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This is obviously pointed at someone.
Friday. 11.23.07 12:43 am
You know what? I don't like fake people. I don't like people who act like everything is fine, just fine. Optimists are cool. The world needs them. But please, PLEASE be realistic! NOBODY is happy ALL THE TIME. If you are, then you're faking it. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I have a crapload on my mind right now. I doubt I'll be able to sleep, even after this. Morbid thoughts.

If you could completely obliterate one person from your memory, would you? Who would it be?

I think I might just say yes. I already know who, too.

AHAHAHA, and it wouldn't be that hard, would it?

For some reason, this time is the last straw. The situation is the same as always. Honestly, I don't know why I even try anymore. Maybe I'm an optimist. I doubt I'm going to do anything drastic. But I refuse to shut up anymore. I'm not going to hold my tongue so that you can maintain your pseudo perfection. I am going to put it RIGHT HERE, where you could read it if you ever checked up on me. And if you ARE checking up on me, good. Good for you. I'm glad I don't always have to tip you off.

You are NOT a perfect person, by any means. And sometimes, I wonder if you even realize that. I think it's pretty rude to just null someone's plans like that. And, hey, it's not just you. BOTH of you. I'm disappointed, actually, because I expect that from YOU, but not from your friend. Both of you were invited, with a heads up of like, two days.

You're improving, I guess. At least I heard of your other plans the night before, and not the hour of.

Remember when you asked about making me sad, and I said, "not recently"? That was because you hadn't pulled any stupid stunts in a while, and we were getting along OK. So, let me update that.

Yes, I know you don't see her a lot, other than 5 times a week at school. But guess who else you never ever see? Me, obviously, but the main one is Kierra. I've already told her you were coming, and if she ends up not showing because you ditched, then I'm going to be pretty let down. And pissed. And Kyle will be, too. And NOT AT KIERRA, because you're most likely most of the reason she agreed to go through the trouble of putting up with my planning.

Yeah, I'm angry, and this post is tainted as such. But before you block me for being a jerk, please consider the fact that I have the right to be as such.

*sigh* I love how this post evolved from general grumbling to e-yelling.

Now I storm off to bed, after editing this post (1, 2, 3, 4) times.

Edit at 11 14 the next morning: OK, so now Sarah called and is acting like she's going. But that doesn't solve the main issue.

You still ditched me. It's the thought that counts. Not that I know that you ARE going, after all. But I assume that if Sarah comes, you come. This will be interesting.

Edit at 2:22 that afternoon:
So, you two aren't going after all. I (don't) hate to say it, but that's pretty predictable. Cough. Cough.

Enough. I'm going to hang with Kyle and Kayla and Ian and Katherine and I'm going to freaking enjoy it.

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Wednesday. 11.21.07 10:35 am
I add a few Halo screenshots to my deviant art, and all of a sudden people are faving at me, and stuff.

I kind of expected...that...not to happen.

(How eloquently said)


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Exerpt from my notebook-1
Monday. 11.19.07 8:36 pm

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Sunday. 11.18.07 11:37 pm
wiseguysupreme4: I want to try a video blog or something.
wiseguysupreme4: But I can't build up the momentum. Plus, I'm not wearing a shirt.

These truly are desperate times.

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