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It's not MY fault, it's my subconscious mind's fault.
Sunday. 10.14.07 1:05 pm
I was very happy this morning. I’d gotten 13 hours of sleep, woken up at 11, and just felt really relaxed. There was even piano music playing downstairs, which I assumed correctly to be Sean beating Halo 3. And I’d had some amazing drea-

I’m pretty sure I blanched physically when I realized I’d only been dreaming. Again. Different dream, but...it was incredibly wistful. And I was really happy.

*major disappointment*

State meet went well. We barely got top 10, but there were 48 teams there. So, not bad.

I swear, that tattoo was in perfect condition minus the fading, but as soon as swim season ended yesterday it started flaking off. Freaky.

Mom wants me to clean the garage with her again. I'm less than thrilled.

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Made the Cut
Friday. 10.12.07 9:36 pm
State meet tomorrow. I've re-shaved my arms and legs, plus my knuckles and toes. Ahaha. Gotta be thorough this time.

My teacher did something horrible a few days ago. I don't feel like details, but when I finish I'll post the rant I'm writing. Whee!

Something in this new bar of soap is making my tattoo fade. At first it looked cool, fading from yellow to orange to red on the edges, (it's a sun,) but now almost the whole thing is yellow. Yuck. It was sticking to my skin so well, too. Considering swim team.

I had a romantic dream last night. The girl...actually, I'd been discussing the girl with AJ yesterday. Her family has two Hummers. I don't particularly know the girl. And if I did, I don't think we'd hit it off.

I doubt the dream was about the girl. She just happened to be floating in my head. And by romance, I mean just being close. It was nice. We hung out, me and my dream girl.

Ahaha, I sound stupid. Time for dreams.

*off to bed*

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Sunday. 10.7.07 9:31 pm
Mom was complaining about how she keeps finding pee in the toilets and that she has to flush them. First of all, I really, REALLY hadn't gone in that toilet all day. I know this because I went upstairs when I woke up, and once in the bushes when we were moving everything out of the garage. So, it wasn't me.

But just for the heck of it, I made a deal with her. Not one that she actually agrees to, but it' my plan.

I shall pee in the sinks. From now on, I only use the toilet if I'm pooping. Or if I'm in a public/neighbor's house. And here's why.

It saves water. Most of the water that gets flushed could have been used elsewhere. Like my sink. I can just run a little and rinse.

It promotes washing my hands. I'm already at the sink, I might as well wash my hands and rinse it at the same time.

It's fun. Or, at least it's something new.

You can pee in the night without worrying that you'll wake someone up with the flush. In fact, this habit came about originally from peeing in stealth.

My mom can no longer say that I left pee in the toilet. If she finds poop, well, that's a different story. I'm not crapping in my sink.

My entries are somewhat more intestinally inclined than most other nutangers' entries. Ahaha.

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Typical Friday
Saturday. 10.6.07 12:41 am
I have to say, this has been the best "typical Friday" I can recall. Not that it was a GREAT day, but it was certainly nice. Here's the breakdown.

Block 1: Intro to Engineering. Normally, we're driven hard all period, working on the computers. This entails me doing about 2 minutes of work, and then getting up to help someone else. One person in particular is, well, particularly pissing me off. He needs help almost literally EVERY step of the way, even though there's a tutorial. I mean, I've never even heard of this before. If I can figure it out from a step-by-step tutorial, then you can too. Especially since I skipped a ton of the steps. Heh.

Today's Schedule: We had a sub. I think that explains it all. The class is mostly smart ass freshmen. There was chaos, and...that's about it. ONE good quote, though...the annoying one, who can't get his pants on? Well, I'm not the only one he annoys. There's a junior who sits next to him and basically makes fun of him.

"Hey, Steve-o! Why is this guy so mean to me? What's his problem?"
"He doesn't like freshmen."
"What's his name?"
"Three and a Half."

Block 2: Physical Science. Actually, we never do a lot in this class. The teacher plans a ton of free time, or something. We do a few activities, and then are let loose. As long as we don’t cause too much havoc. Actually, we spent one day “studying digestion” with McDonald’s, Duncan Donuts, and Bojangles. He’s pretty cool.

Today’s Schedule: We went over a test. That took about 15 minutes. Then we had the rest of our 1 hour 30 minute period to do whatever we want. We made:
A paper penis
A paper vagina, colored red to honor Angela Williams. Please don’t ask.
I wrote on my hands. The left hand says “Cracka, please.” The right says “This is my dominant hand, cracka.”

Third Block: English. This is the class with the crazy teacher. It’s hard.

Today’s Schedule: We finished a movie after taking a vocabulary quiz. Not much else to report.

Fourth Block: Geometry. This is the same case as in English, but replacing the crazy teacher with a ditzy version.

Today’s Schedule: We took a test. And THAT IS ALL! I slept the rest of the period.

To top it all off, our week of hard practice was finished with a picture day/lazy practice. So it truly was a Friday.

Does nobody see the irony that I’m blogging this late on my beloved Friday? It’s not even Friday any more. It’s Saturday. Yeesh.

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