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Moving on
Friday. 11.16.12 10:10 am
I text him after a week of refraining and still received the same empty response. So I give up and I'm moving on. I don't like having the unanswered question "why?" just sitting there ... then again, there are a lot of unanswered questions, but hey, that's life. This particular unanswered question will piss me off for a while, but then I'll get over that and move on to some other unanswered question that will piss me off. It seems to be a never ending battle.

The forecast on my phone has it raining for the next 4 days. I like seeing the forecast look like that. I do live in the Pacific Northwest after all.

This morning was a rather productive morning. I cleaned the trash out of my car, went to IHOP {complimentary of Jacob,} finally* got my oil changed, bought enough toilet paper to last me anther 2-3 months, bought new windshield wipers, a new headlight and got quarters for the next few weeks of laundry. {*It had been about 15000 miles since my last oil change ... I felt so bad, but I just couldn't afford it till now.}

The rest of the day was entirely uneventful. I've got laundry to do tomorrow and I might be hanging out with my friend from the north, but other than that, no plans.

I guess I should go to bed. I'll listen to the rain against my windows and hopefully my neighbors will have mercy and stay quiet the rest of the night.

Until next time NuTang ...

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Just to sit and stare
Monday. 11.12.12 5:47 pm
I need to go to the Sound at some point so that I can just sit there {or stand, depending on how wet everything around me is} and just stare out at the water. I need to lose time just staring out in to oblivion.

While I sit here and work up the motivation to go buy bread for the left over chili from last night, I thought I'd write up a quick update. Then I just sat and stared at the screen for 5 minutes trying to think of what I wanted to write about. Then I thought about how much nicer it would be if I was staring at the water. Oh, wandering minds.

I really don't like men sometimes. They're confusing and annoying and so damn adorable sometimes. It's frustrating. Especially when I'm attracted to one and can't do a damn thing about it. Or, let's just go with the fact that I shouldn't be attracted to him in the first place. Let's start there. Usually when you're attracted to someone, there's at least some kind of small explanation you can tell your friends, right? Yeah, I haven't one in this case. At least not as to why I was attracted from the first night we met ... way back in February. I've felt this odd pull toward him since that night and I can't explain why. It would be June the next time we saw each other. October was next and November was last.

Unfortunately, I feel it's going to stay that way.

I need to get over this attraction. It's not right. I've ranted to three people in hopes of that working, or at least helping dampen it. Nope. Not even a little.


School is almost out for the quarter ... again. It's weird how quickly school goes by when you only have class twice a week. I need to register for the next quarter.

It's finally become cold and rainy here. It's nice. My friend got me a $200 jacket ... that she found for $15. It's cozy.

I know that one shouldn't eat chili without bread to dip in it, but I think I'll suffer through. I just really don't want to get dressed and go out. I'll probably be going to bed soon anyway.

Alright, this scattered update was more or less so I could rant some more. If this attraction won't go away, then I hope something happens with it so that I don't feel like I'm wasting my energy.

Until next time NuTang ...

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Wet, rainy, dreary, cold
Saturday. 10.27.12 5:46 pm
Ah, how I love the city of Seattle.

That is all.

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Yeah ...
Thursday. 10.25.12 10:22 pm
Sorry guys, I seriously suck at staying up to date on here. I used to be on here so frequently that it felt nothing would change and when it did, I jumped at the opportunity to read something new. I want to use school as an excuse; that I've been on my teacher's website so often I barely have time for anything else, but that's not the case.

Nothing new to report, really. I'm getting frustrated by people's opinions about certain things. Particularly one person's opinion about one particular thing, but that's beside the point. I shouldn't let it bother me, but it does. Oh well. Instead of talking about that subject on a regular basis, I'll only say something when it's brought up and the answers will remain vague. I realize that may not be the best approach, but I'd rather not get a disappointed "you're wasting your time" reaction. It's not worth my time or emotions.

I really don't feel like complaining right now, but that's all that seems to be coming to mind so I'm gonna have to end this here and write another time when there's better things to say. I'd rather focus on happy. Even though NuTang is one of the best places, if not THE best place, to get out any emotion you have coursing through your system. I just don't feel like being terribly negative right now {even though have the words in this short entry are negative...}

Until next time NuTang ... which hopefully will be soon.

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Has it really been a month??
Saturday. 9.29.12 9:17 pm
Holy crap. I didn't realize it's been over a month since the last entry I published. So much, yet so little, has happened.

School is back in for the Fall quarter. Unfortunately that means I probably won't be back to writing regularly, as I'll have more homework taking up my time. Between ASL 4 and math homework, I'm not going to have much free time on my hands. Oh yeah, there's also the fact that I work 8 hours a day. My days off, Friday and Saturday, will be spent either catching up on homework or sleeping. Probably a majority of it being the latter.

I'm still looking for another job, however the searching has slowed a bit since I've barely had access to a computer for more than a couple hours at work during the last week. School really does take up a lot of time when you already have a full time job. This weekend has been spent mostly sleeping. The first week completely drained me. As a matter of fact, after I'm done typing this up, I'll be going back to bed. I have to be up for work in the morning and I'll need my sleep.

I experienced my third flat tire. Or was it my fourth ... actually I think it was my fourth. It's my third flat tire that I've had to get replaced. The one time it could be fixed without replacement. A week later, however, that same tire went flat again and needed replacing. Road debris sucks. If you ever have to experience this horrible situation, hope that it doesn't happen on the highway. That was definitely not the best of times.

Gee, what has happened ... Like I said, a lot yet not so much. Mostly just worked over the short month and a half break between Summer and Fall quarter. I'm still incredibly broke. Oh yeah, I got my court thing taken care of. One of the tickets was dropped and the other the fine was reduced so that was cool. I never did get to the library. The court time was after work so I was tired and just wanted to get home. I've been checking the used book store every so often and they just keep selling out. One of these days I'll get around to reading the rest of the trilogy.

My birthday is Friday. I'll be turning the wonderfully boring age of 26. Even though I know it's just a number, I feel as if 27 will hold so much more promise. I don't have any plans for the day of, but Saturday me and a couple friends will be going to see the King Tut exhibition at the Pacific Science Center. That should be exciting. There were supposed to be more people going, but as luck would have it life happened. Oh well. Who celebrates their birthday on their actual birthday anymore? It's so 10 years ago.

My sister has made a return to NuTang. You should go check out her page. Midnightmonkey

Alrighty folks, I need to get some rest. Sundays are always boring, but just in case this one happens to be different, I do need sleep. I won't make any promises for near future writings, but I do promise that I won't abandon you. Possible comments coming tomorrow afternoon.

Until next time NuTang...

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While I wait
Wednesday. 8.22.12 7:45 pm
As I patiently wait for the Washington State Department of Licensing website to register that I'm trying to change my address {it's been "loading" for about 5 minutes now} I figured I'd type up a quick update.

It has finally cooled off here. Temps are back down to the low 70s for highs so I'm sleeping comfortably again. I can't wait till the temps get back down in to the 60s for highs. Maybe even the 50s, but as much as I like the cold, I'm not quite ready for really cold temps yet.

I went to my friend's BBQ this past weekend. I ended up not riding the bikes because there were far too many kids and animals running around. I didn't want to risk one of them running in front of me, and with my lack of skill, not being stop in time before running over them. I don't like kids, but I don't need the wrath of angry parents. The whole weekend was a lot of fun. I went up there Friday and stayed until Sunday. I definitely like it up there; it's out in the open and so much quieter than the city. If it wasn't so damn far to drive from here to the city, I would totally move up there.

I have a feeling I won't be updating my address today ... the page is still loading. I even refreshed it and entered the information again. If it still hasn't loaded by the time I'm done typing, I'm just gonna wait.

I feel so lazy being out of school. I like having every afternoon free after work; I've actually been taking advantage and napping when I get home without having to worry about waking up to an alarm. I always feel I sleep better when I don't have an alarm to wake up to. Sept 24th is the first day back and I'm looking forward to it.

I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I'm still debating whether I want to read the other two. I can probably finish them in no time so perhaps I'll just borrow them from the library. I will most likely end up having to go Downtown in the next week or so anyway to make a trip to the courthouse. I got a parking infraction for having "improperly displayed plates." AKA expired tabs. Because of how much registration is on my car, I didn't have that money last month, but unfortunately SPD couldn't wait a few more days because I'll be registering my vehicle on Friday. Oh well. At best, they'll throw out the ticket with proof of updated tabs, which is what I'm hoping for. Worst case scenario, I'll have to pay the ticket fee. Either way, I'll most likely be going to the courthouse in the next couple weeks. And while I'm down there, I might as well stop at the library.

Anywho, I guess that's it for now. Nothing really is going on that's worth updating. I'm giving up on the DOL address change stuff. I'll just take care of it at the licensing place on Friday.

Until next time NuTang ...

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