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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Love ending?
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
I don't remember if I have ever share with you this story but I really like this poignant story I read somewhere in an otaku forum, which I don't frequent anymore. But I have googled my own blog and didn't find the desire post. So I guess I haven't.

It was a story written by a fellow otaku from that forum. It goes like this:

In a class of a high school, there was this boy who tries to sleep with every girl in his class.That is because he can since he is good looking and a sweet talker. He knows most girls will fall in love with him. Using this weakness off the girls, he managed to have sex with the girls. But he could never understand why his courting skills could never win the heart of a particular classmate. The reason he gave to his guyfriends that she was just too plain looking to his taste, therefore, he is not interested. However, the truth is, she resisted his charm no matter how sweet his talks were. He thought he could win her over before graduation but he never did. And it went down in his history that she was the only girl he never succeeded to sleep with.

Many years passed after graduation and he totally has forgotten about this girl. Until one day, he bumped into his old schoolmate and they relished over the good times back in high school. He suddenly remembered about that girl. So he asked. The friend was shocked that he still remember her, maybe because she was the only that resisted his charm! The friend informed him that she died a few days after graduation because of an illness. Later, he learned that the girl was born with AIDS, and her only wish was to graduate from school.

The End.

Sorry ... I don't remember what was his reactions in the story. That was all I could remember.

His reactions would be left to your imagination!

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Naruto 2
Monday, December 28, 2009
I can't believe my friend, SozzySoran, coloured my toothless Naruto and gave the ninja a hair extension! Thank you!

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Xmas is over!
Sunday, December 27, 2009
Christmas is gone in a blink of an eye!! Have you all had a good Christmas celebration?? Received lots of presents? Eat lots of turkeys?? I hope you all had a good Christmas celebration.

But speaking of Christmas, I had a quiet celebration with watching anime on laptop. Astro sucks: they played old and repetitive movies on Christmas. Not forgivable. I had ... fried rice at a nearby restaurant because need to go home early for the Chinese drama! Haha.

But speaking of Christmas, I'm astounded to the amount of money spent by the Aussies on Christmas presents. Read this article: Aussie say 'no thanks' to 20 million Xmas gifts. It's just crazy to see how much people would spend on Xmas presents. With this amount of money, poor people can live for another few more days. The worse thing is people have been buying useless and not practical gifts for the receivers. According to the article, people bought turkey for vegetarians, dog bowls for not-dog-owner and others. Seems to me that these people are just buying for the sake of buying or because the things were on sale. Where is the spirit of Christmas??

I agree that it is not easy to buy gifts for someone but it doesn't mean getting not practical gifts could get you away from 'hey I have given you a gift, period.' What is the point of giving a gift knowing that gift is not useful to the person? Because at the end, the person will just discard the gift in the dustbin and then ... because of you, there is an increase of junk in the dumping land... and there is a possibility the item you throw away is not biodegradable or recyclable. If this 10 million worth of presents are not biodegradable, what do you think they will become? Good answer if you say these things can be donated! But do you know that charity bodies throw away unpractical things donated to them? They even recycle books. So do you think you can pass on your unusable items to your next door?

My point is what a waste of time, energy and money to spend on these Christmas presents. Please think carefully of the items you are about to buy for yourself and other people. Please don't buy something because you NEED to. Another way to reduce waste is to ask the person what he or she wants.

Please remember your action has effects on other living things.

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Merry Xmas!
Thursday, December 24, 2009
Meoooooowing Xmas humans!!

Hope you all have a nice holiday and good dreams (for me).

And Happy New Year!

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Babies survival
Tuesday, December 22, 2009
I have heard of animal parents eating their offspring, but not the other way round. Next month, Astro is going to show a program on this. I'm not too sure if I'm keen on watching it. I think it is disgusting to watch mother and child eating each other. I love violence but not up to that level.

I'm not too sure if I will ever eat another human in order to survive when there is nothing else to consume. Moral and ethical values restrain me now.... let's see when there is really no more food in this world.

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Carrot and the Stick
Sunday, December 20, 2009
A friend of mine recently shared with me that if I want to do my own business, I could try getting a grant. I have ideas but I have no team. This friend is offering to buy my ideas but I'm not willing to sell unless I have a share in it. It's a tug and war game. I have think hard about translating the idea into action. It is hard and lots of maintenance. Alternatively I could manage everything but it is hard since I need storage. And the other idea sounds cool but it is not feasible yet in Malaysia.

What a dilemma. I just don't know how to reach the carrot ... my stick is too short.

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