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Wednesday. 11.14.07 11:41 pm
wiseguysupreme4 (11:12:01 PM): Go to bed, you.
romanticocabrita (11:12:32 PM): No!
wiseguysupreme4 (11:12:52 PM): Why not?
romanticocabrita (11:13:08 PM): Because.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:14:00 PM): I should have known.
romanticocabrita (11:14:11 PM): :D
wiseguysupreme4 (11:15:07 PM): What're you doing?
romanticocabrita (11:15:20 PM): AH IT HURTS!
wiseguysupreme4 (11:15:25 PM): Working on it.
romanticocabrita (11:15:56 PM): And I'm doing...this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=M9xCfs1WhYs
wiseguysupreme4 (11:15:56 PM): Eh?
wiseguysupreme4 (11:16:44 PM): That dude is a litttle crazy.
romanticocabrita (11:16:57 PM): Hehehe/
wiseguysupreme4 (11:22:11 PM): YES!
romanticocabrita (11:22:14 PM): o.o
romanticocabrita (11:22:18 PM): Nnno!
wiseguysupreme4 (11:24:37 PM): This is making me happy.
romanticocabrita (11:24:53 PM): What is?
wiseguysupreme4 (11:26:58 PM): Frexned.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:27:04 PM): with a z and not an x
romanticocabrita (11:27:07 PM): Haha, yeah, Tom's cool.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:27:29 PM): If X is a consonant, than why do I use "an"?
romanticocabrita (11:28:27 PM): The pronunciation of the letter starts with a vowel sound.
romanticocabrita (11:28:31 PM): It's the same with h.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:29:11 PM): I know.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:29:16 PM): But it's fun to think of.
romanticocabrita (11:29:51 PM): Heh.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:30:38 PM): Dang it. I just wasted another 20 minutes.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:30:41 PM): Ohhh.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:30:50 PM): The numbers are funny.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:30:51 PM): 123
wiseguysupreme4 (11:30:58 PM): All thin and stuff.
romanticocabrita (11:32:00 PM): ?

Auto response from wiseguysupreme4 (11:32:00 PM): All thin, and stuff.

wiseguysupreme4 (11:34:05 PM): Back.
romanticocabrita (11:34:12 PM): :[
wiseguysupreme4 (11:34:31 PM): Oh, stuff it. You have yet to apologise.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:34:40 PM): I'm going to be brusque until you do so.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:34:49 PM): And have FUN doing it.
romanticocabrita (11:34:58 PM): Apologize?
wiseguysupreme4 (11:35:02 PM): iamsohyper
wiseguysupreme4 (11:35:07 PM): and SLEEPY!
romanticocabrita (11:35:14 PM): ...ABOUT WHAT?
wiseguysupreme4 (11:35:38 PM): I was planning on not talking to you, for once, but there's nobody else on who ever responds in a timely manner.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:35:54 PM): And I don't feel like calling Shannon's house at 11, or anytime afterwards.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:35:59 PM): SO...here we are.
romanticocabrita (11:35:59 PM): ...I ahve no idea why I need to apologize!
wiseguysupreme4 (11:36:36 PM): Then don't worry about it. Because even if you did, it wouldn't be sincere, and I'd laugh at your insincere attempts to apologise.
romanticocabrita (11:36:47 PM): Just tell me anyway.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:37:02 PM): Too late. I "forgot".
romanticocabrita (11:37:39 PM): Ohh, for not remembering something?
wiseguysupreme4 (11:37:56 PM): An altitude from the right angle to the hypotenuse of a right triangle is the geometric mean of any segment of that hypotenuse, and the adjacent leg of the original triangle.
romanticocabrita (11:37:57 PM): I need to know, or I'll never be able to apologize.
romanticocabrita (11:38:07 PM): So you're just wasting your time if you don't tell me.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:38:16 PM): No it's not for not remembering something, but it works out nicely.
romanticocabrita (11:38:17 PM): We just learned that today./
wiseguysupreme4 (11:38:27 PM): Whatever that means.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:38:32 PM): REALLY, so did we.
romanticocabrita (11:38:39 PM): Yeh.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:38:43 PM): Which is why I'm wasting my time here.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:38:48 PM): *homework*
romanticocabrita (11:39:01 PM): Hey ho. Be nice. I don't know what I did wrong.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:39:38 PM): I'm not being not nice.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:39:45 PM): At least, I don't think so.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:39:54 PM): I thought I was jumping around in my head.
romanticocabrita (11:40:07 PM): Wasting your time here?
wiseguysupreme4 (11:40:10 PM): Did you know I went through the day with a =D on my face?
romanticocabrita (11:40:24 PM): Markered on?
wiseguysupreme4 (11:40:31 PM): Only wasting it because I need it for sleeping.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:40:42 PM): Yes. With a sharpie.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:40:49 PM): It was payback for a "LOL"
romanticocabrita (11:41:16 PM): :[
romanticocabrita (11:41:18 PM): Still.
romanticocabrita (11:41:22 PM): I wanna knooooow!
wiseguysupreme4 (11:42:04 PM): I told my friends that it was a tea cup with steam coming out of it, but everybody either laughed or commented on how the steam "wouldn't be straight", which somehow affects my sexuality.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:42:11 PM): Do you watch Criminal Minds?
romanticocabrita (11:42:40 PM): Pfhahaha.

No, I don't.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:43:42 PM): I saw an episode tonight.
wiseguysupreme4 (11:43:47 PM): I think I need sleep.
romanticocabrita (11:44:19 PM): Yep.

I think it was something I ate. Goodnight.

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Cyanide and Happiness plugging
Wednesday. 11.14.07 7:44 pm

I'm a big fan.

Scored a perfect 110 on a quiz today. Take THAT, madam raKoon!

I feel much better, now.

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So, the real question is,
Monday. 11.12.07 11:08 pm
who's the pissy one here, me or you? I mean, I'm all set for assuming it's me.

But I was half playing, anyway. And even when I got serious, I didn't want to talk about it.

What's going on here? Why do I keep crossing the line? Where the heck IS the line, anyway?

Oh, wow. Didn't think about that metaphor until just now. But whatever. I'm sticking with it because I refuse to spend the time and energy needed to think of another.

I have stuff to take care of, too.

Maybe we're both pissy.

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There's a reason, I swear
Friday. 11.9.07 7:42 pm
Personal Jesus, man. It's pretty comforting. In an "I can't understand what you're saying, really, but the music and effects sound so cool that your non-lyrics get stuck in my head anyway. By the way, it's pretty embarrassing when I try to sing non-lyrics. I end up just kind of humming or repeating the same phrase over and over again" kind of way.

My teacher had it playing in class a few days ago. Needless to say, I was pretty stunned. This is the teacher that I think is ignorant. The one that gets her answers from God-knows-where, and sticks with them to the death. Yeah. That one.

Which brings me to the blog title. If anyone's noticed that my posting has gone down, it's for two major reasons. One, I don't seem to get any traffic here anymore, anyway. So I'm disgruntled. DISGRUNTLED, I SAY!

But mostly because I have my notebook to write in for school. It's supposed to stem my outbursts, but it also serves as a nice little diary.

Hmm. It's a good thing none of my teachers ever meet, because I'm sure they'd notice that I seem to take "notes" in all their classes with the same red spiral notebook. Constantly. When in actuality, I'm just doodling or making fun of them.

Lord, I hope nobody ever reads that thing. I'd be in soo much trouble. Hahaha.

I think a major insecurity of mine was cured yesterday. With one little sentence. I don't remember how many words there were in it, in case you're wondering. (Whoever you are.) But it made me feel good.

Did you know that they have "grenade alarms"? You pull the pin, set the volume to loud, and throw it in a sleeper's room. Supposedly it won't turn off until the pin is replaced, but I've also heard that just holding the lever closed for a while will work. If not, they can at least turn the volume down. So, there's a flaw in the design. Otherwise, that's pretty freaking cool. I'd want one, if I didn't have to buy it of Amazon.

That's all for now.

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