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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Sunday. 7.9.06 1:28 pm
I want to go to that stepping out thing in blacksburg this year, since I didn't go last year.

I might have to play on august 6th.

Stepping out is August 5th.

This presents a problem.

Then there's floydfest at the end of this month.

No point winning the tickets if I'm not going.

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Sunday. 7.9.06 12:59 pm
So I wake up this morning to my dad whining about fleas.

And how there are soooo many

And how the fucking cats this that and other.

I'm getting tired of this.

He sits and whines.

Does shit to fix anything.

I'm the only person actively attempting to quell the flea problem, everyone else is sitting and whining.

He whines like hes the only person getting bit.

Fleas don't discriminate, honey. Food is food.

They're more active in the morning, because hey, it's breakfast. Don't you eat after not eating for a long time?

The reason there are fleas, is because there were six cats.

How'd there get to be six cats?

Let's ask him.

I have to clean the house, so we can bomb for fleas.

I have to.

Because no one else is going to help me. They're just going to whine.

And he's going to whine the loudest. But god forbid I ask him for 10 dollars to buy spray/dust/flea killer. 10 dollar itch lotion for him? No problem.

I went into the laundry room yesterday, wet clothes were just sitting, because he throws wet towels back there and lets them sit with the clothes.

It smelled sooooo bad.

Somedays I really just want to torch the house.

Maybe when I have money, I'll raze it and build a better one.

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Sunday. 7.9.06 2:08 am
Debi got me looking at shoes.

I found stripper shoes with tip slots.

Then I went to boots.

Then to ballet shoes.

Then to pony shoes.

Now, I've managed to end up at some... latex fetishy store... intriguing, but disturbing.

And highly expensive.

My legs hurt.

It's from taking my daily walks, but I'm going to keep doing it.

Because then my legs won't be fatasses.

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Saturday. 7.8.06 9:11 pm
Praps I should have left my nails black.

I'm feeling a bit emo.

I like taking my daily walks, because they're good for me, as well as fun.

I'm getting tired of all of these damn creepy horny people hitting on me.

It's annoying.

Yes, I'm walking.
Yes, I've got a rack.
Yes, I've got an ass.
Yes, I'm wearing a t-shirt, it looks like I'm nothing but tits and ass.

But damn. While the hooting, hollering, and other shit is remotely flattering, and getting honked at makes me at least feel that my attempts at unfatassening myself are paying of, it's annoying.

The next time someone yells at me "Hey Girl! COme Here!"
I'm going to stop, look at them, and yell "Hey Boy!


" or Fuck off, or something.

I can't go for a walk in peace. :/

It's not like I'm hot(insert gratuitous ts here), or walking around with things cutout, or trying to get hit on...
I go out wearing a tshirt and jeans. Comfy and efficient. Nothing that says "Hey! I suck cock!" or equally ... interesting messages. I'm not walking around going "hey baby how you doin" or "wut yo name is". Just walking, minding my own business, thinking happy thoughts about happy things and happy people. Maybe even happy waffles.

I'd say no to the people anyway, because I don't take kindly to strangers acting so familiar with me. It's rude.

Then I worry about other things. Not the ominous things like being attacked or anything, but other things. :/

I'm not too sure if/how I want to voice them here. :/

Praps I won't for now.

::wonders how you get won't from will not::

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I worry.
Saturday. 7.8.06 3:05 am
This was going to be a privy post, but then I decided it was possible for a few too many prying eyes to get a hold of it.

I'll be taking it elsewhere.

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Sigh. This blog has become a bit emo.
Saturday. 7.8.06 3:00 am
So I'll liven it up.

With poetry.

Followed by a privy post.

Those of you who know how to read it without the pw, I'd appreciate it if you didn't.


My poem.

I am so emo.
My nails are black.
like my soul
like the soles of my feet.
like my ass.

::snaps in applause::

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