busy advertising the yau char kway or Chinese fried cruller bread from her office to the room beside mine. I shook my head looking at how this Ms Yau Tiu could be munching the same stick for over 30 mins, I decided to snatch the lion share of the bread from my door.

"Ms Yau Tiu! COME HERE. I need you here NOW! I need you to kau tim (get ready in Cantonese) the presents NOW. The presents must be ready by NOW. The presents must go into the hall NOW. .... NOW.... NOW...."

I didn't know my boss was actually standing next to me. I actually don't remember what I said to Ms Yau Tiu other than "NOW... bla bla.... NOW... bla bla NOW" but my boss's jaw dropped to the ground. He commented "Wow.. I haven't even say that myself". Actually I only recalled myself repeating 'NOW' the whole morning.

Luckily everything went smoothly, and certain things were covered up neatly. And thankfully, I managed to delegate jobs like ushering to the students and some of the committee members just in time of the event. Knowing the guests were well taken care of by these people, I managed to breathe in the office.

I certainly have the experience to organise an event but having team mates that are not willing to go extra mile and use common sense made my job pretty hard. I really felt like scolding one of my seniors for not using common sense when she showed her confused face throughout my briefing with her. What's so difficult to differentiate the booklet with and without folder? Booklet with folder is for VIPs and the VIP list is in the booklet. What else do I need to explain? And if the team mates are more responsible with their roles, I would be a happier person.

But overall, it was a successful event though it was chaotic at the backscene and heaps of leftovers. Oh well, thank god I whacked my boss left, right and centre about his leadership and demanded for dinner which is still pending.

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HIMEKA - Asu e no Kizuna
Sunday. 9.20.09 6:09 am
Asu eno Kizuna / Himeka

HIMEKA is a French Canadian who won grand prize in the second annual Animax Anison Grand Prix singing competition and debuted with this single �Asu e no Kizuna� in June 2009 which is also an OP for Valkyria Chronicles anime. I have been reading her blog once in a while even before she debuted. I really salute her because I find her courageous in achieving her dreams which is to be an anime singer in Japan. So she flew to Japan and worked part time for two years while looking for opportunities. She practiced singing in karaoke lounges. I admire her determination. And thankfully, she achieved it, finally!

This single show off her light and high pitch singing voice which thoroughly made this single catchy and enjoyable. This lass really can sing and hit high notes. But one thing I find lacking in this song is � it�s not dramatic enough! Asu e no Kizuna is about instilling hope but I don�t get the feel of �don�t lose hope�.

The second single is Sayonara Solitaire, an ED to Chrno Crusade anime. It is one of my favourite anime soundtracks. This song is sad, you will know what I meant if you have seen this anime. Anyway, HIMEKA�s version is nice too. The only thing I dislike is she inserts too much of vibrato. I just feel certain sentences should not have vibrato to make them feel short and sweet.

With her sweet voice, I�m sure she is going to have lots of improvement in the future. I am looking forward to her next single.

Worthy Tracks: Asu e no Kizuna & Sayonara Solitaire

Rating: 3/5

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Koike Teppei - Jack in the Box
Sunday. 9.20.09 5:39 am

Koike Teppei is back with an album. Never been a fan of Teppei, I bet this album has not much difference from his previous single �Kimi ni Okuru Uta� or �Brand New Way�. His style never runs, so simply I wasn�t expecting any new from him.

The title of the album amuses me: Jack in the Box. It reminded me a lot of a bozo springing out of a box when you open it. So is this album supposed to make me scream in horror or in delight when I start playing the songs?

The album opens with Aishitemo. Surprisingly, it�s refreshing new because the song background has other string instruments other than his boring acoustic guitar. His singing on the hand is lively, thus making the song overall listenable but forgettable. But this marks some huge improvement in his songs. Another song that marked this is AIR STYLE; it has backup singers. Oooh�

Scrolling down the list, the songs pace are getting slower with Teppei strumming his acoustic guitar returning to his old and original style.

I cannot help agreeing to myself that the song list somehow retains the listeners� interest by placing an upbeat song at the beginning and then followed by slower pace songs, and before listeners got bored we get to hear another upbeat tune and then back to slower pace.

Overall, I would say this album is an innovation effort put up by Teppei. But, there�s still so much more Teppei could have done to improve on his music pieces. The team behind him should help him to create more songs like Asihitemo and Smile to suit his age of 23. They should also do something to plain unattractive cover.

Worthy tracks: Aishitemo & Smile

Rating: 1/5

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Monday, September 14, 2009
Oh. I'm still not ok. I just had another of crying last night.

My bus driver asked me yesterday why a young girl like me has been sighing for the past few weeks. Then I just blurted out my unhappiness at work. My closing sentence was "You see! Everyone wants a piece of me! My boss, the lecturers, 102 students, the 6 committee members of the program I'm in and 30 bodies of organisations. My boss and the committee members want me to do all their work share... they keep on pushing their workload on me. They also complain to me. Then who the hell listen to my problems?!" We both became quiet and laughed a little. "Yea, you dengar ho" (Yea, you are listening right? << a mixture of Malay and Cantonese). "Yealo, saya dengar lo!" (Yea, I'm listening!) replied the bus driver. We laughed.

Yes, my boss is crazy. He is very ambitious. He wants to do everything but he doesn't know how to do so he pushes all the job to me to do. So I'm running a one man show for the event. I practically do everything. You name it.

I'm so stress.

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Contradiction tears
Saturday, September 12, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Wednesday. 9.9.09 9:30 am
I have noticed this restaurant sitting quietly in the row of old shoplots, wondering why would a restaurant established in this kind of area, not mentionning the road in front of it is dark and lonely when the night arrives, though surprisingly, it is just behind the buzzing and sort of wedged by shopping malls: Lot 10 and KL Plaza in Bukit Bintang. And this observation has been way too old for me to mention; it is 10 years old. Yes, absolutely correct. I have known this restaurant for over 10 years but I never once stepped into it though the signboard attracted me a lot.

And only after 10 years or so, I finally had my chance to dine into this restaurant tucked away in its own way amidst the bustling shopping malls. It is called Moussandra. It serves Mediterranean and Tapas. It was an accidental visit. I was around Pavilion shopping mall finishing my work and was heading to the monoral station. I was using the non-traditional road or you could call the dark alley (only during the night) and this restaurant is located somewhere along my journey. I stood in front of the restaurant and contemplate whether to enter or not because the road and the shops look so deserted!!!!

I saw someone drinking at the balcony and I managed to gather my courage and climbed the stairs. Not bad ... I could see lots of review been done on this restaurant which boosted my confidence. And ... the door cracked. No customers at all!! I looked around for that spotted customer and realised it was the chef, not any customer! What to do? I have already stepped in so I meekly asked for the menu. Nothing grand on the menu but those food list surely brings back memories of my work in a Turkish restaurant. Though simple, the menu suits my taste.

I looked at the set lunch price and jumped up! It was RM20 and it is worth of my 6 days of lunches. Argh!! I want to eat but the price... I eventually gave in to my tastebud, thinking this would be an early birthday lunch for myself. I deserve it since I was in a depression mode and I had not eaten any good food since I started working on my new job. So I sat at the corner and looked at every detail of the restaurant's decoration.

I didn't do any reading like I always do whenever I dine alone. I just sat and drank the sun light coming onto my table area. In the middle of my gaze, the waitress brought water. Thumbs up for the service! And I returned to my gaze....

The waitress walked pretty quietly and the next minute I saw a Spanish omelet in front of me. It looked too cute to be eaten. And I wonder how many of eggs did the chef use to create such height. It must be very high cholestrol for me. But I still digged in!

The presentation looks alluring. I carefully poked into one of the eggs and bit . The texture is firm and yet spongy. I don't mind the blandness though. The texture is good to be eaten without any flavouring whatsoever. But I could spot some potatoes in the omelet.

I went back to my gaze shortly after the omelet. This time I waited a little longer for my Pizza de Setas. It was worth waiting.

I like the presentation. Not too exaggerated and yet looked mouth watering. I sank the first slice into my mouth. I could feel the tomato puree, oyster mushroom, sauteed shitake and basil leaves blended nicely in my mouth. Without realising, I was already on the second slice. The crispy crust could also be the other reason for my speed eating. The base is light and crispy as though you are eating some freshly baked thinly slice of biscotti. The pizza is so afresh from the conventional pizza.

The dessert arrived before I finished my pizza. Argh!! Don't steal my moment with the pizza!!

It was Creme Brulee. I kept asking the waitress if this is an alcoholic dessert because I read 'Brulee' and she kept on saying no. Haha... I had a choice between homemade vanilla ice cream and Creme Brulee. And I thought I should have chosen the former because I forgotten I don't really like caramel. The caramel was perfectly burned and it was not too sweet. The caramel went well with the smooth pudding. Though I am not a big fan of caramel, I found myself wanting more when I reached the last scoop.

I approached the counter slowly as I looked around the restaurant for the final time. I thought to myself how quaint the restaurant is and yet it gives me peace and comfort. Could be because I was the only customer during lunch hours! I walked down the stairs and glad I left my footprint. I guess I will be leaving more prints there very soon....

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience/ Setting: 8/10
Value: 7/10

Sub Lot B-8, Mezzanine Floor, KL Plaza
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel:03-2144 0775

Website: http://www.moussandra.com/index.php

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