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Hey guys, let's socialize
Tuesday. 11.27.07 4:38 pm
OK, well, today was an extremely happy day. I dunno. I was just fun and a little spontaneity never hurt anyone. I made people laugh today. I debated the authenticity of the Twin Tower incident. You know, the one where hundreds of people died? (I'm talking to YOU, Ikimashokie!)

Music was playing when I entered English class, and I broke it down. Kyle walked in a minute or so after me, and he broke it down, too.

As of right now, my myspace profile says "I break into dance for no reason and when you least expect it.

I can not dance."

I want to work at Black20 offices. I would love it. Check out their new office.


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Sunday. 11.25.07 4:15 pm
Out of every day in the week, I hate Sunday the most. Saturday comes to a close second.

It's just the hardest two days to get through.

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*Up late*
Sunday. 11.25.07 1:20 am
I almost caused a major accident at an intersection today.

So I guess it's safe to say that if I suddenly stop posting and never post again, that I got into an accident and died.


Tonight was weird. Fun. Head ache.

I can't sleep.

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Friday. 11.23.07 3:14 pm
I've had the mindset that lying FOR people is OK.

"Do not bear false witness against your neighbor" It's a Commandment not to lie and get someone in trouble, but what about lying to keep them safe?

Like, imagine that your friend left his home and told you he was going to visit his sick brother. What if people came into your house and interrogated you about his location? What if they had guns? What if they were with the government, or any government?

I've always gone by the philosophy that it's the thought that counts. If you do something to the favor of someone else, then you're being good. If you do it against someone else, or against God, then you're sinning. That pretty much covers everything.

So if I lie to protect someone, I guess it depends. Depends on who's looking for him, and why. If you lie to the justice system and get in the way, then that's not cool.

But only if you're doing it willingly and on purpose. If you do it in ignorance...I don't know. Maybe. Ignorance isn't always a good excuse.

It all depends.

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