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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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A few thoughts.
Monday. 7.17.06 4:26 pm
Anyone remember NordicTrack?

You know, the thing with the slidey feet bits and the arm things?

I had another thought.

I forgot what it was.

I'll remember it later.

This commercial for "Head on" is annoying.

"Head On: Apply directly to the forehead!" repeated three times.

They don't tell you what it does.


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Monday. 7.17.06 4:15 pm
I got the sub I'd been wanting.

It's goooood.

Though I've always found that after eating a sub, I felt particularly stuffed, so I only ate half of it.

I'm trying to avoid the "stuffed" feeling.

I'll eat the other half as part of dinner.

I worry, because I haven't had bread in forever. I hope my body doesn't freak out and go zomg bread and weasel it away. :/

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Sunday. 7.16.06 7:43 pm
Me and my daily walks.

The same geniuses that always yell and are obnoxious were at it again today.

I'm at least obligated to respond to "How are you doing?", so I do.

After that, I don't.

Then, later in my travels, some guy on a bike comes up and decides to start talking to me.

I get the requisite:
Name, age, really?, kids?, no?, etc.etc.etc.

He wasn't all that rude or anything, but I prefer to walk by myself. At least he was able to keep up conversation.

People around here always ask if I want to come hang out or something. Yes, I enjoy hanging out. With friends. People I know. Not people I don't know, that might just think that if they can get me inside, I'll ... hang out. I only hang out like that around certain people.

I think I'm going to have to find a different walking route. :/

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Sunday. 7.16.06 6:22 pm
I swear, I'm getting annoyed with this house.

Between him whining, her bitching about this that and other shit, and again, him whining and being a mouthy brat, I'm ready for outs.

I still have to tell her about not RCC-ing....

At least I won't have to deal with stupid bitches.

Everyone wants to sit and talk, everyone has something to say.
They want me to see this.

I wish they'd bugger off.

The new Impalas are a mix between nifty and fugly.

I hate the silver bar chevy is putting on everything. It really makes the Impala super ugly. They even took the Impala logo off of the back. Wtf, now it's super ugly.

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News? Nothing ever welevant shown.
Sunday. 7.16.06 5:36 pm
I'm getting tired of the ghetto.

I'm really getting tired of the news. It's the same thing over and over and over again.

Kinda like they're trying to keep the US in it's own bubble, so it's blissfully ignorant of what's going on in the world.

Sure, we know people are getting blown up in the Middle East.
How many people actually remember or know the reason behind the conflict?

I'm tired of reading the same news. Or turning on the telly, and seeing the same news.

Maybe I'll just swear off telly. It's got to be good for me.

I wonder where my jump rope is, I could go on the porch and skip for a bit... then I'd have a crowd of people watching. >.<

There's got to be something around here.


According to this page I'm not supposed to weigh more than 142...


I'm sure people are going to begin to think I'm obsessed with this weight thing...

The truth is, I have nothing else to do in the ghetto.

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Sunday. 7.16.06 12:52 pm
As an engineer, I find this cute.

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